The most annoying factors for the drivers on the road

Driving becomes a thing very oftentense, nervous and exhausting. And often the problem here is not that we are in traffic jams more often, cars are increasing, and the movement - slower. And not even the fact that everyone thinks that "the terms of some assholes." Just everything, as always, blame human nature.

The most annoying factors for the drivers on the road

Motor Trend Magazine has conducted a study whichIt was intended to find out what leads most drivers into a frenzy. As a result, it became clear that there are 5 most common sources of irritation on the road.

1. The most annoying on the road recognized as slow driver. According to the poll, slow and hesitant on the road annoying 43.5% of those surveyed participants in the movement. It is worth noting that if you drive slowly flow down the road neighbors hard to understand what's really on your mind: maybe you want to dramatically restructure, but not including turn signal or you do bespredelschik and will today unfold, and perhaps you are so revenge the next car behind you, and the flashing "let pass" ... The reasons can be many, and the inability to understand their most annoying.

2. In second place in the ranking of those drivers who, while driving, trying to do several things simultaneously, which affects their driving and behavior on the road. 23% of respondents said that their annoying when driving gain sms or talking on the phone. It is clear that this is difficult to deal with speed, and such drivers are involved, when traffic on the road is difficult. But here is what is annoying ...

When in traffic the struggle is for each meter,"Lethargy" of the driver the car in front, which is scribbling something with your finger on the phone allows drivers of adjacent rows to squeeze in front of him in YOUR RANGE, which (as you think) moves fastest. Sluggishness smsnika this is the reason that you are getting farther and farther away from the ultimate goal of his journey. And it infuriates ...

3. The third point of serious discontent - those who did not include blinker. 16.1% of the surveyed drivers find it annoying. Why? Because on the road psychics, there is usually no. Your thoughts no one reads, and drivers of adjacent vehicles would like to know your actions in the next few seconds. What do you have in mind - keep going straight, want to rebuild, expand and go into the alley? If you do not include turn signal, so you keep the movement and you are not waiting for any inappropriate actions.

But according to the survey and the number of dissatisfied, onRoads are very many such drivers who just too lazy to make one movement of a hand and turn the turn signal. It is difficult to assume that among us are so many people who both hands seizes the wheel, and is afraid to tear off the little finger to give a turn signal. Most often, so do those who are all around deeply on the drum. And then it warms the soul the idea that "everyone will be rewarded according to his deeds ...".

4. Aggressive drivers are also in what does not put others and pruned, irritating, strangely enough, only 10% of the surveyed drivers. However, this survey was conducted in the US, and possibly their American realities are far from being made to drive on our roads. As for us, just for instance, there are three main groups of drivers who are "pruned".

Firstly, those who are not just cuts, and likes to do it. Most of them - the owners of fast and expensive vehicles, considering that "who faster and steeper - and the chief."

The second category are the happy owners of vusmert killed by a car, traveling on the road every day as a feat to tell friends kid him someone "made".

And the third group, and, of course, is the most dangerous -those cuts due to lack of proper driving skills: do not feel the size, do not look in the rear view mirrors and rear-view mirror, do not include the turn signals ... They are on the road in your aquarium, thinking that the world of the windscreen and side windows, far from them. But we must remember - sometimes the reality of killing.

5. In fifth place in the ranking are the drivers who do not turn right at a red light. It can not understand and tolerate 7.2% of respondents. But here it should be noted that the publication Motor Trend, conducted the study - American. And the rules of the road in the US say that a red traffic light is allowed to perform a right turn when it is safe - no disturbing that vehicles and pedestrians moving on to enable them traffic signal.

In this US study ends. Of course, for our driver's list of irritants would have been different and much more complete.