What to give a girl on March 8: 30 ideas for gifts

What to give a girl on March 8: 7 options of gifts priced 10 - 12 useful and inexpensive + 7 warnings, which is better to listen.

What to give a girl on March 8

March all people are welcomed with joy - and how, finally, hateful winter is over and spring came into its own.

But for men this joy mingled with anxiety, since the first day of spring on the calendar - alarm: it is time to think, that give the girl on March 8.

Present one year and the same - you can not, and is constantly coming up with something new - so male fantasy is not unlimited.

The task is further complicated if the money you have is not so much as we would like.

Yet this problem is completely solvable, so do not worry ahead of time.

What to give a girl on March 8: 2 versions of expensive gifts

If you are not constrained in the media, the problems with the choice of a gift you will not have any.

Whatever you buy your lady if its price exceeds $ 300, it will be greeted with enthusiasm.

Yes, the girls - very selfish creatures so like note sounded crunch banknotes.

1. Money as a gift

In the questionnaire the man asked: "Tell me what to give to his girlfriend on March 8".

One of sovetchitsa said to him: "Give a few large bills in a beautiful postcard - can not go wrong."

By the way, to give money - quite acceptable.

To gift does not look like a sop, such as "on, take it, once I was the prowl in search of a present for you," pack the bill nicely, eg:

  • in a beautiful box;
    Dollars in the box
  • in a jar with candy;
    Jar with sweets
  • make of them a flower or even - a whole bunch;
    Flower of bills

2. Expensive we launched on March 8

If you do not want to present the money (and no you, in fact, does not force it to do), you can give a girl on March 8:

  • iPhone, tablet or e-book reader;
  • jewelery made of precious metals;
  • fur or sheepskin;
  • branded handbag or purse;
  • a piece of art or antique bagatelle;
  • designer clothes;
  • ticket abroad.

Believe me, any of the options will be met by your girl with delight.

Even if you give every year the same thing, such as jewelry or trips to different parts of the world, she does not blame you in the absence of imagination and will warmly thank.

10 useful gifts for women on March 8

It is clear that to give such expensive gift, like a coat or gold bling, afford not to each man.

Most are looking for gifts whose value does not exceed 20 - $ 30.

No complex about it - by this amountYou can find quite a decent gift, and if you still take care of a beautiful package for him and buy a bunch, the girl exactly rejoice at how attentive the guy she went.

In this case, the girl can give on March 8:

  1. Qualitative jewelry.
  2. Linen, bathrobe, nightgown.
  3. Perfume or something of cosmetics.
  4. Hair dryer or some other object technology.
  5. A gift certificate to a store or a beauty salon.
  6. Umbrella.
  7. Bag or purse.
  8. The belt or scarf.
  9. Vase (only necessary with a bouquet, not empty).
  10. The realization of its dreams: look in the city agency that offers gift certificates for appearance and presents to his girlfriend, for example, a workshop on preparing sushi, horse riding, a professional photo session, a parachute jump, wine tasting, etc.

12 inexpensive gifts on March 8

I have to say, this section is for students who think that to present the girl on March 8.

It is clear that the boys-school children do not have a lot of money, and every girl knows it.

Do you have any amount that you desired of parents or saved on school lunches, so it is unlikely to be more than $ 20.

But adults boys ashamed to save his girlfriend, and look for them a cheap little trinket.

Inexpensive, but decent gift girl on March 8 - is:

  1. Piggy bank (do not forget to throw a coin in it first).
  2. Book.
  3. The frame for the photo.
  4. Beautician.
  5. Box for jewelry.
  6. Aroma candle.
  7. Statuette or a candlestick.
  8. Towel (better to buy a towel, which is packaged in a beautiful box decorated or somehow original, for example, as a dessert.)
    Towel in the form of dessert
  9. Hairpin or beautiful hair elastic.
  10. Soft toy.
  11. A cup.
  12. Bracelet or some other expensive jewelry.

Flowers and candy on March 8

Flowers and chocolates - a traditional set of the student or the student.

There is nothing wrong with that, to give a set of his lady.

As for sweets (which, incidentally, can be replaced with a cake), then you can give them only when your girlfriend is not sitting on a diet and you know exactly what kind of candy she likes.

The wrong choice can lead to the breakdown of relationships.

For example, my student friend threw a ManMarch 8 because of the sweet gift - it seemed an insult, that it after 8 months of relationship gives her a banana cake, though she repeatedly told him that on the banana she is allergic.

Heed to the choice of bouquet, especially if this is your main gift.

Choose what flowers to give, it will be much easier if you know that your girl likes.

If in doubt, or wait too long to find out such useful information, give the original flower arrangements from different plants.

You can even do a tricky way and combine two gifts (flowers and chocolates) in one and give your favorite bunch of chocolates:

Bouquet of sweets

How to make a girl a gift on March 8 with his hands?

Again, this kind of gift is suitable only forthe little gentlemen, because if the overgrown uncle starts tinkering crafts as labor lessons and proudly will give it their favorite, most of all, the status of women will change and it will become "ex".

The exception to this rule - you really know how to do hands something worthwhile, and can give on March 8, for example, a set of kitchen furniture and exclusive decoration, or Custom Made beautiful dress.

And here is a postcard made with their own hands (prisovokupleniem to the present, of course), you can give, regardless of age.

You can go two ways to make a girl postcard on March 8:

  1. Make it out of colored paper, decorated with ribbons, beads, buttons, dried flowers, beads, etc.
    Postcard from colored paper
  2. Make it to the computer in Photoshop, and thenprint on a color printer (preferably to such a card has been personalized, for example, keep your photo or the joint declaration of love).
    Postcards in Photoshop

What not to give the girl on March 8?

Thinking about the gift on March 8, you must remember that the girl - it is not my wife, so do not even consider the option of buying pots or mixer.

You just do not have such rights we launched.

That's when marrying his beloved, then you can think about how to improve the domestic issues by show.

It is not necessary to give the girl on March 8:

  1. Kitchen utensils.
  2. Polulekarstvennye drugs, such as anti-dandruff shampoo or anti-cellulite cream.
  3. Some useless fun, such as a jack, a pop-up out of the box. Exception - after this nonsense you're going to give something of value.
  4. Clothes several sizes too big - that you are mortally offend the young lady.
  5. Gifts with a hint: a visit to a nutritionist or dermatologist, a subscription to the gym, etc.
  6. That is contrary to its principles, for example, protector of animals - fox collar.

Take seriously what that give the girl on March 8, and then she will surely be delighted with your gift.