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What are the hairstyles quick with their hands do at home

In beauty salons go can often affordcurrently not every lady. But if hair is long, you need to come up with different hairstyles every day. We offer a quick haircut on long hair with his hands in the home, which will quickly make out depending on the situation and mood.

It is clear that in the morning on charges not manyI have free time. With the active rhythm of life on the hair throughout the morning ritual, you can pay on the strength of ten to fifteen minutes. So, as part of the material collected the most quick, practical, simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

Quick hairstyle on long hair with his own hands at home (with photos)

Variations braids

Classic braids save many beauties ofneed every day to walk with her hair. The simplest weaving a French braid. However, even it can be woven in and out. To weave braids required skills, but they are formed rapidly and then actively and easy to apply. When the steps of the French braids woven mastered, even on the longest hair hairdo in the implementation will take a couple of minutes.

From ready-made braids can be made bundles. They will help to hide the ends of the braids that stick out constantly in different directions. To begin to braid pigtail, and then start from the forehead, lay the braid into a round beam. Laying can be fixed with the help of beautiful hairpins or invisible studs.

Another great option - it is to weave the braid fromthe crown of the head diagonally. To this end, the front strands separate and stab at the top of the two invisible: it will make additional volume. Side take all three strands to braid them into classic French braid.

On the loose hair

If you look at professional video, we can see that the fast hairstyle on long hair with his hands in the home can be the master on the basis of flowing hair. For example, many do ponytails. It is easy to calculate accurately collect hair in a ponytail, and raise it to the brim. Laying is extremely simple, but, but, as quickly as possible.

Options for creating rims disbanded hairstyles:

· Forehead separate strands of five centimeters wide. The strands parted.

· Because of the rim of hair braid, French braid in two directions. Doing this from the parting to the temples.

· Unusual pigtails, you can simply do both sides. Or, do weaving with only one hand, while a part of the natural hair on the other hand rise interesting.

· Braid strands from the temples towards the nape of the neck in the usual pigtails. Sami pigtails staple beautiful hairpin.

Splayed hair when they are long and well maintained- It is always nice. It is not necessary to collect them in elaborate hairstyles or ponytails, interesting options for bezel flowing hair that can be done in a few minutes to whip up, help to look beautiful and well maintained.

How to wrap a strand or bundles

Greek hairstyles for long hair againcome back into fashion. And they are made quickly, so laying in a hurry, you can call them with courage. To do this hairstyle, you need a rubber ring.

First you need to separate hair strands at the little face on line growth. Next, seal the strands rubber bands, so they do not interfere in the work. Eraser for Greek hairstyles to wear on your head and start start for her in turn locks. Each hair turn to join another round of a rubber band that in the end we got a neat hairstyle volume.

Options bundles that can be quickly and beautifully wrapped:

· Collect the usual ponytail and secure it with a thingum in the hair color. Eraser later to become a free tail. Divide the hair into two polovinochku between which thread the tail. Capture beautiful hair in a bun.

· Screw the hair on my finger - this is the basis of the beam. Then, when all the tresses twisted, gather them together and secure with pins.

Create quick hairstyles for long hairwith his hands in the home can be easy and extremely successful. This milestone will help more than pictures, which are also given in the framework of the material. The explanation can only solve some contentious issues, and acting on all stages of the photos, will create in his head for 10-15 minutes before going out, even on the longest hair, excellent hairdresser masterpieces.