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Rectifying hair mask: the best recipes

The law of life is that the owner directHair salons are doing expensive irons and curlers uncomfortable sleep on, while the happy bearer curls dream finally straighten them and put in a nice, smooth hairstyle that none of her hair is not beaten out. The most common beauty cloud of curly hair go for help in hairdressing salons or buy expensive, advertised means, promising to straighten the most stubborn curls.

As a result, a week later everything falls intoplace, but locks fade, begin to break, split, become even more unruly and hard. There is another way - a less efficient but safe, yet effective and time-tested: it is straightening hair at home using ordinary face masks made from natural, all available products.


  • 1 Does hair straightening is possible using home masks?
  • 2 small women's secrets: the alignment procedure
  • 3 Best Recipes masks for hair straightening

Whether hair straightening is possible using home masks?

Yes, home hair straightening does not go to anycompared to salon procedures, as their results are short-lived: after a couple of days will curl curls over your temple. However, it is worth taking advantage of domestic masks for this purpose, as they have a number of advantages:

  • they include no synthetic, artificially produced substances that its powerful chemical wave suggest a gloss due to the destruction of the hair from the inside;
  • if you regularly (twice per week) use homemade mask for hair straightening, gradually, each time, they will become more smooth;
  • very useful for the composition of curls mask will nourish their roots, on which the condition of the hair as a whole: it is possible to escape the off-season and beriberi loss strand bundles;
  • Now curls become docile and will finally be laid exactly hairstyle, not dropping out of the total weight: with crumbled vybivshimisya, disheveled curls can say goodbye for a long time;
  • Patients hair after equalization will heal their microdamages: tips will not so much split, broken strands will be less;
  • homemade hair straightening - this is not guidancethe veneer, the effectiveness of which comes to an end so quickly: the curls will become flat and smooth because it will gradually recover, they will recover inside the structure under the influence of medical face masks.

So do not expect that the hair straighteninghome remedies - a high-speed procedure and instant results. This tenacity, perseverance, regularity, and a great desire to try on a new image without the curly hair, do not harm them in the first place. But how do all this correctly?

Small women's secrets: the alignment procedure

Whatever the means for straightening hairhome you choose, whatever the mask is not prepared, be sure to consider the small women's tricks in their use. They will help to extract from them the maximum benefit.

  1. Correctly select the recipe: Try different, change the composition, ifwhimsical curls did not respond to some of them. The main thing - do not give up, to go further in their quest to continue to search for their life-saving mask alignment unruly hair.
  2. Any check-mix: Perhaps it will cause allergic reactions. This is easy: the mask smeared with a thin layer on the wrist, washed off after a certain time and analyze the results. Itching, red spots, burning - all this will be a ban on the continued use of the mask.
  3. previously head to wash, Carefully comb through the strands, as if it was not difficult.
  4. The mask is applied on all the wet cloth (it is a prerequisite) hair, and then they again comb fine-toothed comb.
  5. All blends except for gelatin, can be applied to the scalp.
  6. Prochёsannye strands neatly and tightly pinned up on top (this will help to avoid confusion and facilitate hair combing procedure in the future).
  7. It will help speed up the process of rectificationAdditional warming: create a "greenhouse effect" on the head, you can use an ordinary plastic bag. A more civilized option - a shower cap. Warm scarf, towel, handkerchief top are welcome.
  8. Time of action - from 20 to 40 minutes, Everything will depend on how much you twisted curls.
  9. Rinse the shampoo can not, but for a long time and abundantly with running water. If some of the components of the mask did not want to be washed off, it is possible to resort to use shampoo.
  10. Once again carefully comb through the strands.
  11. Leave them to dry in a natural way, without a hair drier.

If you want a long effect, maskshair straightening should be done regularly, twice a week, without departing from this rule. If the hair you want to align to any event, or you just bored curls contact such masks as needed. Recipes are many: lack of tools for straightening hair is not.

The best recipes for straightening hair masks

To make the right selection of homemade masksstraightening curls, you need to focus on the type of hair. There are recipes that are designed for oily, there is - for dry, others will be useful for normal. So you can not only achieve its goal - to smooth curly locks, but also to provide them with proper care.

For oily hair

  • Acetic

Dilute apple cider vinegar with water (one table. Lodges.), Add cosmetic almond oil (one teaspoonful. Lies.).

  • With henna and oils

The colorless henna powder (one table. Lodges.) Diluted with water (100 ml) and leave for a couple of hours, then be stirred, the dough, add cosmetic oils of orange and grape seed (one tsp. Of boxes.).

  • Sugar

Brew tea (two table. Lodges.) Boiling water (glass), leave for 15 minutes to dissolve the sugar in tea (one teaspoon. Lies.).

For dry hair

  • A beer with egg yolk

Beer (100 ml) mixed with egg yolk.

  • Beer with yogurt

Fat yogurt mix light beer varieties (100 mL).

  • Hawaiian

Mix warm honey (100 ml) coconut milk (100 ml), egg yolk, castor oil (two tsp. Of boxes.).

For normal hair

  • oil

Mix the olive oil (one table. Lodges.), Castor oil (three tsp. Of boxes.), Burdock oil cosmetic (two table. Lies.).

  • gelatine

gelatin powder (10 g) Pour water (three desks. lodges.), whip, add hair balsam (one table. lies.).

  • Cognac with chamomile

Daisy (two table. Lodges.) Pour boiling water (glass), cooled, drain, mix with brandy (100 mL).

Similar Recipes home masks for smoothinghair straightening and help to not only get rid of disobedient almost hated ringlets, but above all - to keep them beautiful and healthy for a long time, without any harm to the body.