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Glitter Hair - recipes Hollywood

How to make hair shiny, give them a natural shine - recipes Hollywood stars?

What role for beauty and attractivenessWoman playing her hair? To understand this, you can imagine what my hair messed up, and I'm under the hair cut very short crew cut. That's how many problems at once! With the work can not be expelled, but will plant in the farthest room, this is exactly what would not frighten people. Even the best girlfriends will whispering and pity. But this is not the main thing - the main thing that he would say, love. This is really scary.

Glitter Hair - recipes Hollywood

Whether you have long hair or short,Splayed or collected, it is important that they were beautiful. In a survey of men, in order to clarify that for them beautiful hair. The answers were varied, someone like that, and only one quality of hair found in all responses - Beautiful hair does not necessarily have to be long, they should be brilliant. For them the main indicator of beauty, grooming and health of the woman. So, we need recipes for hair shine.

For example, Jennifer Lopez, sexy babe,for which dries half the male population of the globe, in an interview confessed love for beer. In the sense of not inside, but in terms of washing. Beer should light and dark can give shade, and the smell of it keeps longer. And if you have dry hair, it would be nice to add a few beers drops of olive oil.

Speaking of oil. Not only is J. Lo, but other Hollywood stars actively apply it to give shine to the hair. Melanie Griffith rub into hair almond oil, it gives shine and split ends eliminates.

Also on the basis of beer makes a mask for hairCatherine Zeta-Jones, but As an additional component prefer honey. She believes that it gives her hair is not only brilliance but also serves as a good departure.

If you have dark hair, you cantake advice Angelina Jolie. In beauty and sex appeal to her not to take, could she lead supermacho Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, and this is still the & laquo; trick & raquo ;. According to stories Jolie, this recipe she brought from the East. Take two pinch of strong tea and a handful of wood shavings, brew a liter of boiling water it, wait until the composition cools and rinse their hair. It is difficult to find a house of wood chips? Rinse hair with cold welding also produces a visible effect.

Just to give the hair shine and deep saturated shade will also help ordinary broth with onion skins, similar to the one in which the color eggs for Easter.

As for blondes, for them the recipe fromPamela Anderson. She uses a soft water rinse, which half a lemon squeezed. Soft water in our cities to find difficult, I suggest you take a five-liter canister with water and freeze water in it to the state of ice in the freezer, and then thaw, the water will be much softer.

Among the stars of Russian show business there is anthe view that the best remedy for hair shine is champagne. Correct that unfinished nothing good to disappear. But there is a sine qua non - it somehow should be without puzyrikov, so if you impressed by this way a few hours bottle should be opened. What's wrong - and hair shiny, and smells like champagne ... .All cool. And finally - the universal means of beauty and shine of hair, applies to almost everything - eggs. Take a few eggs and beat them with a mixer, and then apply to wet hair and massage. This kind of mask - hold her 10 minutes, then rinse with water and body temperature, so that the hand was not heat or cold. Making such a procedure is enough time in 3-4 weeks.