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Photo "before" and "after" coloring eyebrows henna

Photo "before" and "after" coloring eyebrows hennaIn recent years the fashion for curvy eyebrows and brightreturns. Therefore, women are thinking about how to further eyebrow tint, making them more expressive. Specialists such service is quite expensive, but the henna can help yourself at home get beautiful eyebrows.

Popularity is a natural henna for coloring eyebrows It came from North Africa. Many girls like this substance due to the fact that it is natural and not only colors the eyebrows, but also heals them. The procedure can be performed at home or dyeing interior, here it is important to understand what results we want to achieve. Biotatuazh henna eyebrows: a photo before and after look at this material and more talk about how the procedure is carried out.

Features biotatuazha eyebrows henna

A distinctive feature of this procedure,for example, permanent make-up, is safety staining method. Besides, henna is a natural ingredient and it is not harmful. Depending on what shade is required, you need to take special a red and not brown henna. The second most commonly used hair dye.

Biotatuzh good that staining occurs onskin surface rather than on its inner layers. This means that the procedure is carried out easily and does not cause absolutely no symptoms. If you practice and become familiar with the process, it can be carried out independently at home. Biotatuazh eyebrows henna: before and after photos as it holds staining? Judging by the reviews, the result remains at 4-5 weeks, many here depends on how long the ink composition is on the eyebrows.

Photo "before" and "after" coloring eyebrows henna

Generally, dyeing process itself lastsfor 40-60 minutes. That's enough to make the hairs Provo good paint over and the skin underneath has got the desired hue. Moreover, due to its unique composition of natural henna in this period strengthens and revitalizes hair.

Tip! Remember t th, henna solution may be a little to dry skin. Therefore, experts advise immediately after dyeing the eyebrows lubricate any natural vegetable oil.

Benefits biotatuazha eyebrows henna:

  1. Henna is a natural ingredient, it does not cause allergic reactions or irritate the skin.

  2. As part of this paint are no harmful ingredient to the human.

  3. With the consent of the physician coloring eyebrows henna can be carried out during pregnancy and lactation.

  4. Suitable this way of staining for all age groups, because the paint does not impact the integrity of the hair breaks.

  5. In the paint composition are useful tannins that make the hair healthy and thick.

  6. The procedure is simple and absolutely does not cause pain.

  7. The effect is short-lived, up to 4 weeks. So, the new painting does not have time to get bored, and for the next staining can come up with a new shape, length, color eyebrows.

  8. The price of henna low.

  9. It looks biotatuazh natural and naturally.

  10. Additional health benefits.

Photo "before" and "after" this procedure showthat, despite the minimal impact eyebrows are bright, distinct and effective. Pros biotatuazha eyebrows henna obvious and talk about them all the girls. If you want to rejuvenate your skin, make gelatin-based home mask independently.

Photo "before" and "after" coloring eyebrows henna

Important! Keep in mind that henna can beidiosyncrasy. Therefore, prior to dyeing the eyebrows a small amount of the composition necessary to put on your wrist and wait for half an hour, the skin adequately responded to the agent.

How to make your own henna eyebrows biotatuazh

The skin around the brow arches need to degrease, toIt uses a conventional alcohol or vodka. Make the necessary correction line thread eyebrows - before staining, you should clearly understand what shape would like to make in the end. Next, prepare the paint itself, mixing it with ordinary water in such proportions as indicated in the instructions.

skin around the eyebrows should be spread in boldcream, it will protect against possible carelessness if henna falls on those areas of the skin where the painting is not required. Now, using a special brush to apply henna on the edge of the marked lines. Sustain means 30-60 minutes, then rinse with a damp cotton pad. What home remedies will help tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

As for the comments about the eyebrows biotatuazhe henna (see. photos "before" and "after"), they are positive and are reduced to the fact that without the pain and strong spending can achieve the desired effect. If you plan to carry out the procedure for the first time, it is best to contact the salon to a specialist and ask how that is done. Later it will be painted eyebrows yourself at home.