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Masks for oily skin - care recipes

Masks for oily skin - care recipesIntroducing a mask for oily skin! Oily skin on the face appears as a result of intensive work sebaceous glands, and this occurs after due to the fact that increased production protestosterona occurs in the body. Usually oily skin appears in young girls during the hormonal changes of the body. The most oily skin occurs on the chin and the nose and forehead.

But when the body of girls end all hormonal processes, the problem with the time passes, and the skin begins to produce normal amounts of fat in the skin cells.

Oily skin is another advantage is due to the fatty lubricant aging is much slower compared with other types of skin, in addition to the skin appear much later wrinkles.

Proper care of oily skin mask +

Caring for oily skin is much more difficult thanother skin types. Besides this type of skin is most prone to the appearance of enlarged pores that cause experiences for many girls. The fact is that the pores are quickly clogged as a result of the ingress of dust and dirt. As a result, the fat in the skin begins to develop a large number of bacteria, followed by a rash on the face occur, and the skin becomes very pale.

To avoid this you have to learnproperly wash throughout the day. If you also suffer from oily skin, you can wash only twice a day. In the morning, wash your own face only tepid water using a special cleansing gel. To cleanse the skin of your face from dirt, use only special cleaning agents whose composition does not include alcohol. Deal with all the rash healing agent, which contains salicylic alcohol. After washing your face, apply moisturizer to it with high SPF.

Masks for oily skin - care recipesBefore going to sleep you need to clean your skin with great care, and in the end put on your face night cream, or use special sera with a high content of vitamins.

Many ladies complain that their oily skinheavily shelled. Therefore, to eliminate the peeling once a week use the peeling means by which you remove all the dead skin cells from your face.

Before applying cosmetics onhis face, first of all, wash your face, after which the skin should be carefully treat your face a special tonic to restore the acid-alkaline balance. At the end of the need to apply any moisturizer, and only then can be applied to cosmetics.

Dries facial mask

Take some fresh protein and carefully whiskit with one spoon of lemon juice. All mix well and evenly apply on your face, and after ten minutes, rinse with water mask. A good drying effect has curdled milk, you can just put on your face with a cotton swab, and it is possible to wash with water after fifteen minutes.

The cleaning facial mask

A tablespoon of any of baker's yeast, mix withthree spoonfuls of cranberry, lemon or pomegranate juice. If suddenly the finished mask was very thick, in this case, it is possible to add a little water. This mask should be applied to most fatty areas of your face and within fifteen minutes the mask can be washed off with water.

The mask of yogurt and starch

For its preparation, take a thick yogurt withoutno flavorings, add one spoon of starch and two tablespoons of milk. All the ingredients of the mask should be well mixed and evenly applied to the skin. Hold the mask for fifteen minutes, then rinse with water.

The mask of black bread to expand far

The composition of this mask includes 100 grams of blackbread and five spoons of sour milk. Slices of bread and tear the hands soak them in milk, so as a result you have a thick paste was formed. Cooked mask in copious amounts necessary to put on your face, try to pay special attention to all areas with enlarged pores. Twenty minutes later, wash with water.

Masks for oily skin - care recipes

Firming mask

A few spoonfuls of cottage cheese mixed with any vegetableor fruit juice, add 5 grams of salt. The resulting mask Stir with a spoon and put on the skin. After about five minutes you need to put on your face another layer mask. At the expiration of fifteen minutes with a face mask should be removed with a spatula, then you need to wash with water with the addition of kitchen salt. Gently pat the face with a towel and apply any moisturizer.

Mask from the leaves of dandelion

In addition to softening the skin on the face of the maskeffectively strengthens it. The dandelion leaves contain a large amount of vitamin K, ascorbic acid, iron and carotene, except that they possess an antibacterial effect.

Take six of fresh dandelion leaves andcut into small pieces and rub them thoroughly with a wooden tolkushkoy and mix with a few egg whites. Before you apply the mask on your face, brush his dandelion juice. At the end of seventeen minutes, the mask should be washed off with water and carefully wipe the face yogurt.

The mask of calendula solution

A few spoonfuls of alcohol solution of calendula(Available at pharmacies), dilute with a little water, stir with a spoon. This solution is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and gently for fifteen minutes, apply on your face. From time to time moisten the swab in alcohol solution. After this time, carefully pat your face cloth.

Herbal mask with almonds

For its preparation you need to take in equalproportions such herbs: lime blossom, chamomile drug and elder flowers, it all pour boiling water and boil for several minutes. The cooled broth need to add a spoonful of chopped almonds, a spoonful of oatmeal and a couple of spoons of honey. The resulting mass Apply gently to the skin, and after 30 minutes wash your face decoction of herbs.

Carrot mask for oily skin

Take one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, freshcarrots several proteins and starch spoon. Grate the carrots on a grater or chop using a blender in a separate container, whisk the protein and mix it with shredded carrots. Add this mixture to the all other ingredients and stir with a spoon. The mixture was put on my face. Rinse with water after fifteen minutes.

Masks for oily skin - care recipes

Cucumber mask for oily skin

Chop a cucumber and mix with two pre-whipped egg whites. The prepared mixture evenly apply on your face. After ten minutes, the mask should be washed off with water.

The mask of white clay for oily skin

This mask has a smoothing and firmingeffect for the skin. Spoon white cosmetic clay, mix with a spoon of liquid honey, lemon juice and a small amount of boiling water to a result you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Apply for eighteen minutes, after which you can wash and wipe the face with a slice of lemon.

Whitening mask

Finely chop the parsley, mix with twospoons of yogurt and lemon juice. Optionally this can add a bit mask starch or wheat flour. Apply to the skin and keep no more than twenty minutes. At the end of this procedure, the mask can be simply washed off with water.

We hope that our masks recipes to help you with oily skin. We wish you always be the most beautiful and attractive!