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How to get rid of acne fast?

How to get rid of acne fast?SOS! How to get rid of acne fast? Each of us is faced with such unpleasant problem as the acne on your face at the wrong time. Someone immediately tries to them to get rid of as soon as possible, for others a rash on the face caused the emergence of various complexes. How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face?

Acne on the face - this is a very sensitive issue foreach person that requires quick medical and preventive actions, but without the help of an experienced beautician quickly get rid of the rash, it will be very difficult. But do not worry about this, is actually not so bad, you can adopt some helpful tips, and then the question of how to quickly get rid of the pimple go away into the background, and will no longer disturb your life.

Before you start to struggle with acneyour face, let's try to understand why there are pimples on the face and the reason for this. In the future it will help you to choose the most effective way of getting rid of acne.

How to get rid of acne fast?Acne - this accumulation of excess fat thatIt contributes to clogging of pores on the face. They affect the environment, as a result there are white and black spots on the face, which are beginning to become inflamed after ingestion of acne infection. After that, on the face as small ulcers, which can be very itchy and eventually burst.

Now you see why rashes often appear on the face (chin, nose, forehead), shoulders and chest. It is in these places there is the greatest concentration of sebum.

How to get rid of acne fast?

Of course, it is desirable to seek help fromspecialists who will be able to quickly identify the cause of acne on the face and arrange treatment. If you do not have time to visit a beautician, in this case, there are other effective and safe ways to get rid of rash at home.

Never squeeze the pimples on your face,as this will further exacerbate the situation, as even a skilled beautician can not fully protect you from falling into a dangerous infection in the wound on his face. After squeezing pimples on the face may remain scars or will emerge new rashes, and in some cases it may even end in blood poisoning.

So how do you get rid of acne fast? Do not forget that modern cosmetics stores offer us a lot of different cosmetic means that help to cope with a rash on the face. But what if you need to urgently get rid of acne, and hand you do not have the appropriate cosmetics? In this case, you can get help from the most effective and at the same time, low-cost tools that you can cook at home.

Salicylic acid in the fight against acne: fast

Purchase at any pharmacy salicylic solutionacid. Because it effectively disinfects, dries and peels the skin. This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to fight acne, as you can buy salicylic acid in any drugstore, and apply it is not difficult. Acquired solution, wipe your face with a cotton pad several times a day. But when a rash on your face will be fully, as a preventive measure from time to time you need to do yourself a nourishing and moisturizing mask.

How to get rid of acne fast?

How to get rid of acne fast? Chamomile drug

The dosage daisy long been used as atherapeutic agent. In the struggle with rashes on the face, it will also help you, as it reduces inflammation and provides anti-inflammatory action. Prepare a decoction of chamomile, for this it is necessary to pour hot water and boil for 20 minutes. Prepare a broth carefully wipe his face and 5 times a day to make compresses. To each time not to prepare a decoction of chamomile, can be cooled and prepared broth in the freezer to cook it into molds for ice.

Parsley helps to get rid of acne fast

One of the most effective methods of combatingrash is a broth made from fresh parsley leaves, which is very easy to qualify. All you need is to take a bunch of fresh parsley, finely chopped with a knife and pour hot water, then broth need to insist on for several hours. Ready broth, strain, and with a cotton swab, wipe your face several times a day. And very soon you will be surprised that the rash almost completely disappeared, and the skin has become more clear.

A decoction of parsley cleans and tightens pores,tightens fine lines, unless of course they are on your face. Also broth efficiently removes the tooth and inflammation on the face. In addition, you can use as broth, juice and fresh parsley. The procedure for his cleansing facial perform twice a day. This will help get rid of acne fast!

How to get rid of acne fast?

Clay in the fight against acne fast

Natural clay and cooked out of it masksvery effectively cope with their tasks. To prepare the masks for acne, you will need a special cosmetic clay, which must be dissolved in warm water to make a thick mixture. Apply the prepared mixture on your face and hold it in such a way to dry completely. This procedure dries lesions and relieves severe inflammation on the face.

How to get rid of acne fast? Concoctions!

Concoctions - this is probably one of the most effectivetools that can quickly cope with pimples on his face. Masks made based concoctions, well clear of dead skin cells. Besides the mask of concoctions saturate your skin with additional oxygen, open pores and smooth out fine wrinkles best. Buy at the pharmacy powder concoctions, dissolve in water for about 10 minutes, apply on your face. After this time, gently rinse with water mask.

Natural honey in the fight against rash

Honey - this is another excellent remedy for acne. It is a natural antiseptic that contains a lot of miners and minerals. Mask of honey makes the skin very soft and silky. To prepare the masks you need to take a little bit of liquid honey and olive oil and one egg yolk. All components mix and apply the mask on your face. Soak for a few minutes, then rinse with water. These masks should be done several times a week.

All of these treatments are very effective, but for Bole long-term effect should be carried out a set of procedures that are aimed at getting rid of lesions on the face.

Here we are told how to get rid of acne fast!