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How to apply foundation?

How to apply foundation?Experts recommend apply concealerafter application to the face of a day cream. The main objective of foundation - recovery and alignment of the skin. During the selection of a suitable tonal resources should be guided by what is the effect you are expecting to set up his makeup.

Your skin will look more natural andNaturally, in that case if you select the cream will be more transparent. Tone cream solid consistency will create the appearance of a sleek and well-groomed person.

It is important to select the tonalI mean, not to spoil your make-up in the future. The color of foundation should ideally match the shade of your skin. You also need to ensure that that there is no color differences between the neck and face. This is where you can finally say that you really picked the best foundation.

How to apply foundation?

The correct choice of foundation

By purchasing the suitable foundation,you should try the color is not in their hands, and on his own, not made-up face. Tint tone means you need to check in daylight, it is the color that is visible on the skin less - just what you need.

No less important role is played by lighting in places where you want to go. What is the best foundation in the most various forms of artificial and natural light?

Warm yellow light shade, for example, from the solar spectrum lamps or candles will allow you to choose the basis of the cold, a pinkish hue. It is also permissible to use gray tones.

Neon or fluorescent light requires the use ofa warm peach tones. Only you must not overdo it. Never use a brick-and-yellow-brown shades. But, despite their appeal, they look on your face is very unnatural, and it is considered unacceptable to create exquisite makeup. There is one exception, that the use of such funds for the tone skin bronzing.

How to apply foundation?

Correct application of Tonal means

Before applied to the skin tonal basis,you need to soften your skin with moisturizer. After moisturizing the skin will be much easier to distribute the tonal basis, it will be faster to go to bed and stay longer.

The most suitable lighting toapply foundation - it is natural daylight. But you should avoid sunlight. You should also try to source natural light was located directly in front of you, and the light falls on your face, not the mirror.

The first thing to causes foundationthe area around the eyes. After that, under the eyes must make several cream stains and using his fingertips gently spread over the skin.

Skilled makeup artists in their work forapplying special brush used foundation. Thanks to these lynx tips you can put the entire base almost to the base of the eyelashes. If you decide to try this method, you should remember that you need to brush to take the smallest portion of the tonal resources, what you can. It should be rubbed in small strokes, which should be directed from the very middle of the face.

To layer of cream under the eyes was thinner, rub it well and do not let hammered in wrinkles after application of funds during a smile to gently blot the face with a sponge.

Do I have to apply makeup on your neck?

How to apply foundation?How to properly apply the tonal basis - only one person or another should be applied to the neck and décolleté?

The most eye-catching shade of tone meansmust necessarily conform to skin color directly under the chin. In this case, you do not need to apply foundation even to the entire neck. In this case, you can not fear that the boundary of the face will be very evident. Still, you need to carefully shade tool along the contour of your face towards the neck. Do it my fingertips, or you can use a special sponge. This make-up is quite a bit of powder and the collar of your clothes will not be stained creams.

Helpful hints for problem skin

Tonal tool will help you hide somethe nuances of your skin problem. But in this case you must approach the selection of the tool very carefully. Matched your foundation should not be too fat. It is desirable that included antibacterial agents that will soothe your skin its structure.

Sensibly assess the overall condition of your skin, but noDo not exaggerate, because only a few pimples on your face are the reason for the use of tonal resources. Remember that a low-fat base with a high content of disinfectant very dry skin.