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Homemade ways to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes

Homemade ways to quickly get rid of bags under the eyesBags under the eyes - not a pleasant phenomenon, whichoften calls discomfort and just spoils the appearance. There are bags of fatigue, excessive amounts of alcohol the night before. But it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. This means that everyone should know the techniques, how to remove bags under the eyes in the home quickly.

Interesting! Bags under the eyes are formed because of the accumulation of athin skin around the eyes of excess fluid. The reasons for the accumulation of fluid may be different, and no one is immune from the phenomenon. But, most of the bags of women suffer for 50 years.

another reason for occurrence of problems It is the accumulation of subcutaneous under the eyeszhiraka against the overall weight gain. Skin, which in the area below the eyes thin, it is difficult to keep a large weight fat. In some people, the description of the phenomenon is merely an anatomical feature of the structure of the face. In any situation, there are people and hardware techniques, how to remove bags under the eyes in the home quickly.

Important! At the initial stage it is necessary to find out the cause of the unpleasant phenomenon. After all, people and beauty treatments often help get rid of the external symptoms, but do not solve domestic problems.

Choosing the right makeup

You will need to buy a high quality eye cream. It improves fluid drainage and strengthens the skin. Qualitatively, the cream must be present collagen and elastin, natural coffee, pharmaceutical extracts of horsetail, sage or parsley.

Homemade ways to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes

Independently can be safely rub in a thin skin under the eyes of coffee essential oils, forest nutsor ginger. It is also an effective means to rub the skin around the eyes every morning, an ice cube. Ice - a great way to remove bags under the eyes at home quickly in the morning. But the procedure is necessary to carry out immediately after waking up. Frosting can not just water, and chamomile teas, calendula, sage.

Interesting! The cosmetic stores today you can buya special ice-mask for the eye area. It is a gel which, upon cooling in the freezer, cools quickly. The mask is stored in the fridge and every day it needs to be easy to put on your eyes, keep 10-20 minutes.

Possible salon treatment:

· Electrical stimulation. In the skin under the eyes affected by low-frequency current. Such effects tones the muscles, making them strong, improves the general condition of the skin.

· Mesotherapy. In this procedure introduced under the skin of substances designed to free up the area where the accumulated grease or water that formed bags.

· Lymph. Of the vessels around the eye during the procedure stimulates the outflow of fluid. The procedure can be performed manually or apparatus. In order to achieve positive dynamics requires a minimum of 7 procedures.

Homemade ways to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes

Does massage help?

Massazhik have to do them every dayduring the week. This method helps you to quickly get rid of the bags at home. If the bags appear frequently, massage, at least for a couple of minutes a day to do all the time.

The skin around the eye is thin, so that the massageIt should be done as carefully as possible by using a special cream. For the massage action to use only the fingertips. One should start from the upper eyelid, and then move to the outer corner of glazik on each side.

Folk remedies

Of course in how to remove bags under the eyes inhome quickly a man or woman can help a variety of popular recipes. Not all the folk remedies are safe bruises. But we have gathered in this material are options that really help in this situation.

Homemade ways to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes

Chamomile flowers

A tablespoon of dried flowers lilies needPour 250 ml of boiling water. Leave on for fifteen minutes under the lid to the present broth. Then moisten a cotton tamponchik and use for wiping eyelids. It is impossible to apply pressure to the skin during the procedure.

Chamomile tea

On 1 tsp any natural green tea is taken the same amount of dried chamomile. Pour boiling water over the grass within a quantity of 0.2 liters. Infuse for 20 minutes, then moisten the swab and use it to wipe the eyelids.


We need to take fresh potatoes, peel and cuttight circles. Applying circles in the problem area for half an hour. Some people prefer fresh potatoes grate, mush spread in gauze and compress already on the basis of gauze applied to the problem area.

These are the main methods of home, how to remove bagsunder the eyes in the home quickly. We need to try to properly care for your skin in accordance with its type and age. Then the unpleasant symptoms are much less likely to bother.