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Face masks with gelatin - recipes

Face masks with gelatin - recipesUseful facial masks with gelatin to help you achieve the perfect skin! Such masks are very popular among celebrities and procedures with gelatin in beauty salons have become expensive and popular service.

Gelatine - a natural source of collagen,which is necessary to maintain the elasticity of the body tissues. With age, the human body begins to reduce the amount of collagen produced by them. This explains the fact that all tissues, including the skin, which is the most noticeable fade. Hold the process of withering skin gelatin capable of face masks.

Gelatin, applied to the skin, providescollagen penetration into it. And the result of such masks skin becomes return former elasticity and smoothness. And you can not wait for noticeable aging and use gelatin for prevention.

The fight against age-related changes of the dermis is not the only plus gelatin masks. These funds are perfectly cope with acne and have proven themselves in removing blackheads.

In other words, facial masks with gelatin - a universal remedy, as they have whitening and anti-aging effects, cleanse and tone the skin, the dermis provide the necessary power.

To achieve a sustainable effect, masks based on gelatin is recommended to use 1 time in 7 days.

Preparation of gelatine for the mask

Face masks with gelatin - recipesBasis - is itself gelatin. It needs to be properly prepared for further use.

To prepare a gelatin basis heated fluid is taken, depending on the formulation, it will be water, fruit or vegetable juice, milk or herbal tea.

Following the requirements of the packaging gelatin mixit with fluid and this left to swell. Once crystals gelatin will absorb all of the liquid, it must be heated at low heat with continuous stirring to complete dissolution, but do not boil.

After cooling, the foundation to add the remaining ingredients of the recipe and use a mask for its intended purpose.

The nuances of the application of a face mask with gelatin

To get maximum possible effect from the mask need to perform some rules:

1. carry out facial skin clean in every possible way from the scrub and tonic to the steam bath;
2. The mask can be applied to the face and neck or the skin in the neck, it is prohibited only in the area around the eyes;
3. After applying the mask to relax and not to talk, because all use the mask in its tightening effect;
4. The use of additional skin care products to better interact with the skin masks;
5. by washing mask to pass two stages, the first steam mask with warm water or steam baths, and a second rinse your face with cool water.

Recipes masks for the face of gelatin

Mask for oily skin types.
The gelatin base add 10 ml of yogurt orsour milk and flour until a thick mixture. Wait until the mask has cooled slightly, and at this time moisturize the skin cream. Apply the mixture on the skin evenly. Leave a means to dry completely. Wash off as described above.

Mask for skin prone to dryness.
All the above prescription. Only in the previous recipe must be replaced kefir milk and oat meal to take.

Mask with a banana.
It is suitable if the skin has become rough, withered, andsagging. The gelatin base to add the banana pulp. Thoroughly mix and leave to cool. Apply the product on the skin and leave for about half an hour time. After the time necessary to remove the mask with a cotton pad and wash the face with water. Face masks with gelatine and banana are very useful for the skin!

The mask for dry skin with fruit.
In the previous recipe to replace banana tangerine, apricot pulp, or persimmon, melon and gooseberry.

Face masks with gelatin - recipesMask with fruit for combination skin.
For it is possible to take the flesh of the peach or orange, kiwi or grapes.

Gelatin with fruit mask for oily skin.
In this case, fit the fruits of pear and grapefruit, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and redcurrants. Importantly, in the last three recipes use products for which no allergic reaction.

Mask with honey and glycerin.
This recipe helps to soften and moisturize the skin. The basis of gelatin added aqueous glycerol solution (ratio 1 to 8 glycerol to water) and little honey. This mass is usually obtained for one lot of times, so the remains better to pour into a clean jar and store in refrigerator. Keep this mask to 20 minutes and remove with a cotton swab, and then rinse the skin with water.

Face mask with gelatin and egg white for oily skin.
Take the egg white, beat up and it is good to addwhipping it under continuous basis gelatin. Apply this mixture on your skin an even layer and keep about 20 minutes. After the session, will need to take off the mask, pre-soak with warm water or steam tray.

Mask with whitening effect.
For this recipe gelatin base to prepare cucumber juice. Add worn on a fine grater cucumber. Keep this mask on your skin for 15-20 minutes and remove with a cotton pad. Skin Rinse with water.

Mask with vegetable juice.
To prepare gelatin bases, you can use the juice of fresh vegetables, such as cabbage or tomatoes. This mask will give an additional influx of vitamins to the skin.

Gelatin mask against the black dots.
base can be prepared for the purpose ofgelatin, water, milk, fruit or vegetable juice. The main thing here is the superposition of several layers of the mixture on your face. As a result, a thick mask should get their gelatin. Exclude all movements of facial muscles for a while, until the face mask with gelatin is dry to the end. And to remove this mask should be in a special way, pulling it over the edge, rather than the macerating warm water. On thus withdrawn from the face of the mask will remain small lumps - that's what it was called in the pores and blackheads before. After this procedure, the skin it is necessary to treat and moisturize with lotion any cream.

Mask herbal teas.
This option will help to achieve the maskcalming effect and to cope with the formation of acne. For it is necessary to prepare a gelatin base to broth sage or marigold flowers, mint leaves or herb St. John's wort.

Mask with lemon juice.
It will help to cope with oily skin shine. The basis of gelatin dissolved in lemon juice. Add low-fat sour cream. Apply the mask to the skin drying up and remove from the disc. Face rinse water.

These are the most efficient and effective face mask with gelatin.