Women's diet - healthy diet

Many of us have not thought about the question again: & Laquo; How to live long and be healthy & raquo ;? The answer to this question was given by our ancestors. You need to eat, foods that grow only in the area where you live. Today, this method is called & laquo; macrobiotics & raquo ;. The Greek reads as follows: the word & ldquo; macro & rdquo; It means large, & ldquo; bio & rdquo; - a life.

Women's diet - healthy diet

As mentioned above, macrobiotic - iseating products characteristic of this area and in accordance with their natural maturation season. This takes into account the individual characteristics and preferences. The main rule of this diet is a natural product. They need not contain additives, preservatives and other chemicals. No one calls on planting your own vegetable garden, but it is necessary to carefully read the labels of purchased products. Save feminine beauty and harmony to help the ones that grow on the earth. Namely, vegetables, berries, fruits, but certainly grown in the area. After macrobiotics - rather, it is not a diet, but a way of life, the purpose of which is the acquisition of inner harmony and unity with nature.

So, a great addition to a useful dietwill be the fruit, stop only & ldquo; your & rdquo; and directly on the season. For example, strawberries - it is good, but in the summer. In winter, it automatically goes into the category of & laquo; foreign & raquo ;. Therefore, neither any of the exotic!

Subject to the macrobiotic diet womanYou have to forget once and for all about the semis. And there is only freshly prepared food. What does the food steamed with a minimum of heat treatment. Also, according to this diet, too, do not get involved with fluid. To quench your thirst, water should be drunk in small sips. A food to the saturation process was fast, the food should be thoroughly chewed.

With healthy eating cooking underwayonly seasonal vegetables, which can be easily combined with each other. It can be a pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower or cabbage usual. In the latter among other things, it contains more protein and nutrients than meat. In potatoes, tomatoes, beets and zucchini imposed a strict ban. At observance of the diets can not use them. It should be noted that all the products that are used during this diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Now, about the products that are used in the macrobiotic diet.

1. Whole grains.
Choose only whole grains (oats, rice, wheat, buckwheat, rye). Add them to soups, baked. The main thing - is prepared without milk and sugar. You can afford bread from wheat flour.

2. Seafood.
Veganism is not, but the choice of food of animal origin to give priority to fresh seafood. They are easily absorbed by the body.

3. Seasonings.
Forget the fragrant mix of bags and flavor enhancers. Only fresh or dried parsley, dill, celery and a bit of sea salt.

Sweet tooth, both literally and figuratively is not sweet. No sweets and even honey. Not often, but it can be nuts, dried fruits and seeds.