Dine with a man to lose weight. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Psychologists of the Canadian ResearchMcMaster University (McMaster University) found that, during a meal with a man, a woman chooses a dish with fewer calories. In other words, flavoring food preferences depend on the sex of the participants.

Dine with a man to lose weight

Watching the students in the cafeterias of three largeUniversities with a large selection of dishes, nutritionists found that the girls who were having dinner in the company of men, ordered less high-calorie foods than when they were at the table with her friends only. Moreover, when women ate in mixed company, their choice of food, too, was different bottom mark in calories. In the only female food companies was significantly higher in calories.

As Dr. Young says, the consumption of food - asocial activity. Knowing that the company will present young people, girls usually choose small portions with healthy products, to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and look more feminine and attractive in their eyes. Canadian experts can not answer the question, there is such a choice, consciously or unconsciously. As for men, the connection was found between food choice and floor mates in the company.