What are the short haircuts on the face in a circular fashion in 2016

What are the short haircuts on the face in a circular fashion in 2016Before the start of the new season, traditionally, eachLady wants to upgrade. The easiest way to start, of course, with the haircut that sets the whole image. In this review article focuses on women's fashion short hairstyles for round faces. In 2016 in this area will have its own interesting trends.

The older a woman becomes, the clearer it is easy to understand short hairstyle. It is a practical and versatile, requires a minimum ofCare. Grooming of this kind always looks good and goes with any outfit. If you want to experiment, here also everything is allowed: it suffices to find a new way of laying. What are women's fashion hairstyles 2016 for short hair for round face choose?

Bob and bob

Someone will exclaim that this is a classic. So it is, but because it is a classic never goes out of fashion. Therefore, short hair bob fashionable in the new season, as well as all its variations. Women stylists extremely fond of quads, calling this method haircut always stylish, fashionable and relevant. Over the years, a penalty only becomes more urgent.

With regard to changes in the traditional squareDepending on the new season, it should be noted here that the overall length of the hair is even more reduced. When the girl with a round face do not want to create a new image, but it is necessary to strengthen the old, such a haircut will be most suitable. What advantages can be noted? Easy installation, versatility and practicality. Needless to say, square in 10 minutes of daily business hairstyle turn into exquisite evening variant.

What are the short haircuts on the face in a circular fashion in 2016

With a bang on straight hair

If your hair is straight at the girl (or she straightens them constantly), it is perfect for a short bob with clean lines. Moreover, this hairstyle with a round face suitable for any hair color. Hair will look dazzling. For the new fashion season 2016 it is recommended to complement the square of thick bangs. Sharma received a lot. However, it is important the form and not the length of the bangs.

Short graduated bob

Youth version, but it looks fresh and natural. The point is that when creating a certain hairstyles can not only play with long hair, but also their colors. Gradirovanie looks great on short hair straight. But this hairstyle that she was always looked spectacular, will always have to be laid.

What are the short haircuts on the face in a circular fashion in 2016

What is a "bean"

Another great option for a haircut roundface. Bob is also the classic version, which in 2016 is no less popular. Describing her hair short, I want to say "elegance." Equally beautiful this haircut will look and thick and thin hair.

Bob extension

It happens that I want to cut hair, butThus, to keep at least some memory of long tresses. Then we can look at this fashionable hairstyle. Elongation is on the side strands. Every woman, especially, with a round face, such a variant is perfect hairstyles. Long side strands extend itself an oval face: it turns stylish, exquisite and fashionable. Depending on the type of appearance should consult with a stylist to make the correct extension.

What are the short haircuts on the face in a circular fashion in 2016

For a round face is important not to leave himcompletely without hair. If you decide to make a short cut so that each person will be allocated a dash, you need to pay special attention to their makeup. Make-up artists are advised to make yourself extra dark cheekbones, emphasizing the eyes and lips painted bright lipstick itself. This year you will shine, if you can correctly pick all the components of your image.

This is a major women's fashion hairstyles 2016short hair for round face photo that vydyalyut stylists. But it is always necessary to remember that a haircut should be suitable for a certain girl. If you clearly see that specifically for you, none of the options is not suitable, you should not be fixed on the fashion trends. Choose what you make it personal, attractive and unique.