How to make large ringlets?

How to make large ringlets?How to make large ringlets? One need only leaf through glossy magazines or watch on TV every "star" event, to make sure that many recognized beauties often do on your hair big curls or waves. This is a very feminine, attractive and at the same time very glamorous.

Many women believe that to create such beauty could only professional hair stylists in beauty salons and do not try to create a hairstyle at home.

In fact, this is no big deal. All you need is patience, special tools and tools for hair styling. Let's talk about how you can make great curls alone.

To create large curls hair from youYou can use hair curlers, curling irons, stylers, tongs, special irons for the hair, a round brush and a hairdryer. But it's not all great ways to create curls. There are several ways to create curls using any pins, tape or wire hair dryer and hair mousse. Each in its own good, and you just have to choose the most suitable.

How to make large ringlets?

How to make large curls with a curling iron

Hair must be pre-cleaned and welldry. Let your hair dry yourself, and do not dry the hair dryer they avoid termonagruzki. During the creation of hairstyles you heat your hair curling irons, so it is best to rest the use of a hair dryer.

Before winding hair curling irons, they need toput special hair mousse in themselves. This must be done in order to give your curls more volume. Comb your hair and divide it into two equal parts by a horizontal line. All of the top hair fix on his nape with the help of hairpins.

Perm is better to start from the bottom of your hair. Start by separating the one strand and screw them on a hot curling iron. The wider you take a lock, the larger will curl. Still, do not take too long locks of hair, because they will be more difficult to fix and hold completely twisted condition.

Before you tighten the strands of hair, you need to put on each strand special mousse, spray, foam or other means for further stacking, which can help you fix the large curls.

When the lock is fully ready, it should begently release without straightening his arms, then it is necessary to separate the strands and twist the other. After the lower part of your hair will be completely ready, it needs to be sprinkled on top of a small amount of polish and get to the top.

After separation of the strands of hair from the upper portion,slightly nacheshite its roots in themselves, then you need to apply a means for laying. Tighten the locks on the curling and hold until such time as the strands will not get the desired shape.

When all of your strands will be fullytwisted, lowered his head down, and in this position lightly sprinkle their hair lacquer. Then straightened, look at yourself in the mirror and place the curls as you see fit.

The greater the volume of curling, the morebulky and large turn out ready-made locks. Screw-on locks of hair curling can be both below and on top of the roots, or from the tips of the hair. Remember that to keep your hair in a twisted form does not need more than two minutes, because you can damage the protective layer of the hair, and some of them even burn.

How to make large ringlets?

How to make curls using the ironing

Wash your hair and dry it, but do itnot until the very end, all your hair should be slightly vlazhnovatoy. In such a case can be a little dry your hair with a hair dryer, to give them a small volume. When drying the hair dryer will be much easier to keep a small moisture content of the hair, which will be evenly distributed across all strands.

If you are a long time thinking about howYou can quickly make large curls, then this method you will probably come up. Because it not only takes a bit of time than on the twisting strands or curling tongs, it is not as time-consuming. But, unfortunately, it is suitable for long hair only.

Twist all my hair in a plait, but before that onThey need to put any mousse. Good heat the hair iron, and between its halves pinch the harness, very slowly move the iron is around tow, do it from the top down. This procedure must necessarily be repeated several times, gradually shifting the hair iron of the harness around, so you can grab the hair from all sides.

When you have fully processed the whole bundletwist it into a knot, attach pins or studs and leave in such a way that your hair is completely cool. Thus, your hair will be maintained much longer. To create a beautiful hairstyle with large curls very carefully loosen the harness and share your hair with your fingers without the use of combs. Immediately after this separation sprinkle their hair lacquer.

The creation of large curls using curlers

Beautiful curls large size can be madeusing the curlers. It's easy and affordable to every girl. To create large curls is best to use larger rollers. If your hair curlers large enough, the result is your hair will be too fluffy and beautiful curls instead you will be released only small curls, especially if you do not have very long hair.

You can wind the lock of hair in curlersvertically or horizontally, it will depend on the shape of your future hairstyle. If you want the result is a not big curls and beautiful waves, the hair is desirable to wind on large hair curlers, which should be vertical, start on its crown and work your way to the very back of the head.

In addition to traditional methods, which have been described above, there are other ways that do not require use of any curling or dryer or curlers.

Rings-flagella. Wash your hair a bit dry, and divide them into two parts. For all strands, apply mousse, gently twist them into a tight plait and place it a ring and secure with bobby pins. Wait until your hair is completely dry, carefully disassemble all the rings, lay their hands on top and secure with lacquer.

Artistic mess on his head. If your hair is a little bit twisted, such a method would suit you. Wash your hair and dry them with a towel, dropping his head down. Squeeze your hair with a towel from the top down, so they could not straighten up. As a result of this manipulation of your hair will become a kind of undulation. Apply mousse to them and start to dry their hair dryer, lowering his head down, but before that you need to put on the hair dryer nozzle-diffuser. The jet of air and diffuser to direct the hair from the top down. When your hair is completely dry, you can straighten. As a result, you should get a little curvy wavy hair. If you want to disassemble their hands on some big curls.

Beam. You can smoke it her hair in a neat bun, pre inflicting on them mousse. Twist the hair is very comfortable with tape with wire, designed specially for this purpose. In the slot located in the middle of the tape you want to insert the tips flowing hair, and then all the hair and tuck inside the wound on the tape several times. If you revile such a bundle of hair for several hours, after you let down your hair and find yourself at the head of large curls.

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