Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tipsAll mothers want to know what hairstylesgirls can adopt. Beautiful hair, arranged in a neat haircut, just make a noticeable girl among her friends. The baby should be accustom a child to care for their hair, comb and put teach them.

Mothers should remember that in its quest to make her daughter a beautiful and unique, you can not go too far and are constantly doing all sorts of sophisticated styling.

Frequent use of these drugs used for laying the varnish and gel, can cause allergies in the child or lead to loss, breakage and other damage to the hair.

All this can affect the beauty in tears andgirl's health in the future. More need to explain that the holiday hairstyles for girls will look ridiculous in a campaign, or on the beach, and the school will loose hair awry and interfere, especially in gym class. That is, the hairstyle, as well as clothing, you should be able to choose the right, for the occasion, as well as face shape.

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

There are some subtleties that you need to know before you start to create a hairstyle for girls:

1. If you need to create hairstyles, wavy hair, it is best not to use a curling iron, but just at night a few braid tight braids throughout the volume of the head.

2. For laying blond hair is better not to use gels. They make "heavy" hair of which may give the impression of dirty hair. Better use of light mousses and varnishes. A large number of varnish also give beauty blond hair.

3. Dark hair safely survive gels, mousses, varnishes and even wax, while not losing their appearance.

4. Try to reduce the use of fleece, as this will damage the hair, leading to brittleness and visited tips. These hairstyles for girls are extremely undesirable in such a young age!

5. Do not leave the packing on the hair for the night, as if it was a pity not to untwist "such beauty." After the event you need to untwist the hair carefully combed all means packing and wash your hair.

Create a beautiful and interesting hairstyles can be not only long, but also on short hair. Here are a few examples of pilings on the hair of different lengths and for different occasions.

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Haircuts and styling for short hair girls

1. Mowing a boy chosen mainly for very young girls with a mischievous nature. With the growth of the child it is better to change and choose a "maiden" haircut. But some girls choose the hairstyle and in older age, but in this case it is necessary to take into account the desire of the child. With this hairstyle can only be of limited use for hair ornaments, and also eliminated the spit.

2. The best option for girls from three to seven years, considered to be a cascade, quads, Cesson or cap. If left fringe, it must be long enough to keep it out of your eyes, as this may adversely affect the child's vision. In such hairstyles you can use all kinds of decorations: hoops, bows, barrettes and ribbons.

3. If the hair is thick and hard, the hairstyles for girls better choose a medium length. This also applies to curly hair.

On the basis of these cuts can be made all kinds of packing. For example:

- To collect on top of the top two tail and decorate them with colored rubber bands or ribbons. Part of the hair can be left loose;
- Take two strands on the sides and gather at the back with a rubber band;
- If the hair is curly, it is possible some of them gather in a ponytail in the center of the top of or next to it, and leave the rest flowing;
- Make one or more partings, twist the strands between them in the flagella and secure the ends with the help of elastic bands or ribbons;
- Make a zigzag parting, and decorate wrap or tape.

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

For teenage girls, you can offer the following styling for short hair.

1. Careless style. Take a small amount of wax and rub in the palms. Squeeze the hair around the volume and give the necessary form.

You can create the individual strands near the forehead and the back and neck to lift them up.

You can ruffle all the hair, or vice versa to make them flat and smooth, just smoothing their hands.

Hairstyles, created using wax is easy to change during the day, because this material is very elastic laying.

2. Strict style. Make a parting on the side, zacheshite hair to one side, and then apply a little gel and form individual strands. Recall that the gel makes the hair dryer, and apply it should be only on a completely dry hair. But such hairstyles for girls to be performed less often, since it is not recommended to use the chemistry from a young age.

3. Marine style. If the hair does not curl themselves, they should be slightly curled. Then apply the gel on the palm and squeezing the strands, to distribute it across the surface of the hair. Having achieved the effect of wet hair, you can simulate different partings and use all sorts of pins.

4. Elegant style with decorations. Make a side parting and a strand of hair near the brow fix pretty barrette. Another option would be securing a bang with the help of varnish on the level of eyebrows.

Owners of long hair can nolimit your imagination. At their disposal braids, braids, locks, tails, and various combinations thereof. And even just a loose and beautiful shiny hair can already serve as a decoration of the young ladies.

Also at their disposal all kinds of hair pins invisible from small to massive crabs, as well as hoops, ribbons and elastics.

But, choosing a festive hairstyle, girls are more likelyall prefer braids. Such hairstyles preferably done in beauty salons, but how to make beautiful braids to look at every day is a little bit more.

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Hairstyles for girls with braided braids

1. Openwork braid. The work is necessary to begin with the right side of the head. Grab three small strands and begin to braid their "backwards", ie hair lay underneath. The same is done with new locks. As a result, the effect is obtained that lies on top braid hair.

Braided a few strands, it is necessary to the edge of the spita little pull. This will give her openwork and volume. We continue to weave braid diagonally along the same lines, using new locks and periodically giving "openwork" Spit. The end of the spit secure with a rubber band.

This option is ideal for girls, where the hair is not so thick as the braid looks very bulk due to the edge of elongated strands.

2. Asymmetrical hairstyles for girls with braided in a ponytail with braids. First, you need to divide the hair parted even closer to the left ear. Assemble the right side of four identical tail and grab their band. Divide the two middle tail in half and connect them to the side in a checkerboard pattern with the help of elastic bands.

Then also divide the middle and tail, connectpart of it with the remaining two tails again and secure with rubber bands. As a result, there are two tail, of which weave braids and grab their rubbers. It turns out a kind of macrame hair. It looks original and beautiful, and you must weave a few minutes and minimal skills.

Hairstyles for girls - photos and tips

Finishing description hairstyle, you can onlyto recall that it is impossible to do with the children's hair. It is strictly forbidden to do a perm, coloring, highlighting, coloring, weaving dreadlocks and hair extensions.

Also, children should only be usedshampoos and other hair care products. To strengthen them, you can use infusions and decoctions of herbs, not ready-made hair masks that are designed for adults.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls must be each in its own case, and not to spoil the baby's hair.