Hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair every day with their own hands

Hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair every day with their own handsPerfect appearance - this is something to aspire toa woman at any age. At the same time, the hairstyle in this case assigned to is not the last role. Well, who does not want to look stylish and spend the least amount of time? Many mistakenly believe that to do different hairstyles for medium hair (with their own hands for 5 minutes) every day can only professionals who receive education and training. However, not all that difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Learn magic hair styling and hair can anyoneeverything, even those of the fair sex, who for the estate densely painted schedule of daily affairs can not afford to visit a barber shop and beauty salon.

What hairstyles for medium hair are popular today?

If you think that in order to create a masterpiece on the head requires a lot of free time, it is in vain. There are a myriad of hairstyles on medium hair with his own hands. 5 minutes per day (photo proves it once again), you can create a true work of art of hairdressing.
Surely the problem with the selection of hairstyles for girls withshort hair length usually does not occur. To achieve volume they usually there is no difficulty. However, to include fantasy, curls on medium length, you can try all sorts of variations emergency reincarnations.

Can be divided into two groups, all hairstyles for medium hair with your hands for 5 minutes (for each day). Incrementally perform:

• hairstyles with different twisting strands and beams;
• hairstyles based on weaving braids.

To obtain a satisfactory interesting result of transformation using the first method, it is necessary to elaborate on the consideration of the most popular and convenient types of hairstyles.

Hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair every day with their own hands

A variety of bundles

First, get famous and popular among women of any age group hairstyle for every dayIt is made in the Greek style. Make a packing hastily extremely simple. In addition, the Greek hairstyle fits perfectly for all women, regardless of face shape and hair length. Run the specified option will be possible only if there is intended for this purpose, the rim-gum. Step by step follow the below steps guarantees uncomplicated and pretty hairstyles.

Firstly, massive and must be separateda narrow strands in parallel with the hairline. At home in the barbershop or beauty salon image creation begins with this action. The resulting thin curl must be secured with rubber bands so that it does not interfere.

Secondly, the rim pre-prepared gumyou need a way to determine the volume of a hair, so that he could separate dedicated strand in the frontal area from the rest of the hair. Stacking is the alternate introduction of the strands under the rim. Further, all carried out by analogy with the first effect: the first turn to the front curls precedes accession not thick strands of loose hair. As a result, the next round will allow the strands surrounding gum look impressive. Hair to be executed that will be able to achieve complete closure gum hair, is considered the most appropriate and natural.

Hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair every day with their own hands

If we talk about children's hairstyles for mediumhair with his hands, for 5 minutes every day to school, you can do this hairstyle for girls of any age. Meanwhile, it is worth remembering that such a simple option when placing too short length of the hair is not used without the use of fixing means. Spray, mousse or foam to help prevent hair naughty, if you put something out of these funds during the execution of hairstyles at home.

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A further embodiment of the average daily stylingHair length is a stylish bun. They can look at their hair as an independent central element, and may be elements of hairstyles with wrapping. To quickly and nicely add to his modest femininity and charm, you must perform a series of the following:

1. To begin, gather ordinary classic ponytail, securing it with a thin, barely visible band, corresponding to the color of hair.
2. Next, you need to slightly weaker elastic and pull down, the tail should be free. Then all the hair in the tail split into two halves.
3. Between the two parts must pass through the tail so that the result of all steel neat hair.
4. The next step is to simply wrap the hair in the tail on the finger, as if creating a circle-the basis for the generated beam.
5. When the entire principal amount is twisted around the gum, the possessor of the beam can only fix it with the help of pins, align and make sure that it is located in the center. So, ready haircut at medium hair with your hands for 5 minutes per day (video on the network will perform all the steps correctly and enjoy the result).

Hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair every day with their own hands

The French braid is always current

We must now go to the hairstyles that areinherently contain kosopletenie. It has long been such styling gave young women. Today, popular are the classic options in the form of French braids, braided as the outside and inside. It is worth noting that the establishment of such a hairstyle requires certain skills. Independently braid French braid itself may not immediately happen, but if you work out a couple of times, prilovchilis, to pay for such creation of the hair does not have more than 5 minutes a day.

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The secret of the success and attractiveness of the spitis that the original and naturally it will look with the beams, which if necessary can even hide from prying eyes protruding ends. In addition, you can pretty quickly braid plait, started from the forehead and terminates in the circular beam. In the future, we need not have much time due to the development of technology implementation hairstyles for medium hair with your hands for 5 minutes. On each day the video tutorials will help you choose a method similar in braiding and are unique in appearance options pilings that none of the others will not be able to miss the constant updating appearance.

Hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair every day with their own hands

Hair on the loose hair of medium length

Quick and easy, you can create an image on the basis offlowing hair. If necessary, most of the girls collect hair in a simple ponytail - so they do not interfere with them to do anything during the day. But then we can not speak about diversity hairstyles with your own hands for medium hair. 5 minutes per day for children is also suitable next version of the hairstyle. To make a girl a stylish fashionista, you must:

• Separate the 5-centimeter strand similar to the rim of the forehead and the hairline, and then make a parting in the appropriate place.
• From the parting to the right and left temples need to weave French braids.
• If you do not perform traditional scythe, and using the original one-way netting, will be able to create the effect of the hoop on the head.
• From the temporal areas to the back tresses plaited into ordinary braids and record your favorite hairpin or a rubber band.

Choose the accessory you need so that it was combined with the overall style of the child. Add a variety of installation by changing the location of the parting and the method of braiding.