Hairstyles at home on long hair with his hands in steps

Hairstyles at home on long hair with his hands in stepsTo look elegant and unique, all the ladiesnot necessary to perform the original "make-up" or wear high heels. True naturalness and tenderness of the girls give hair. For centuries, their length is considered an indicator of femininity and beauty. Natural decoration given by nature, not every girl can properly dispose of. Illiterate installation or improper haircut can spoil the whole perfect image.
Surely, all of the fair sex want to be different every day, at the same time to spend on your own for at least the charm of precious time.

One of the main components of the attractive appearance of a woman, no doubt, is a hairstyle on long hair. AT home own hands with steps to do soand at all easy. If a little practice, one day spent on it no more than half an hour later each morning will be able to delight yourself and others in a new way.

Familiar to all beam

Among the most common options and pilingshairstyles for long hair, you can select multiple. Truly classic version, suitable for busy women on household chores or fashionable ladies who appreciate the simplicity and ease, this surround beam. Unlike ordinary analogue, this requires the involvement of more wide-gum bagel and several studs. Minute effort expended to allow look spectacular and impressive, even if creating the image of a business woman. To create this hairstyle on long hair with his own hands at home (with a step by step video tutorials on the net to make it even easier), you need to follow every step described below:

1. Gather hair into a high ponytail. Meanwhile, with the height it is important not to overdo it - on the top beam must not be in any case.
2. Tie it should be a great band, whose purpose will be to create an additional volume.
3. Separate several broad curls, previously to comb each season with a "bagel".
4. At the end of fix "design" pins or rubber band underneath tonkots hair color.

Hairstyles at home on long hair with his hands in steps

Luxury Falls

often affects men women manage it witheye-catching hairdos. None of the representatives of the stronger sex can not stand in front of a woman with a mop of long, luxurious hair. To achieve interesting and romantic result can be promiscuous, a falling waterfall. The beauty and simplicity of creating such a masterpiece on his head definitely ensures her that this evening it will be able to catch on myself more than one man's opinion.
formation hairstyles long hair at home (with their hands), step by step with photos quite simple, if you do the following series:

1. Divide the hair into two halves or oblique parting.
2. On the right side to make the classic version of the "waterfall." If the central parting - and then perform a waterfall on the left.
3. Free braid to the end can not dopletat, leaving a free long tail.
For everyday hairstyles this optionunblemished. If you have additional decorations, ribbons, pins, etc. "Waterfall" on the loose hair will look harmonious and elegant festive attire.

The original site on hair

Next hair - "node". It can be performed on not only the holders of long, but to medium hair. To the end result look perfect, you can use any means: foam, mousse or gel. "Node" of the hair is as follows:

1. Pre-causing hair clip, you need to comb their side.
2. Then the hair divided into two parts, which are then necessary to tie the knot.
3. Then make a knot again.
4. Get an original beam fasten bolts.

Hairstyles at home on long hair with his hands in steps

"Cascade" absolutely not fit this hairstyle with the girls. Create a packing can only be smooth, not jagged streaks, otherwise they will get out, get stuck and chaos on the head.

Babette or shell - options for all occasions

Babette - retro hairstyle on long hair (inhome with their own hands), step by step to perform that as it may seem at first glance, is quite difficult. Many saw interesting intricate styling confident that it is only the owner came out of the cabin by a professional. The meaning of hairstyles is to create additional volume at the crown.

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Further progress of the stacking is largelyIt depends on the thickness of hair. With rare for a full head of hair hairstyles should be used special cushion, while at the thick hair will be enough high-quality fleece. Just as in the previous case can not do without the locking foam or mousse.

For housewives wavy hair on the nature of "Shell" -the original and the most suitable option. Most of the women and young girls to believe that this is too simple hairstyle to go with her to work or to meet with friends, it is ideal for the home. Indeed, it is no big deal, and the technique of simple enough. However, if you include several professional strokes woman will look stunning.

Hairstyles at home on long hair with his hands in steps

1. comb at the back long hair, must be at the bottom, almost neck and tail to collect fix it colorless gum.
2. The tail should wring harness, lift up to the top and thoroughly fix the pins.
3. A couple of the front of narrow ringlets can be left free, outside the "shell." So hairstyle will look more stylish.
4. After laying not interfere strengthen varnish.

For girls with perfectly straight hair is available another version of the same hairstyle. Running it on to the same procedure, they will blow more smooth and sleek.

Braids for long hair: what can be?

By the way, you must note the fact that theworld extravagant and classic hair styling for long hair is the most common and frequently used item - it is spit. And we are not talking about kosopletenii as in Russian folk tales. On peasant lady modern women do not aspire to be like. On the contrary, a unique and exclusive - this is the motto of many modern women.

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One of these fancy designs on the head,which is based on the braid, it is the "Crown". Hairstyles for long hair at home with their own hands can even step through the teenager, so to say that it is - the last breath of stylists, it is impossible. For many decades it has successfully conquered the women, always rely on this simple, but the original styling.

• The entire amount of hair on the head must be split in half with the help of an oblique parting.
• divided into two parts, one to tie the tails, and then from each weave braid.
• Next, the ends of the finished braid is necessary to fix the opposite ear and secure with pins.
• Garnish, if desired, hairpins, woven tapes, etc.

Hairstyles at home on long hair with his hands in steps

This hairstyle on long hair at homeconditions with their own hands (step by step, with pictures perform the steps will be useful to anyone who makes it for the first time) like a scythe to the volume is impressive. However, many people think that to create such a masterpiece on the head is not possible. Mostly, it makes only women with thick hair, because it is a rare hair can not give the appropriate effect. Although, if you try, it is such a luxury can afford everything, regardless of the density of hair.

Knowing a little secret, the use of which will always be able to help out in the creation of additional volume on the head or large curlsThe problem of rare hair will disappear by itself. To hair seemed just tight, you need to put on it the foam, dried and combed, his head bowed down.

This lock should be sufficient to ensureto hair kept as long as possible. Now that all the locks are processed, it is necessary to divide them into two unequal parts. First of all you need to do more.

Hairstyles at home on long hair with his hands in steps

1. Before weaving braids need to make high-quality fleece.
2. Spit weave can be any (classical, French, etc.), regardless of the option chosen netting should stop before reaching the neck cavity.
3. At this stage it is necessary to include in the total amount of the remaining strand, the one lower part, as if turning sideways.
4. The end of the spit gum fix.
5. Each fragment is necessary to lower a little spit, carefully pull.
6. The final touch - lacquer fixing.

Whatever the chosen hairstyle for long hair at home with their own hands with a video-courses make it easy on the network. With a little effort, you can get the perfect result.