Features selection of paint for hair

Features selection of paint for hairModern girl likes to look well-groomed,effectively and attractively. An important contribution to the creation of a common pleasant way, of course, make the hair. If their color is produced, it is necessary to buy only high-quality paint. The quality is not only the beauty of the hair, but also their health.

If in ancient times, the Egyptian beauty, Greece and Rome were stained hair Only natural substances (often, henna and basma), the modern woman is much harder. The question arises, how to choose a hair color quality and practical.

What are the types of hair dyes

natural paint

It is precisely the very henna or Basma. Among the plants obtained powder coloring properties, which have tannins and essential oils. The advantages of such paints include, of course, a natural component. They not only color the hair, but to improve their appearance, strengthen. On the other hand, you can get a fairly limited range of colors: coppery auburn, red. All depends on the source of natural shade.

Important! Before you use a natural dye on your hair, it is necessary to test it on one curls. Sometimes you can get a completely unexpected and unpleasant results.

If the hair coloring was carried out by naturalcomponents, to the use of chemical dyes should take a few months. Otherwise known as the hair will react to such interference. Before beginning staining is also recommended to carry out a test on a single curl.

Chemical paint

Here, of course, there are shades of color for every tasteand desire. The paint made with a combination of hydrogen peroxide and various metals. It may be copper, lead or silver, other options. Chemical paint - it oxidants. That they have worked, you will need to pre-mix the dye and an oxidizing agent.

Features selection of paint for hair

To understand how to select a hair dye foreye color, you must look closely to what is written on the packaging. Plus, the best buy chemical dyes that are in consistency cream. They are easily applied to the hair, they are excellent paint over gray hair. I need to buy this type of paints, which does not contain ammonia.

Important! If the color is not like, do not worry. It is enough to wash your hair up to ten times, the paint is completely gone and has left no trace. When properly colored hair, you can create any hairstyle.

Physical paint

Washed off very easily, because it is not affected whenits effect on the hair keratin. this paint can not hide the gray hair, as well as completely change the hair color. On the other hand, it can be used successfully to correct your natural shade. On sale occurs in the form of foams, balms and shampoos with coloring effect. Here also it is necessary to choose the means without ammonia. This gentle staining procedure that does not alter the structure of the hair.

On the right choice

To begin, you must decide exactlypurpose, what color the hair. Someone needs to hide gray hair, someone decided to change the image, it would be desirable to disguise dramatically. The final color will depend on the initial hair color. much melanin and will be more difficult to dye their hair in the dark than light. But we must immediately prepare, that what is depicted on the packaging by the blend color from the real result will be exactly different.

Features selection of paint for hair

To sort out how to choose painthair line, especially the first time, can not do without the help of a specialist. Hairdressers are strongly advised not to change color dramatically from the first painting. This is a complicated process. Therefore, a single tone of hair can be changed procedure somewhere 2-3 division in one direction or another.

Important! After the hair dye to change the focus on the eyebrowsand eyes. After all, color of eyes and eyebrows perfectly exactly with the natural color. Therefore, deciding to change the image, you should definitely keep in mind these additional emphasis that should be paid attention to.

Features selection of paint for hair

In general, the right to choose their ownPaint the tone for a radical change of image will be quite difficult. Here to help professional advice. Not only does it tell you how to go to the color, which wants to get, but as this color will be combined with the type of skin, eyebrows and even eye color.