Pick up hair color for your image: stylish and well

Pick up hair color for your image: stylish and wellMany repaint the hair for many reasons. Some people are not satisfied with their natural hair color, while others like to experiment and to change the image, and some want to add shine and well-groomed look. Whatever the reason, it is important to be able to choose the right shade of hair. After a change of hair color is able to radically change the appearance, to emphasize eye color, facial contour, skin color.

Unfortunately, sometimes, due to improperly matched colors hair you can achieve the opposite effect: make wrinkles more noticeable, add a few years to his appearance and so on. So how do you choose the right hair color and to achieve the most effective results?

10 tips on how to choose a color for hair

Guided by a few simple tips, you can avoid the negative effects of hair coloring:

  1. If there is no white hair on his head, and in selectedcolor no certainty, it is best to purchase the unstable hair dye, which is quickly washed off and allows to disguise in a short time without damage to the hair;
  2. Drawing with color in the paint box is not just the color, which is obtained after staining. Therefore, you should always compare the color to special color palettes-samples;
  3. When choosing a hair color should befocus on skin tone, which in turn can either be warm or cold. Color veins on the wrist will help to determine the skin tone - if the veins are green, it has a warm skin tone, if the blue - the cold;
  4. When a complexion has become clear, it is possibleproceed to the choice of hair color. The lady with a warm skin tone will not fit too dark shades of paint for their stylists recommend shaved bronze, caramel and golden hues;
  5. To determine the color of hair, enough to remember yourself as a child. If a child has been a bright hair color, then it is likely that at an older age will approach this color;
  6. If natural hair color - chestnut, the staining in blond lead to the fact that the facial features become inexpressive. In this case, the win-win situation - highlights;
  7. If the complexion pale or pink tint, the red shade undeniably fit and will look very attractive and bright;
  8. If you want to hide the gray hair, you should pick up the paint ashy hue;
  9. To avoid pigmentation at the hair coloring and to obtain the desired end result, it is best to use the services of hairdressers, and not do it yourself;
  10. It is best to choose a paint color that would differ by 2-3 shades from the natural hair color;

What hair color for gray-blue eyes and fair skin

Gray-blue eyes - this is one of the most fascinating and mysterious hues iris. Owners of the same color eyes are very lucky, and well, when the overall image does not distract attention from the mysterious color. And if there is a desire to change something in appearance, even hair color, then how to choose a hair color to gray-blue eyes and fair skin?

Pick up hair color for your image: stylish and well

Among all the stylists isolated golden tones,honey and caramel shades of blonde. It is against the background of the colors gray-blue eyes looked most advantageous, and pale skin imparts aristocratic appearance. In order to diversify the way you can do milirovnaie using shades of red, or the color of milk chocolate. At best, the light will not ironed too long locks of hair, evenly colored on all hair. To create a truly harmonious way, consult a stylist who will not only give a lot of advice, and the right mix of paint to achieve the desired shade.

Hair color for green eyes

Pros green eyes that this color goes well with a variety of hair colors. About how to choose a hair color for green eyes, will be discussed further.

Pick up hair color for your image: stylish and well

Undoubtedly, the leading position is occupied by red colorthe hair because it is ideally combined with a green color. But to choose the right shade, a red color, and any other color, it should be, again, focus on the color of the skin. For light skin with pink cheeks and green eyes suit Brown hair color. This combination of colors give the image of a gentle girl blossoming peach. You can dilute the light brown color, using the technique of coloring, then the hair will look more lush and expressive, and his eyes green-eyed beauty acquires mystique.

Keep in mind that green eyes also have different shades. For example, if the prevailing tone olive eye color, one would excellent hair dyeing in rich chocolate or bronze color. Emerald eye color look good with dark shades. But do not rush to extremes and painted in charcoal black color, this combination will not bring good results.

Pick up hair color for your image: stylish and well

Never be afraid of change and experimentation. Even such a detail, such as hair color, can fundamentally change not only the appearance, but sometimes the quality of a woman's life. The most important thing - it is to examine this issue up and down and select exactly what fits the appearance.