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Correcting your posture

Almost everything that is on earth, we needbase support. We, too, because the human body structure is very complicated, we consist of such number of bones, muscles, nerves, etc., that it is hard to imagine. For us, this supports the function of the spin. Thanks to her, we can walk, sit, lie down, run, and do other work. Correctly posed posture allows us to make more high toned, graceful.

Correcting your posture

But that's not all. After all, it depends on our state of health. Firstly, the ability to keep your back can prevent a variety of pain caused by the displacement of the vertebrae or nerves hit between the vertebral discs. Secondly, it (bearing) allows the muscles to show what they are capable of. Therefore, they are utilized when needed, and when you can relax.

Learn to keep your posture is necessary from childhood. If you still slouch, then you can try some exercises that will help it to develop.

What is the cause of poor posture?

Our bones are formed, starting from the first daysbirth to 18 years. Most of us at one time ignored the senior notes, as to how we sit or walk. And now it turns out that the spine is bent and the back muscles are weak and do not allow us a long time to keep your back straight.

So we grew up and went to work. Most of all, we have to work a lot of sitting. No matter where, in front of a computer or behind the wheel. Here we go into the case so that it is absolutely forget about posture and hunching, print at high speed their reports, presentations, etc.

Poor posture can cause not only the stateback muscles and spine, but also psychological problems. Some experts believe that slouch are usually those who are shy, who feels insecure.

And that helps us to improve self-esteem? That's right, sports or dancing. By the way, it both helps to train the muscles and improve overall health. So today I want to offer exercises that will help make you stronger and correct posture.

Exercises for posture

In fact, develop and become more postureconfident not that difficult. In addition to well-known books on the head, you can try to do belly dancing. Not only did he develop sensuality, but also help to become more confident, learn how to keep your back straight and look divine. This applies to any dance.

In addition, there is a special system of exercises,which will help strengthen the muscles of the back. The only problem: they run on fitball. In general, you can buy quite a decent ball into the stores, it is within 1,000 rubles. And if you get on sale, and it is cheaper.

Today let's talk about exercise, "Plank" and itsmodifications. Plank on the ball is different from that performed on the floor. Firstly, there are free hand. Second, the greatest burden falls on the press and the back, as they have to keep the angle without support as such.

Option 1: "Superman." This is one of the most successful exercises to develop the muscles that support our spine. Technique is shown in Fig.

Correcting your posture

Option 2. Running out of the situation when you are standing on his knees and rests her hands on the floor. The ball in this case is beneath you. Here, all the movements are slow. Lift slowly the right arm and left leg. They should be straight. Hold for 20-40 seconds and then return to its original position. Repeat for the left hand.

Correcting your posture