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What will be fashionable coats spring 2016

Cloak is a wonderful option outerwearin the spring. But it was the fashion for coats is changing rapidly every year. It is not always clear whether last year's version relevant in the new season. You can already find the main trends in this direction for spring 2016!

All the fashionable coats spring 2016 will be indispensablething in a woman's spring wardrobe. This is a unique type of clothing, which many simply forgot. But the cloak is able not only to shelter from the wind, save the rain or the sun was hot spring. It makes a woman elegant and sexy, all emphasizing the dignity of the figure and veiling the possible disadvantages.

Light and airy

Looking more closely current collectiondesigners in the spring of 2016, you can make an unambiguous conclusion that the main application of the functional parts of the wardrobe has not changed. Fashion coats and jackets in the spring - it is light and airy model, they deftly envelop the female figure a light veil.

Of course, the complex offers its spring climate models of dense tissue. First of all, this trench. This season, the type of fabric elegantly combined with the Puritan classic clasp.

About clasps

Many models of raincoats for next spring does nothave buttons or other fastening elements visible. They are elegantly hidden and not visible to prying eyes, from what turns out the mysterious image. It encouraged a wide strap that can be attached smelled cloak.

If the buckle is visible, while stillissued and such models, most often it is represented by a button or a short zipper. Just not in vogue buckle the full length coat: for such a strong retro even modern designers have not yet come back. In general, it is recommended to wear coats in an open manner and fastened only at the bad weather. Let the sweet spring air caress the body and beautiful coat develops in the wind.


In many collections, especially consideringfashion coats 2016 photo for full, you can find options without collars and lapels. This is a pretty bold design decision, but it is intended to emphasize the curvy shape. In recent years, his form was made to hide under clothing, but spring 2016, everything changed. A woman should be natural and genuine, and the cloak without further distraction collar or lapel will focus on non-standard, but a beautiful and natural shape.

When finishing in the style of minimalism designersemphasize the individuality of things are interesting and special brim. For example, it may be asymmetrical cutout American gate shelves or rounded at an angle.

Many colorful embroidery

Classical models of spring coats, of course,still in vogue. But you can look at more than the original version, playful and at ease with bright embroidery. Noticeable embroidery adorn any product, but had not been accepted to do it on top of clothing. The designers corrected and now coats can be bought not only with an interesting pattern, but with different embroidery. It may be cute animals, flowers, or just abstract elements. Most importantly, the embroidery can make even the most business and the official cloak of light and a bit playful. What is needed for spring to look great, but at the same time, do not overreact.

Other designers have made in the classic raincoatssporty style. It's quite interesting models with a double clasp on large buttons of the sports waterproof fabric. Such models raincoats best to choose the girls who are not afraid to go for bold experiments.

Royal colors

Until a few years ago with the creation of actualCollections raincoats designers restrained his impulses add to the item of clothing brightness and diversity. But, in 2016, it seems to hold back no more strength. Therefore, you can find a lot of colorful models with interesting options for backing up. Such coats spring lift spirits and attract the eye, and what do you need a beautiful and successful woman?

Still in vogue white. This year alone, the designers have added to it more freshness and brightness. It looks nice combination of white with a silvery hue. Perhaps, then skips some motives of the Snow Queen, but no one said that the winter must pass the spring without a fight.

In general, fashion coats 2016 willdifferent variety. Designers offer a personal approach, therefore, there are many models to choose from. But apart from the blind following of fashion, you should always keep in mind your own taste. Just the sort of thing that is perfectly matched to the particular lady is beautiful, perfectly sit on it!