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Fashion coat Fall Winter 2016-2017: photo

Fashion coat autumn winter? 2016-2017Rain, sleet, and wind very soon becomeconstant companions of modern street fashionistas and fashionistas. Seeing the last warm days, you need to start now to prepare your wardrobe for the coming winter.

Special attention is required outerwear. After all, it protects the fragile girls, hurrying home from work in the arms of a loved one, from the harsh Russian cold trapping at every stop.

Buying fashionable coat autumn winter?2016-2017, she definitely will not lose. This model is the top of clothing - the real trend of the season in the collections of famous designers. There are many different models and styles present in the latest fashion trends, among which even the most picky fashionista necessarily be able to find yourself something to their liking.

How to choose a fashionable coat?

Among the most popular models of this season is especially identified such as:

  1. Coat.

The most fashionable coat autumn winter?2016-2017 - is, of course, half-length. This style should be a classic. Silhouette of a simple cut, no doubt, would be the best solution for the fashionista. As an optional accessory will look equally well as buttons and belt.

Fashion coat autumn winter? 2016-2017

Fashion stylists strongly recommendacquire an element of the wardrobe of every girl. Firstly, it can afford to miss any type of figure. And secondly, a simple cut perfectly conceals figure flaws, if any.

Coat is easy to combine with trousers, dresses and skirts. The main thing - skillfully pick shoes.

  1. Coat in military style.

Coats in the style of military leadership takesposition in the world of fashion is not the first season. This year, designers offer to the public a model with double-breasted collar, epaulets on shoulders, large buckles and others.

At first glance it may seem that such acoat has a strict view. However, it is not so. The girls in it look very elegant. Charm in the way of making additional accessories, which have already been said a couple of words somewhat higher.

  1. Long coat.

Coat maxi length - the new trend this season. At high girls, this dress will look just perfect. The cut at the same time must be fitted strictly on the figure. If the representative of the fairer sex does not have the model parameters, you should pay attention to the oversize model. It is the most fashionable bow autumn 2016, to which attention should be paid to women of fashion.

In order to complement its image, stylists recommend, in addition to the long coat, get a more extensive classic trousers and shoes with high heels.

  1. Coat with fur.

Being an ardent defender of wild animals - not todeny yourself the pleasure to wear clothes made of fur. Fashion coat autumn winter? 2016-2017 need not be made of natural materials. Equally well will look and models, made of artificial fur.

Of particular concern will be the coat of fur brightflashy colors - lemon, pink and acid. This outfit should be extremely cautious. From receipt of the extraordinary title of "ladies" among girlfriends, none of the girls are not immune.

Fashionable outerwear for complete

Choosing a coat for girls with forms, ispay attention to the warm shades. For example, shades of red (Bardo), orange, yellow, pink. With it all, even the most overcast day sparkle with new colors. If the lady prefers neutral colors, you should pay attention to such as mint, cinnamon, caramel and others.

Especially popular are fashionable coat autumnWinter? 2016-2017, made of different colored blocks. Due to this, the designers managed to expertly accents in the figure pyshnoteloy fashionista, so - to hide flaws and demonstrate their advantages.

At the peak of the popularity of the model with a print of divergent bands. This pattern allows to visually lengthen the body. The girl will look much slimmer.

Black and white color hardly occur incollections of fashionable designer clothing to complete. They are replaced by bright stylish models that have nothing to do with the fact that the proposed pyshnotelye beauties earlier. Particular attention is paid to the combination of red with dark shades. This is a time bomb in. In this outfit she feels like a real queen, despite the fact that around may not be the Kingdom of the wall, and the usual crowded bus.

Rules for the choice of stylish coats for ladies pyshnotelye

Due to the unlimited flight of fancyfamous designers, fashion coat autumn winter? 2016-2017smogut afford everything the fair female. Weight is not irrelevant. A well-chosen coat skillfully hide figure flaws.

The most fashionable is still a classic form-fitting coat. As decoration on them may be present such elements as:

  • embroidery;
  • curly line;
  • All kinds of accessories.

Also pay attention to models with furtrimmed. Natural fur or it will be artificial - it does not matter. But the application of the skin gradually superseded other contemporary touches. But if there is any unusual image, should not hesitate in buying. In this case, the presence of leather inserts will only plus.

Choosing fashionable clothes for a full, the girl will look good not only to short-cut models, but also models of the floor. This coat will add a feminine figure.

In order to make the waist more refined, is priobrestimodnye coat autumn winter? 2016-2017 with a belt. This item looks great both on the coat hem to the knee, and the length in half.

Choosing a spring coat

In the upcoming fashion season designers are ready to please fashionistas incredible number of different patterns and textures of clothing.

So, the most fashionable this spring to be:

  1. Coat with short sleeves.

This outfit is ever popular in the spring of 2017. With him, each girl will feel truly feminine.

To pass the most fashionable lady amonggirlfriends, you should definitely keep an eye on yourself such a model coat now. Total after some six months of its banal may not be in the store. In pursuit of the trend swept away from the shelves of boutiques literally everything.

Styles coat can be of three types:

  • straight;
  • fitted;
  • A-shaped.

Stylists recommend to choose the model suitable gloves in style. If the hose length is 3/4, should pick up the gloves up to the elbow.

  1. Coat with prints.

"Down with the traditional shades" - it is thisguided by the principle of fashion designers to create their collections. Flower pattern, abstraction and geometry - this and much more can be found in the stylish models of outerwear for women.

Spring and summer - the perfect time tofeel your oneness with nature, picking up some bright print coat corresponding sunny weather. Flashy colors are able to draw attention to the girl on the street once or twice. It should be extremely careful when going in that outfit for a walk with her friends. Girls in the more modest outfits will certainly be very angry that they are not now in the spotlight.

  1. Shiny coat.

Walk in a shiny coat in the upcoming trendyseason it will be possible not only in San Francisco - the city in the style of disco - but also cozy streets of any other city. The designers made sure that the girls are accustomed to always be in the spotlight, did not change its principles. The coat of shiny fabric lady will be difficult not to notice.

When choosing accessories to it, you should payattention to something more neutral. The main rule is stylishly dressed girl - bright part (in this case, the coat itself) should be the one, or outfit can turn into a sheer tastelessness. For rainy weather do not forget to pick up high-quality rubber boots.

  1. Coat-capes.

This style is familiar to women of fashion "with the experience." Such a model will become a thing of must-have in the spring wardrobe. It is perfectly cope with a jacket or coat functions, emphasizing the femininity of the fair women.

Coats, capes combine well with the shoes in the ethnic style. The same goes for the choice of skirts or dresses underneath.

What shoes to wear a coat?

The choice of shoes for fashionable coats autumn winter?2016-2017osnovyvaetsya on one simple rule - the higher the hem, the higher should be the bootleg. For example, with a cloak best harmony boots or low boots on a small heel. If the weather promises to be warm, it is necessary to wear closed shoes.

Giving preference to coat the floor, it should be combined with boots or low boots. This coat should always be undone.

From above the knee length coat can be worn mostvarious models of shoes. It is necessary to take into account the length of the dress, which is under him. For the onions with a coat and skirt to hip-midi ideal boots. If the skirt is flared, to complete the image is put on boots, stockings.

With a very short coat boots will look quite harmoniously. They may be on the platform, and in general without a heel.

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When choosing shoes for fashionable coats autumn winter? 2016-2017vazhno consider not only the length but also the style. In this case, the following rules:

  1. In tandem to the close-fitting flared model should choose boots stilettos.
  2. Alternatively, you can choose heels ankle boots with a heel-cone.
  3. With straight coat combines conventional shoes or the boots low heel.
  4. To coat in military style shoes requires particularly careful selection of all depends on the clothes worn by the bottom.
  5. Under the fur coat is put on leather shoes with the same color fur trim.
  6. Also, designers recommend to combine with a coat of fur boots, stockings suede.
  7. For cashmere coat suitable suede shoes - the image will turn out incredibly comfortable and feminine.
  8. When combined with a coat-cocoon looks perfect shoes without heels, stockings and boots.
  9. For outerwear in oversize style suit sandals or sneakers (for the warm season) and boots, stockings (for colds).
  10. Classic black boots fit almost any coat except daring shades models.

How to choose shoes the color of the coat?

Fashion coat autumn winter? 2016-2017 sometimes have a very unusual color. Fashionistas will have to work hard to pick up a pair of outer clothing in accordance with its color.

Stylists offer the following tips:

  1. With a coat of brown suede shoes combine the color of melted milk, turquoise, and others, in addition to brown.
  2. Choosing a coat turquoise to it should pick up shoes in black suede.
  3. It is also in tandem with purple boots will look great model shoe magenta and purple shades. This is one of the most fashionable colors of the fall season.
  4. To suit coat red color shoe models of dark chocolate - it is truly the most that neither is the royal combination.
  5. With lemon-colored coat should be extremely cautious. It is advisable to prefer shoes silver, black or purple suede.
  6. For the coat of crimson color is also suitable black suede shoes. But from the blue model should be abandoned. These two contradictory colors look in a single image.
  7. For black coat is not necessary to pick up the same black shoes. On the contrary - it must be bright.
  8. To fit the top blue blue bottoms same, but with a black sole.
  9. With white coat looks good shoes and a red cherry color.
  10. With a purple coat combine classic black bottom.

Regardless of what color ischosen shoes, most importantly, to match the weather conditions outside. In pursuit of fashion is not worth sacrificing their health, putting in frost completely winter boots. Moreover, a wide selection of shoe models makes it easy to choose the best option for anyone, without exception, fashionable coat autumn winter? 2016-2017, focusing on current trends.