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Trendy boots winter 2016-2017

fashion boots winter 2015-2016What women can choose for themselves a fewhours? Many would say that it is a dress or lingerie, but in fact every woman is very difficult to choose winter boots, because you must take into account several criteria to select the perfect shoes. When the girl saw in the window of beautiful boots, she certainly wants them to try on their legs and admire yourself in the mirror.

Thanks to designers who each yeartry to fill the beautiful models of boots shelves, make your choice is becoming more difficult as the number of beautiful models staggering.

Few pick up beautiful shoes, because winter bootsmust be even and of good quality, to warm in the cold and snowy days. Footwear must meet the latest fashion trends, so that a woman could feel stylish and confident. That is why you need to consider fashion boots winter 2016-2017 with photos women to choose the most stylish for your image.

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Boots on the heels

Many people prefer to buy boots finestud exclusively for the autumn time, but they are still relevant for the winter. Girls abandon this model, as they often do not know how to walk confidently on thin heels and feel because of this discomfort. If a woman is fully confident that even in the ice can run at such high heels down the path, then you should definitely treat yourself to this model of shoes for the winter. Such boots will make women more elegant legs and help add to the growth of a few centimeters not only due to his heels, but also the fact that the boots visually make the legs longer.

The ice on thin heels are not alwaystravel will be comfortable and safe, and that is why the majority of women refuse this variant Winter boots. For women, having a curvaceous fit boots on a hairpin, but the slender ladies can buy high boots.

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fashion winter boots 2016

Boots on a thick-heeled

If you do not know what to wear leather skirt, this model of boots will be a hit, in conjunction with it.

This model of women's boots fit perfectlyall, because this shoe heel is very stable and easy to use. Even women with non-standard shapes can acquire for himself a model of shoes and look great in them. Particularly advantageous such boots will look at women with excess weight, because they help add a few centimeters of growth that will pull the silhouette, make the hip is slightly higher, and hide the excess amount of foot. But to shoes on a wide-heeled shoes sitting on the right leg, it is necessary to buy a model with a wide top.

These boots perfect for longwalks, so if a girl loves a lot of walking boots are perfect for her. Due to the high wide-heeled shoes will not get wet even in heavy rain, and it does not get bogged down in the mud, as often happens with the models at the hairpin. If we consider the collection presented in the shops, you can see that the models on a wide-heeled more than boots on a hairpin. If you choose the right cover of the sole, the woman can be sure that no slip in the ice.

fashion boots Winter 2015-2016 photo

fashion winter boots

Boots without heel

It should also consider the option offashion boots fall winter 2016-2017 women photos without a heel. Of course, you can choose the model and at a very low heel, but women generally prefer to pick up for the winter is a model without heels. Due to the fact that there is no heel boots, they are more stable and comfortable, and therefore, she is better able to keep the balance in the ice, and traction will be better, since the entire surface of the sole in contact with the road. Actually these models combined with bright skirts, for example, coral skirt will be most welcome!

Such models of winter boots willirreplaceable, if a woman has long walk on the street or just walking in the working hours. It is not necessary to use flat shoes only for exercise or walk, because today women represented a very wide range of models with low heels or without him, so everyone can choose for themselves the boots for evening or business dress.

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Wedge Boots

Boots Wedge or on a low platformIt has long been a hit in the winter. The platform helps to keep an excellent stability even in the ice, and this shoe brings discomfort. These models are designed specifically for women who want to combine comfort and beauty together, and boots with wedges will be a perfect choice for this.

You can review and fashionable boots autumn winter2016-2017 photo women on the platform. They are quite different from the model Wedge, as do not look so elegant, these models are more rough on the exterior. Since fashion is now creating more and more new direction, and boots on the platform concerned these changes. Now, these models make it more heavy and brutal, but it is better platform helps to warm your feet in winter.

Hessian boots

Probably, at each women's forum can be seen,the girls discuss with each other, whether to buy boots this winter, because some believe this stylish shoes, others are too vulgar. Each on this occasion there is a personal opinion, but the designers have decided that this season of winter 2016-2017 year, it boots stand on top of the popularity of winter boots models. The stores have presented a variety of models Treads made of suede or genuine leather, and they can be of different shapes and colors. But before you buy the boots, is to consider what would be the top, it is better to prevent the jacket or coat is not too overloaded with details. Surprisingly, this winter will be popular red boots for brides. Yes yes exactly! Already relegated to the background the gentle image of the bride, and relevant steel fateful transformation. If you have a wedding in a red color, and dress shortened front - then such a model Winter 2016-2017 shoes for you!

Boots, stockings

Boots, stockings became the trend of the new season, theyFinally, once again returned to the top of its popularity and gained the attention of women in the winter season. These models of shoes entirely adhesive qualities leg. That is why these boots are recommended to wear girls with slim legs, but if the girl is too thin or plump legs, it is best not to choose for themselves such a model, it only allocate excessive thinness or bulk feet.

The designers decided to experiment in newseason and create the unusual models with an interesting accent color and material to shoe boots. Boots, socks fit most women who love to experiment, but for the most daring fashionistas in the collections presented boots, more like conventional stockings, worn over sandals.


These boots are different from conventional models thattheir ankle is wide and straight form. If you choose the right material from which they are made, it will be possible to create a rigorous way for the working day or an image close to of casual, boots are preferable to buy young and stylish girls. These models have a very big advantage - they can hide all the flaws legs and accentuate their slenderness.

If she suddenly decided that she hassmall flaws in the legs - they seem to be crooked, too fat or thin, they do not have beautiful shape, these boots are perfect pipe, as will hide all the flaws, it is necessary to already have reached the ankle to the knee, but not above.

Heel shape

If a woman gives her preference to winterboots with heels, it is not necessary to pick up shoes in the classic heel, because the designers have long been coming up with unusual shapes and materials for their manufacture. Very often, even simple-looking boots will look interesting and stylish, thanks to the design of the right heel. Many designers have decided to create heels winter shoes in gold tones, with the boots themselves can be black, red, orange or purple, gold heel perfectly combined with a chamois cloth. Also on offer can be seen on a transparent heel boots.

fashion winter boots

Geometric figures

In winter 2017 actual use of variousgeometric shapes for decorating the heel or the toe of winter boots. For example, a heel can have an unusual shape and interesting design. Not always the heel is just a geometric shape, designers can make heel in the form of a bird or a lion, it is very important the upcoming winter.


Latex shoes do not go out of style either in thisseason or next. This latex has an attractive appearance and is quite durable material. But before you choose for themselves latex model, you should consider some things. To start a shoe can be selected only women who have not yet turned forty, as latex adds age and vulgarity image. Also, girls with short legs or short stature is better to abandon such winter models.

Space in the details

In the coming season, will be most welcomespace theme in the boots. The designers were able to create the most incredible model of heels and some boots and all were deprived of the heel, but it did not lose its stability.

Winter boots in space subjects look original, unusual and stylish. To create new models use pompoms, metallic colors, a variety of insertion.

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Fur boots

Models decorated with natural orfaux fur out of fashion for many years in a row. These models look very nice and expensive. This winter boots with fur trim basically have tankette or a small heel, but more often selling boots on a flat sole. Such footwear is warm, but caring for it is quite complicated, since fur is often dirty and must be cleaned and dried.

No matter what kind of girl will choose for themselves a model of boots, because the designers have tried to make each model was fashionable and stylish. Trendy boots winter 2016-2017 year will suit absolutely everyone!

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