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Coats 2016-2017 year: fashion trends

With the onset of the coldest period of the yearfall-winter, fashionable women are paying special attention to the selection of outerwear, because in many cases it is this thing in the wardrobe becomes the "face" of the whole image as a whole. Despite the fact that designers offer interesting styles of jackets, coats - a must have for every woman, because as soon as the image of the coat makes a woman truly luxurious, attractive, seductive, and emphasizes all the advantages of a female figure. What designers offer fashion trends for 2016-2017, the coat?

Coats 2016-2017 year: fashion trends

Perfect coat - it is not only to comply with thewith fashionable over time. It is also a combination of versatility, practicality, coupled with thoughtful cut, suitable for the form of the figure, as well as cloth and carefully thought-out details that will be in harmony with each other. How not to get lost in the fashion trends on the coat of the year 2016-2017 (photo)? We will help you to understand what kind of coat will meet all the specs of the very, perfect coat.

Coat oversayz

Oversayz - it means the product made in this style should not encircle the figure, but rather should look as if you specifically purchased a thing in a couple of sizes too big.

oversayz Coat densely occupied its position oncatwalks of the world, and it's not just a fashion trend of the year 2016-2017, and fashion trends of previous seasons, too. The most relevant now such styles as coat-cocoon coat silhouette with the A-free cut. It is also recommended that women of fashion to look at the model without any details and to those who have large and bulky pockets or sleeves or collars.

Even the bottom of the fashion trends in the development of a coat2016-2017 for women - is a sleeve with a complex brim. It is this development helps to round off the line of shoulders, because the coat-oversayz looks neat and beautiful, not like a sack.


Classic coat again back in vogue. It is suitable for everyday wear as well as for office meetings, and for more festive occasions. Wearing the classics, you will always remain in trend.

The greatest demand in the current seasoncoat with two sides, a rectangular or a cut in the form of a trapezoid. Choosing classics preferences in colors, too, should be close to the classics - black, white, beige. With regard to the length of the outer clothing of this style - it's up to mid-calf.

For fashionable coat can pick up a nice fashionable bag 2016-2917 year!

The coat-cape

More original will look coat, poncho, cape, coat, shawls and coats, capes.

Due to this diversity of coat-capes, you can choose a cloak for any style and a classic, and for sports, and by the evening.

Very popular coats, capes, who do not have sleeves. However, about the versatility and practicality of such a product can be forgotten.

Short coats

For a short coat that is completelymatch fashion trends 2016-2017 year include such products with a length above the knee. It is a good alternative for those who can not imagine their wardrobe without jackets. If we talk about the cut of a coat, the most relevant coats, jackets, coats jackets, double-breasted coat. Varinat will most successful if the coat is completely without fastening buttons either on (and should be in a minimum amount).

Long coat

As paradoxical sounds, but on a par withshorter coat in the trend of the season and also extended his coat. After all, designers are trying to please virtually everyone, and make it possible to select each of fashionable veshchichek. Choosing a long coat, it is important to make sure that it was as simple as possible, because the emphasis here is made on the length of the product, rather than on the decor or the form that in the context of this model would have a clear enumeration.

Coats in the style of grunge

Trends 2016-2017 are back togetherwith many favorite coat in the grunge style. Products in this style absorb the weight of the most seemingly incongruous. This may be a fur trim boards in the mix with expensive lace and leopard print with kapron inserts. Grunge style for those fashionistas who are accustomed to stand out from the crowd and surprise.


In 2016-2017, the designers decided to payattention to horizontal, vertical and rombovuyu line, do not forget to put on these methods stitches experiments. It is because of the fact that such a coat does not look like the standard jackets, they are gaining popularity especially in the current season. For these coats can pick up even silk scarves and wear them, along with refined products that will not look ridiculous or absurd.

What color coat are fashionable in the 2016-2017 year

An important role in fashion trends 2016-2917 year, if we talk about the coat, and playing more color and prints.


Fashionable this autumn will Tacna cell. And then it does not matter how this cell Buda is located and what color it will be. Of course, the more interesting - better and more original. You can also select those models that combine a combination of different cells. It remains popular and Scottish cage, and the famous pattern of Burberry.

The color coat

For one of the most fashionable trends coat2016-2017 year include floral gamma. However, here the designers decided to experiment by offering floral coat in the form of furniture and interior designs monograms. Such a coat specially sewn from saturated colors, so that it looked luxurious.

animal prints

Many argue that animal prints for a long timeout of fashion, and now it's more moveton than luxury. But, in the 2016-2017 season they again gaining popularity. In addition to standard animal stains, designers offer coats that are painted in different colors: purple, yellow, red, blue. These colors, which is not characteristic of predators by nature, is sure to attract the gaze of others.

Warm colors

The gloomy autumn, which now and then gives the gray days- That is no reason to succumb to routine. His days can be saturated, if you choose the same color. Saturated red, yellow, blue, neon colors will give a little heat in the series of cold autumn days.

In pursuit of fashion trends, it is important to remember,that the priority is always the individuality of style and personal preferences fashionistas. If you never went coats, ponchos, and then chase this fashionable trend is not necessary, because the fashion trends on the coat of the year 2016-2017 presented is the real variety of colors, shapes and styles. Each woman will be able to choose for themselves the most ideal and fashionable coats!

Enjoy the shopping!