Fashion Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017

When approaching the date of the annual calendarthe first autumn day, any woman begins to closely review the their autumn-winter wardrobe. Undoubtedly, the focus in this case, is given a different outerwear, but no less important is the question regarding the shoes. After all, the subject of women's wardrobe completes any way chosen by us and emphasizes style and impeccable taste of the owner. That is why the choice of shoes should be approached responsibly and to review relevant proposed by designers, fashion trends.

What shoes will be in vogue in the autumn of 2016?

Undoubtedly, this year's catwalks offera fairly wide selection of fashionable footwear. A variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials make it possible to choose a pair that fit a woman with any taste. No matter, whether you like or prefer the classics-the-art trends, the world's designers have decided to meet the preferences of all styles and to realize the most courageous decisions. This hallmark of fashionable shoes of the coming autumn-winter season is practical moderation.

Trends shoe collection autumn-winter 2016-2017

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - Acute nose

This type of footwear can be safely attributed to the currentFavorites. Fashion trends are practically not touched their modeling, so appearance is almost the same. Of course, some models captured some additional decorative elements, but mostly shoes with pointed toe differs familiar classics and simplicity.

In addition, quite actively developing fashionshoes with pointed toe flat to lower course, which is often found in the current collections of Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Marni, Kenzo and Giorgio Armani. And Kenzo and Marni did not stop at shoes and created a model of boots, which have a high comfort. Constant sharp toe and low, almost imperceptible, heel along with a miniature pin attached to this kind of special charm shoes and, of course, ease.

fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017

And, despite the lack of an elegant highHeel, these models look all the same style and are extremely comfortable. What makes them very popular in the daily life of modern women.

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - Platform

Another trend, which differ in the currentfashion trends of the season autumn-winter 2016-2017, is quite remarkable platform. Such models can be seen in the collections of Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Maison Margiela, Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs.
Given that avid fashionista in no hurrypart with the heel, the designers were able to create a model that, in spite of the bulky platform, look very elegant and at the same time are more resistant. Besides, she does not look gray sole and trite. There is also seen a striking fashion ingenuity. Shoes on the platform this fall 2016 impresses with its variety of shapes, colors and unusual additions.

What shoes will be in vogue in the autumn of 2016

Well, those who are in a hurry to impress others with their originality, designers offer shoes with hypertrophic platform heel and rather cumbersome, reaching sometimes 20 cm.

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - Square heel

In the 2016-2017 season, the designers managed to makeheavy and stable heel one of the trends. From the hottest models in the autumn in 2016 - heeled shoes on a rectangular or trapezium-shaped heel, contrasting with the color of the shoes.

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - Rough shoes

Continuing the theme of military and grunge, whichproved to be very popular this year, designers have decided not to give up these styles in their homes fashion. Footwear collection autumn-winter 2016-2017 fashion designers many literally replete with coarse shoes with a heavy corrugated soles, supplemented by coarse rivets, lacing thickened and other details.

At the same time, the guru of the fashion industry could beatimage with these models so that the freely hanging in the women's ankle, these shoes became emphasize the fragility and the incredible femininity girl. Particularly impressive rough boots look great with cardigan or a light, almost airy, dress. The designers themselves are advised to look at this shoe more closely. After all, thick sole and practical cut make these shoes over comfortable and even indispensable in rainy weather.

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - Treads

What shoes will be in vogue in the autumn of 2016

Another current trend is the fall-winter season2016-2017. Leather, patent leather, suede - fashionable boots will be any plan. Moreover, there are also models are so high that look more like pants than shoes.

Shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017

And this metamorphosis Treads does not end there. Even the outsole there can be any: how to go completely flat, and at a fairly high-heeled shoes. And if before such footwear could wear only a very brave girl, now the boots become actual, practically everywhere. Along with boots, stockings, these shoes will be the place even in the office. Well, you can wear boots with very short skirts, shorts and dresses midi.

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - Fluffy slippers

Indeed, the designers imagination knows noborders. Caring for the maximum comfort of the fair sex, designers offer to put shoes on them in comfortable slippers with fur. Especially succeeded in creating such a polushutochnoy shoe fashion house Fendi. Along with the trend platform, these models have fur extraordinary comfort. The main thing - to explain, then, others, such slippers are a new hit, and not the subject of unfortunate forgetfulness when leaving the house.

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - Chelsea

In pursuit of the desire to anything not to givemen, women, gradually, they adopt and style of shoes. Lofer Comfortable, convenient Monk and even classic oxfords - all this, of course, is popular with modern representatives of the fair sex. But exclusive favorite of the season are Chelsea, who are particularly well with a business suit or ordinary trousers.

Actual materials when choosing shoes

In addition to the usual leather and suede, are becoming popular this season: patent leather, velvet, leather reptiles (reptiles) and flexible plastic.

reptile Skin

Quite popular this material has appeared incollections of Dries Van Noten, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Saint Laurent. Various boots and boots, literally, transformed with such a material. Moreover, not only the surface decorated with the shoe, and the heel itself. With this acceptance, the model does not look boring and very modern.

As to the color, then Chloe ?, Erdem and Givenchy shoes offer a natural characteristic of snakes coloring.

fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017

Roberto Cavalli and Saint Lauren prefer fashionable embossed snake skin shade, exceptionally, golden hue.

And the house of Nina Ricci - introduced such shoes in classic black.

Shoes Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Transparent shoes

Material of this kind is quite commonin summer models. But in the cold season, designers offer to put on something totally transparent. Although such a combination, at the mention, many seem ridiculous fashion designers were able to prove that the transparent shoes can be stylish in any variations, starting with shoes and ending with high winter boots.

fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017

patent shoes

The material of such a plan had prettydifficult from the very beginning of its creation. So, despite the fact that the production technology patent leather appeared about two hundred years ago, releasing it only in the 40s of the last century, and the demand was only in the 60s. alternating with moments of mega popularity and unflattering long lull, lacquered shoes again gaining a niche in the fashion catwalks. Moreover, designers are strongly advised to buy a pair of patent leather boots, ankle boots and other footwear is in this season.

fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017

Velvet shoes

Fashion trends autumn-winter season 2016-2017presuppose the existence of velvet in the wardrobe of this fashionista. Moreover, not only clothing, but also in the shoe. And let such a material rather fussy, afraid of moisture and dirt, dramatic texture and color saturation make velvet favorite cold season shoes.

fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017

Actual colors

The main condition for the selection of color fall-winter season - shoes should attract attention.


fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017

It is popular in the past, metallic huenow he is playing with new colors. Now he seemed to fill the entire space of the shoe, causing it to literally shine. It does not matter, it's shoes or boots, metallic hue is one of the most important collections in footwear autumn-winter 2016-2017.

fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017

Animal print

Such coloring too, is hardly a novelty, butNow it appears in all its glory. Covering not only the top of the shoe and the heel itself, the animal print is invited to submit its possessor of this modern predator.

collection of shoes fall 2016

Upholstery prints

No cost fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017 andwithout interesting innovations. So, quite popular steel colors that mimic the upholstery or embossed wallpaper. This unexpected decision looks pretty stylish.

Fashion trends in decor

Here too there is a place to roam. Affordable designers were able to satisfy the tastes of all women: from elegant frills, lacing up rough - every fashionista will be able to find her, cherished, a pair of shoes.


To look really fashionable, it is necessary to look at the models that laces up the entire length boots (boots, etc.), up to the sock.

This model has become very popular JohnGalliano, who emphasized the beneficial usual boots by said lacing. And despite the fact that the shoes with the décor is very reminiscent of a corset, outwardly it looks pretty stylish, even elegant. Well, given that this model only emphasizes the slender legs of its owner, lacing gaining a niche in the list of the autumn-winter trends.


It is extremely practical part of the shoe,designed to fasten it on the leg strap is now appears in a new light. Now it can be located anywhere and in any quantity from a pair of buckles on the sides, up to dozens of mini-straps around the entire foot. In any case, whatever the choice fell, any version of the strap now in the trend.


Fans of romantic style can nowrejoice. Ruffles and frills have ceased to be the prerogative only of clothes and took their place in the decoration of shoes. Shoes such a plan was a real discovery of the season autumn-winter 2016-2017.

fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017

And that's just the main points, which will bedifferent fashion shoes fall-winter 2016-2017. In any case, they will help sort out the abundance of the proposed shoe manufacturer to choose a couple of really fashionable, and, really, comfortable boots, ankle boots shoes, etc. The main thing - keep in mind, at the same time, the golden rule of well-known designers, "moderation is the key factor when choosing a shoe trend of the season 2016-2017."