Air dessert with caramel in 40 seconds

Air dessert with caramel in 40 seconds

Ingredients (for 4 small form):

2 protein
1 tbsp. l sugar
2 tbsp brown sugar


1. Beat 2 egg whites 1 tablespoon Sahara. Beat until peaks strong blender.
2. Article 2. l. cane sugar and 1 tbsp. Water heated in a dipper, boil the syrup until the stage of "soft ball". Small fire - about 15 minutes.
3. Pour into molds a little caramel. Fill mold beaten egg whites.
4. In the microwave for maskimalnuyu power - 40 seconds!

Turn the mold, caramel beautiful islands on the spill. Cool before serving.

Here is the recipe allows you fancy a rest - instead of the caramel, add the chopped chocolate, syrup, jam, fruit puree, dried fruit, honey ...