Types of Hair Removal

What woman does not dream of smooth beautifullegs, and methods for the realization of the dream a lot. But which one to choose, so as not to harm the skin and to have a great result. This tells healingandbodywork.

Methods of temporary hair removal

Almost every woman before making hair removal in the salon, tried to imagine all sorts of people, or simple methods of removing unwanted hair. There are several:

  1. Discoloration - all hairs after this methodthey do leave, but some of them will disappear for sure, and the rest will become brittle, discolored and they will not be visible on the skin. Brighteners is recommended to use, if sparse hair. The principle is that a drug applied to the skin and wash off after a while. As hydrogen peroxide used drug with several drops of ammonia. You can also use perhydrol. Before that, it is stirred with water in a ratio of 1:10. From this mixture necessary to make packs for two hours daily. Course - 4 days.
  2. Shaving - the most commonly used method, itIt allows you to get rid of the hair in a matter of minutes, but it has a significant drawback - it requires regularity. For most women shave their body areas with unwanted hairiness more often than once a week. A few hours after shaving the skin appears barbed bristles, which is not very happy. Before you shave your skin, you need to soften its foam or shaving gel. It is desirable to hold the razor against the hair growth, so the procedure is carried out qualitatively. After shaving, the skin should be rinsed with cold water, which closes the pores, and then smear with cream.
  3. Cream - they recommend that women who are contraindicated to experience pain, such as pregnant women. Creams can be processed only thin hair.
  4. Elekroepilyatory - they pull out hairs asTypically, only the legs to the knee, because the higher threshold increases and do hair removal becomes almost unbearable. Among the shortcomings - can deploy the direction of hair growth, and they grow into the skin. Before the procedure is recommended to cool the skin, then feeling less painful.


One of the oldest types of hair removal, makes itusing a wax or resin. Recently increasingly popular hot wax to him the procedure less painful, than cold. Typically, hot wax is removed excess hair from the bikini area and underarms. Wax is necessary to impose on the hair growth, and clean - against. Before and after the procedure, be treated skin lotion that contains alcohol. And strike after wax lotion that slows hair growth.

procedures Pros:

  1. You can make women with all skin types.
  2. Allowed to make pregnant.
  3. You can do at home.
  4. Not expensive.
  5. The speed of execution.
  6. It can be used on any part of the body.
  7. Hair grows more pale and weak.

Disadvantages bioepilyatsii:

  1. Severe pain during epilation.
  2. Effect lasts a maximum of a month.
  3. To repeat the hair removal is necessary to wait until the hair has fully grown to a certain length.
  4. Perhaps ingrown hairs.
  5. When stimulation is not recommended on the skin.

Option bioepilyatsii - enzyme. Please put on your skin preparations that contain enzymes, and wrap termobandazhom skin. Few hold and make the hair removal wax plates. This hair removal is not as painful as a wax, but it lasts longer and can cause allergic reactions. In addition, on the face of it you can not do, it is contraindicated for pregnant women and those suffering from colds and inflammation.


Electrolysis - one of the first procedures,which began to offer women in the salons. It is thus: when a needle penetrates the electric charge in the hair follicle and destroys it - and result in hair dying, and no longer grows. If you are thinking of doing this procedure yourself, go only to the well-proven master.

procedures Pros:

  1. You can make women of all skin colors.
  2. One of the least expensive salon treatment for removing hair.
  3. Ingrown hair is not seen.
  4. You can get rid of the problem.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  1. It is painful.
  2. Requires several steps, hair is processed, only those who are in the stage of active growth, as a result, the whole procedure takes a lot of time.
  3. Cases and complications, such as irritation, swelling, minor burns. The skin can become discolored.
  4. There are a lot of contraindications, such as pregnancy, diabetes, skin diseases, and others.

Laser Hair Removal

This method of removing unwanted body hairquite recently he appeared, but has already gained its fans. The method is quite simple, the expert suggests skin laser beam that enters the hair follicle and destroys it. The laser is directed to melanin - a substance which is dark hair.

procedures Pros:

  1. It does not cause pain.
  2. The skin is not damaged, and therefore does not remain scars, and bring no risk of infection.
  3. During one session, you can work on a large area of ​​skin, so the procedure does not take very much time.
  4. If the skin is bright and dark hair, hairiness will be gone forever.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  1. Good method helps women with dark hair, blondes do such a procedure is useless.
  2. The high cost of the procedure.


This method is based on the effect of heat and light on the human scalp. the hair follicle is destroyed by flashes of light beam.

procedures Pros:

  1. Compared with the previous salon treatments, epilation practically painless.
  2. Suitable for women with nekontrastiruyuschey skin and hair.
  3. You can take on the most sensitive areas of the body: face, bikini area and underarms.
  4. No ingrown hairs happen.
  5. The effect of the procedure is maintained for five years, and in some cases even lifelong.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  1. Not effective procedure gray hair and very light, and dark skin.
  2. There are complications in the form of swelling and redness.
  3. The high cost of the procedure.


In this way, the hair follicle is destroyed by the action of the current and the light pulse. On the surface of the skin affected by a flash of light.

procedures Pros:

  1. No pain.
  2. Hair does not grow.
  3. After the procedure, you can just sunbathe.
  4. Suitable for all hair types.
  5. Side effects are absent.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  1. In order to achieve the result you need to go through several procedures, the lighter the hair, the more of them.
  2. It removed a large amount of hair, but not all.
  3. The high cost of the procedure.

Hair Removal ultrasound

This hair removal is carried out using the equipment andgel. First skin depilating using wax. Then, a special gel is applied and sonicated. The result is that cell division slows down. Gel adversely affects only those follicles that are in active growth, therefore have to spend several sessions. Full results can be seen year after the procedure.

procedures Pros:

  1. You can remove the light and thin hairs.
  2. Low cost and availability.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  1. Not only destruction of the follicle, but also the neighboring cells of the skin.
  2. It does not recommend the use of this method in the bikini area.

Whichever method you choose, customizable,procedures will have to perform a few. It is better to start a fight with excess hair in the cold season, and then in the summer you can easily soak up the sunshine with a perfectly smooth skin.