Methods for removal of Shellac at home

Methods for removal of Shellac at homeMany beautiful ladies have already evaluateddignity shellac. It looks great on a marigold any size and shape, and keeps for a long period of time (up to one month). But the main problem is the use of the cosmetic trends is how to remove shellac at home. Because a fleece and a special liquid will not be enough.

Cover the nails shellac can be as hands and feet. This is done quite simply, though, most of the sources and says that such a question should be handled only by a specialist. Sustainable Floor polish of this type, when properly applied, can keep the nails in good condition within a month. Himself a shellac polish completely disappears: he did not disappear, begins peels. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the salon to remove shellac or know exactly how to do it at home.

What you need to know at the very beginning

Before you decide to use the newcoverage for your manicure or pedicure, you need to carefully find out all about it. This is particularly important when it comes to shellac. Because, despite all the undeniable merits of the material, it is quite difficult to take at home. Average varnish missing, at most, a week: cleaning, washing, ironing, working hands, it all leads to the fact that the coating starts to peel off the pieces and as a result looks unpresentable.

In this situation, an innovative oncedevelopment shellac saved the women of the world. With the help of such a sample may be obtained varnish stable, smooth and beautiful finish. Many even prefer helium shellac nail. The coating of this kind of varnish lasts a long time, but it does not harm the nail plastic. In general, nail polish sample, roughly speaking, is a combination of the properties of conventional varnish and gel. All that being said, you can get in one.

Methods for removal of Shellac at home

Simplification of procedures

In principle, there are even ways to remove shellac inPets liquid conditions for removal of a varnish, in more detail a little later they are considered in this article. But it should be noted that the procedure for applying this varnish saved many from the need to increase the nails. That's really something from yourself exactly it was impossible to get rid of, so as not to spoil your nails as from stackable nails.

Shellac is applied like normal nail on the advancetreated nails. At the same time there is a huge palette of saturated or natural shades that every woman can quickly and easily create a unique a unique image.

Apply shellac can only be in the cabin, because the use of special equipment is required: an ultraviolet lamp. However, you can take courses in this type of manicureBuy the lamp and make it yourself at home.

How to remove shellac house

Method №1 (special tools)

Anyone, even the most fashionable manicure with timebored, respectively, there is a need to remove nail polish to change its image. With cosmetic product categories described removal procedure is quite complicated and it needs to be done, as recommended by experts in salons. But to save time and money, you can learn some home methods.

Important! As part of shellac is a gel, but not only him. Therefore, do not need to complete cutting of the removal of the nail plate from the cover. That's good, because you can keep your nails from mechanical damage.

What is needed for self-removal:

  • Disposable special wrapper;
  • The solvent which can be used on the nails;
  • Metal nail file specifically for varnish removal purposes;
  • Sticks orange tree;

This is the option how to remove shellachome without foil. Instead of using special disposable foil wrapper with a sticky latch that is suitable for single use. First, wash your hands with warm soapy water to remove fat residues.

Methods for removal of Shellac at home

Now it takes a special band andimpregnated with a special tool. It should wrap around the nail phalanx and lock plate. Now, in a small tray with a solvent (acetone it may be, any other means of nail polish remover) to omit tedious fingertips right in the wrapper. Ten minutes later, one free fingers. Luck will need to peel off and it is easy to get to remove a wooden (plastic can) stick. Now, in order to reduce the negative consequences of the procedure to a minimum, you need to treat the nail and cuticle with special oil.

If you buy the standard set for the application of shellac, all of these tools and supplies, as a rule, they are already in it. But such a set, of course, has not every lady.

Method №2 (without a special set for removal)

In many situations, will have to collect it yourself or replace certain household items, which are always at hand.

What is needed to remove shellac without special set:

  • Aluminum foil (some successfully replace its conventional polyethylene food);
  • Cotton pads (you can use ordinary cotton wool, but it is more convenient to work with the drives;
  • Acetone. This can be a normal isopropyl alcohol or a special nail polish remover;
  • Orange sticks or plastic sticks;

First you need to wash your hands with soap and water to atThey no fat left. Divide cotton circles into two parts, to get a few halves of the moon. But you can use whole disks and just soaked in the solution of the wool, which will be in direct contact with the nail. The sheets of foil or polyethylene, cut into small pieces. pieces of size should be enough to get them to wrap phalanx of each finger.

Methods for removal of Shellac at home

Discs moisten nail polish remover orother prepared for this liquid. Now firmly attach each disc to the nail. It is important that the solution comes only nail, skin and not beside it. After all, acetone and other tools can cause burns and allergies. Now, each finger wrap with foil, which will lock the plate. Leave to ten, up to 15 minutes. During this time, it can be several times massage movements rub his nails, which are still wrapped in foil. The main thing - do not overdo it.

When the time is up, then you need to remove the foil and woolwith fingers. It is best to do it at a time. Now you can remove the softened shellac wooden or plastic spatula to each nail. Remove and delete one by one, to paint did not have time to harden when exposed to air.

Important! It happens that some portions of the first time notpeeled off in the right amount for their removal. Then, with your fingernail will have to repeat the process. Then treat the naughty nails stick to the end.

When the paint is completely removed, and make sure the plate and cuticle, be treated with a special oil to remove the effect of stimulation. Oil rubbed smooth massage movements.

The main advantages over other types of shellac varnish:

  1. It is made on the basis of biological gel. In dry form it like a normal nail, but the composition, it is a gel. Not dried in air and under special ultraviolet lamp.
  2. If the nails are thin and often break down, it meansthis category is a real boon. It strengthens the nail plate, the nail does not delaminate. As a result, the plate is fully protected from adverse external influences.
  3. We cover no smell, it does not cause allergies. As part of no formaldehyde or resins.
  4. Durable coating which keeps the nails for at least one month, or even longer.
  5. Luck is not erased, does not crumble and does not cleave.
  6. Shellac nails not spoil, and thus it can be worn all the time.
  7. The widest range of colors can satisfy any whim and create a great unique image.
  8. Suitable not only for manicure, but for pedicure.

Shellac - a great and modern resistant coating. If you know the basic ways on how to remove it at home, the time and money on trips to the salon, you can save considerably. Be always beautiful and let all admire you, turning in the trail!