How to dry nail polish quickly on their own?

How to dry nail polish quickly on their own?Many girls love beautiful nails and tidyarms. However, they do not like to save time lacquer and drying. When the coating will be at least a little wet, it gets off instantly! Therefore, many are wondering how to quickly dry nail polish at home, and try to find a video on this topic. But it can be easy enough to deal with it.

Before painting, in manicure or pedicure, Nail surface must be carefullydegrease. The tool then settles much smoother, the result will look more attractive, and to dry up - quickly. You do not have to nervously glances at the clock constantly. You can also put a jar of paint in the refrigerator about 20 minutes before all the manipulations. Cold dry composition during heat up, thereby reducing the time expended. Only physics, no special secrets.

A homogeneous composition dries much faster thanoptions Glitter and light colors require less time than the dark. Experienced professionals are also understandable for the purposes recommended to select a jar with short tassels, uniform coating is obtained, so dries quickly. Among other things, it is better to apply several thin layers as possible, to give everyone dry, you apply a thick, to get trendy manicure. At the heart of this secret also lies physics.

Fast drying varnishes - choose the appropriate option

Beauticians recommend to buy samples towhich indicated the exact drying time. There are those that are completely frozen in 60 seconds. At least in this we trying to convince advertising. Some manufacturers can even check, but the products should not be too cheap. Be sure to find out how it is stored, if the seller ignores the temperature requirements, the wrapper is scratched, trampled, trust such a facility is not necessary.

How to dry nail polish quickly on their own?

Also, if you decide to choose a quick-dryingpaint, pay attention to the recommendations faced with a similar problem of women in the city forum in your area. It is likely that not only do they know you have a common cosmetics, but also prompt specific outlets. And forums can be found on the subject as quickly dry nail polish at home, reviews of specific brands. Most often, such a product is more expensive, but the difference is not very significant.

Small pets Tricks

Often can advise to go to aa good specialist in a particular interior. However, the campaign - it's a waste of time, but what if you want to find out how fast drying nail polish at home usloviyahbez visits somewhere else? Here and useful secrets articulated above. However, there are a few tricks.

Ladies often use hair dryer. But the paint is required to crack, and the cold is often contraindicated in warm air. So if you're wondering how to quickly dry nail polish at home, without a hair dryer. You can use the old way: it is the cold water. However, this raises the risk of catching a cold, because the lower the temperature of the liquid will be better for you. We can do without fanaticism!

How to dry nail polish quickly on their own?

Sunflower oil or olive oil can be appliedimmediately after the manicure. It should then leave it for a few minutes and then wash off or gently blot them with a cotton swab. This option has its obvious advantages: you feed the nails, the skin on the hands will also look much healthier.

You can also simply fanned hand fans inthey became popular again recently as a mobile agent from the heat. This is better than the hair, it helps to save much time. The problem is only one: the intense obmahivanii can hurt inflicted manicure, nail tinker then take more time. In addition, there is a risk that your beauty will have to redo it.

What can you buy?

In beauty salons buy UV lamp. They are not very expensive, quite harmless to humans, thus greatly accelerate the drying nail polish. No special skills or tricks you are not required. The only, but rather a serious disadvantage for many: ultraviolet lamps not dried conventional coating, they are intended for the gel only. Therefore, they acquire and mainly the beauty salons. But if you like this kind of coverage, then why not?

However, professional products at this notend. If you do not want to experiment with a hairdryer and ice water, and the question of how quickly dry nail polish at home is still relevant for you, try to buy nail-drying. It acts as a retainer, an additional fixing is applied fairly quickly, especially if you adapt himself. It is usually the tool is not some crazy money, so it can afford to most.

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Drying in the droplets and spray

One good option is considered to be spray-drying. Apply it quickly enough to withdraw the balloon away and spray on hand. Special tricks in dealing with it is not required, it is a tool that is perfect for beginners. However, take care that the composition did not hit on the hand may be quite unpleasant. Also minus spray is an allergy that appears on the skin of the individual girls.

How to dry nail polish quickly on their own?

In recent years become increasingly popular in the drops drying, with which you can handle manicure on short nails. It is more expensive nail polish, boughtfor the same purpose, but, in contrast to the analogues, completely harmless to skin. Therefore, it can be applied with a slight negligence, even if the bit gets on the skin around the visible traces still will not go, and the composition is useful for hands. He cares for the skin, making the soft, velvety. Drops leaves a pleasant sensation on contact with them, they usually do not smell anything.

The only drawback may be the last optioncalled that a drop is not fixed. Furthermore, unlike spray already mentioned, it is necessary to drip on each nail separately rather than directly processing the entire arm. However, it is much faster than cover the entire nail plate carefully how to do it in the case of a varnish-drying.

Now you know how to quickly dry nail polish at home!