Fashion Nails 2016 per day

Fashion Nails 2016 per dayOf course, such an abundance of fashion trendsmanicure world that we see absolutely all the shows of the upcoming season, is determined by the huge talent of designers of the 21st century and their high level of professionalism. But we must pay tribute, and to the time in which it fell to implement the ideas of beauty and feminine perfection. The fact that it is the development of technological possibilities and new quality tools for implementation Fashion Nails 2016 that designers have at the moment, and determined, to a large extent, this diversity. The very appeal to the retro versions became so popular not only because of nostalgic reasons, but also because of the desire of designers to show all favorite classic manicure options in the past as a new modern features.

New trendy manicure in 2016 (photo) quickly andeasy for every day you can do, thanks to this article. It should be noted that the season is rich in both innovations and surprises, just need to look closely at what the world offers us the beauty industry. A series of updated varnishes with fashionable shades, with hidden Shimmer and increased resistance, will appear before the women of fashion in the new fashion season, will only have to choose the appropriate manicure for your specific, at the moment the image.

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Fashion Nails 2016 per day

Fashion Nails 2016 per day in style nude

All the abundance and variety of trendy manicure,presented in new displays, we were divided into key trends and nude style as close as possible to the natural beauty is just the most trend for the coming season. Wave aristocracy and chic, providing, first of all, the absolute grooming and restraint, "swept" all the fashion trends. This basic trend is not left on the sidelines and trendy manicure 2016: grooming themselves the hands and nails impeccable condition - is the key to success in the quest to bring you select the image to perfection.

Manicure, designed in the style nude is not onlyappropriate colors and shades, but also the length and shape of the nails themselves. The new fashion season left a sharp long nails manicure only in controversial cases, but you can still use this form of nails, but as leaving out of fashion.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

The most trend nails are short and longaverage nails, and their shape has changed and it should be as natural, ie semicircular. The square shape of the nail is still found in the fashion shows of the new season, but in a much smaller representation, though more often than sharp nails.

Turning to the most exciting of all the question of colormanicure nude style, it should be noted that the most fashionable manicure is colorless, it is a lacquer which can be as close as possible to the natural nail mind just giving them a well-groomed and shine. For such a trendy manicure 2016 fashion shows are some color schemes, basically - it's shades of beige, vanilla, light - brown spectrum. With regard to the nude gloss manicure style, there is also a certain range of intensity and saturation. Very fashionable is matte texture, rather than glossy. Since this style does not imply ornaments in manicure, only a few models in the shows, you can see a hint of them. These are small specks of gold shine on the nails scattered as if by chance, with deliberate negligence.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

Fashion Nails 2016goda - Moon

An ingenious invention -s 30 years, periodicallyremind yourself all these years, but in a rather monotonous classic version, red nails and dyed their basal part of the lunate. In the upcoming season the moon manicure is presented in fashion shows by a fireworks display options, incredible combinations of colors and diverse base of the nail geometry. The novelty of the upcoming season is presented moon manicure with a triangular base and direct the nail, as well as in the form of an inverted tunic. Plus, the abundance of options and classic semi-circular option before us new horizons of using the moon manicure.

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Moon manicure is the new fashion season gamepaints, glitter and jewelry, just for such an incredible selection of the trendy manicure and earned a tremendous beating all records of popularity. Once again we draw your attention to a large palette of colors offered for such a trendy manicure 2016 (photos). should consider options with shades nudovyhvarnish, combining, thus, the two fashionable styles in one manicure. The popular color of burgundy, gray tones and golden manicure, perhaps, the most common in the shows, and, consequently, can make a bold conclusion that they are the most trendy colors. But the surprise of the season was the unexpected combination of colors in this manicure, a lunar base stain or golden color or black, in combination with a large range of other colors. Some models presented lunar makeup made with minimal decorations.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

The use of jewelry in a trendy manicure 2016the coming season can be described as "some - where", "a little - a little," and asymmetrically. It can be sequins, rhinestones, artificial stones, most importantly, that the implementation of such a manicure with decorations should not look tasteless, but executed with a great deal of coquetry. The new season offers the use of a combination of the moon manicure with nail polish French, with the edge of the nail and the bottom stained black or gold color.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

Fashion Nails 2016 every day fast and easy - it is possible to offer more?

The most important was the surprise of the new seasonan enchanting view of the French manicure, classic neutral variant is no longer required. Flashed a number of different combinations of bright colors and a variety of design solutions the top of the nail, french fully opened its incredible opportunities. The combination of colors just indescribable amount, but the most popular are burgundy - red, gray with metallic, multi-colored on the top of the nail. the color transition border in the coming season played out set of all possible options, from making the contrast of the third separating colors to use rhinestones and special balls. The upper part of the nail in modern French manicure is represented in the world's current shows with great imagination and design is incredibly diverse.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

fashion Nails It involves coating the nail metallic top,colored geometric shapes, fanciful paintings and ornaments made of stones and crystals. A novelty of the season was a hairy covering the top of the nail, manicure when mainly matt colors, mostly used white pile, turning the jacket into a fabulous New Year's manicure. For the French manicure in the upcoming season opened unbelievable perspectives, it is not only various shades, but different texture varnish. In addition to the entire set of updates, fans expect tunic and another surprise, combining it with the moon manicure. As it turned out courage and a flight of fancy Stylists - Designers can create true masterpieces that delight, break stereotypes and decorate our lives.

Trend color lacquer are combined in such a manicure with metallic, black or white shades, and, of course, for the evening manicure added various ornaments top and bottom of the nail.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

Fashion Nails 2016 every day - other fashion trends

Apart from the above "pillars" of manicure, inactual fashion shows presented by Ombre nail varnish, strips, "Lace" manicure and nail polish "cuts." As for the manicure "Ombre", the new season is not easy to smooth transition of color and contrast combinations thereof, and with the traditional fuzzy boundaries. Incongruous colors in such a manicure gives a stunning effect, in addition, a manicure suitable for any image and any clothing.

In absolute trend of the season is fashionablemanicure 2016, executed in the form of various stripes, there is no limitation fantasy horizontal stripes, vertical intersecting comprising interconnected geometric shapes. The manicure can be used one or two strips of contrasting color to the main ranges and the width of the strips themselves. In addition, frequently used, black stripes, a "striped" manicure is done and contrasting combinations.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

Fashionable and manicures will be in the upcoming season,separating nail into two or three parts, this division can be diagonally, vertically or horizontally, enhances the effect of the use of ornaments in one or two nails.

Fashion Nails 2016 Lace, a favorite pastseasons, this season represented a considerable simplification in the form of elegant simple grid with rounded edges, which gives nails a certain lightness and elegance.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

It is impossible not to notice in the big fashion showsnumber of manicure options for "cuts" when each nail has a completely different stylistic design, with traces total composition. Basically, achieving the effect of a whole achieved by echoes the color of the nails on one hand. This manicure ornaments are widely used, but only a fragmented and moderately, on one or two nails.

Do not ignore the monochrome trendmanicure, remember that fashionable in the upcoming season will be shades of gray, metallic, bardovye and saturated red, blue and plum-colored varnish. But what is especially characteristic of the colors used in the upcoming season is their richness and depth of color.

Fashion Nails 2016 per day

We have provided you with a selection of photo-fashion manicure 2016 and hope that it will help you quickly and easily every day to create new images.