Makeup anime - Picture make-up in the style of anime

Makeup Anime - photo and video make-up in the style of animeAre you ready to try to make himself an anime? Since eyed heroes of Japanese anime cartoons first appeared on television, they have gained a lot of fans of all ages worldwide. Young women and girls, and not only because of the rising sun, consider the image painted beauties standard of beauty.

Despite the fact that to try on an anime-style more appropriate to some theme party, modern fashionista actively use it in their everyday life.

The brightest moments of make-up in the style of anime

Like other types of stylized make-apa,Anime makeup has its own characteristics. A central role in it, and in the whole image as a whole, play a naive wide-open, shining eyes in the sun, where the incision should be as close to the Asian. It is with their help, Japanese animation characters convey viewers their feelings and experiences.

The second important component of the cartoon makeupIt can be regarded as a smooth pale skin tone. Huge eyes on the porcelain skin and create the most memorable fairy-tale image, as other details make-apa get lost on their background. On the other nuances also should not forget to get in the end the result was complete and met all the requirements of the anime. However, first things first.

Makeup Anime - photo and video make-up in the style of anime

Makeup Anime: Preparation and modeling of the face

As already mentioned, the facial skin anime heroinepale and dull. This effect can help get a variety of toning creams and powders for the light shades. Before applying the tonal resources, the skin needs to be leveled, and possibly get rid of any existing defects.

Makeup Anime - photo and video make-up in the style of animeIf on the face of present pronounced defects- Pimples, redness, bags under the eyes, signs of aging, they must carefully conceal corrective means. Then apply foundation cream shade for a couple of shades lighter than your own. Secured result almost white friable powder.

When a person finally acquired the necessarypallor, followed with special methods to give it a cartoon expression and, in some way, to adjust its shape. The make-up of anime is very important!

Characters Japanese TV series are holdersvery small nose and wide cheekbones enough against the background of a narrow chin. All this together is given by nature a little. But modern cosmetic products allow you to create the desired visual illusion.

It is necessary to visually narrow the nostrils and cheeks,in contrast, extend. In both cases the powder can help bronzing. To make the volume of the person, it is necessary to apply powder with a soft brush under the broad cheekbones, moving it from the ear to the middle of the face. Effect of nasal constriction can be achieved by the same means, darkening its sides and wings. Here a bronze powder should be applied starting from the brow line growth, leaving the upper part of the nose light.

Makeup Anime - photo and video make-up in the style of anime

Main nuances of eye makeup in the style of anime

Makeup Anime - photo and video make-up in the style of animeTo get a believable image of anime,you must pay great attention to make-AAP eyes. First, we should model their Asian slit. This effect is achieved by using white or any light cream shades and coal-black arrows. Incidentally, this is the main item in the make-up of anime! Shadows must be imposed on both the right century.

Now you can start to draw arrows, which will also be present on both eyelids, using a bright liquid eyeliner.

The thin upper eyelid arrow is necessary toat the very lash line. In the inner corner of the eye end it should be omitted, and it must be in the outer playfully upturned. On the lower eyelid should draw the arrow slightly lower lash line, increasing the visual eye.

However, it should be pulled towards the outer corner, giving the Asian slanted view.

Finish the makeup of the lower eyelid should be animelight shadows, gently feathered between the arrow and the corner of his eye, especially denoting its inner corner. The folds of the upper eyelid and the moving part is necessary to select a dark color, and the stationary part of the arrow, on the contrary, to lighten.

The special charm of puppetry and imageexpressive eyes give thick and long eyelashes. This can be easily achieved by artificial eyelashes pasted in the beams across the width of the eye. Additionally, you should apply several layers of black mascara.

Eyebrows anime characters are thin and bright. This effect, of course, quite possible to achieve and on their own, but, as an option, can be completely toned own eyebrows, and top draw new right color and shape.

Makeup Anime - Finishing Touches

Lips to create such an image is absolutely notWe should stand out in any way. Therefore, you should use a light matte lipstick that is close in tone to the complexion. The shape of the lips, if desired, can also be modeled previously painted over white lipstick their natural boundaries. The best option would be using a light contour pencil to try to visually reduce the size of the lips and give them the shape of a bow.

Makeup Anime - photo and video make-up in the style of anime

Good help in creating an anime image is to use colored contact lenses that will give your eyes a deep unnatural color, such as bright green or blue.

To consolidate the results of the final,we must once again take advantage of the white friable powder and applied to the cheeks pale pink blush. Also, to the newly created makeup looked harmoniously as possible, it is necessary to take care of a suitable hairstyle and clothes.

It should be noted that the above-described makeup animeIt requires imposing time-consuming, about 2-3 hours. It is unlikely that even the most devoted fans will be able to give him as much time on a daily basis. Therefore, based on the same auxiliary cosmetics can recreate everyday and less catchy version of a make-up in the style of anime.

To do this, should be excluded from the overall plan modeling of lips, use false eyelashes and contact lenses as well as the use of dark shades of shadows.