How to treat lips perleches

They can occur at any age, man,consisting on any social step. Few people do not know what cracks in the corners of the mouth, preventing talking, eating and drinking. As a child my mother told us that this "dirt". It is difficult to argue, but is it the only reason? And how to treat cracks on the lips?

What perleches and underlying causes of their appearance

We'll pick there a medical term, "Angulo"and they manifest themselves in the form of cracks, sometimes ulcers in the corners of the mouth and are accompanied by constant burning, discomfort and pain. In severe flow possible deterioration to the complete rejection of food.

The reasons for the emergence Zayed can be hugea bunch of. It is important to watch the progress of the disease. If this is an isolated case of occurrence and a complete "cure" a few days later, the experience is probably not worth it. Most likely, the emergence angulita contributed to some external factors that impacted only once.

If you see the continuous development,poor healing of wounds, and sometimes they do not go at all, and are able to grow very strongly around the mouth, it's time to sound the alarm. The fact that perleches - one of the signs that the body that something is wrong and it takes you about this signal. The exact cause will reveal the doctor with special testing and inspection, healingandbodywork offers to get acquainted with the main ones.

  1. Development can contribute angulitabacterial infection carried by fungi aureus. Thus, it is expected that your family will be hurt several people, because these infections are contagious. Also it is necessary to carefully consider your immunity.
  2. Vitamin deficiency and anemia is also a very commoncause of Zayed. Doctors say the shortage of vitamins B2 and B6, iron and zinc. Pinpoint the cause of this is possible only by using laboratory tests.
  3. Failure gastrointestinal system. By the way, do not rule out any problems with any other internal organ.
  4. Tooth decay, which is a vector of infection in the oral cavity, can also become a cause of non-healing sores at the corners of the mouth.
  5. the reaction is necessary to watch closely on the skin for any new cosmetic and hygienic means. Perleches Since an allergic reaction may be, for example, toothpaste with fluoride.

It follows that if you payattention to the fact that you or your child do not go and there are always new and new sores, should be good to think about what it can be connected. And, of course, first of all consult a doctor for laboratory research and counseling.

Zayed Treatment

Depending on what kind you angulitaor a member of your family will be given treatment. That is, if after scraping will be revealed staphylococcus, there shall be a special anti-fungal drugs. Also appointed by drugs that increase immunity and vitamin complexes.

If the cause is an unhealthy environment of the oralcavity, namely, tooth decay, gum disease, tartar, substandard crowns or dentures, you should consult your dentist to eliminate these causes.

If the cause of the wounds in the mouth isanemia or a vitamin deficiency, it should be a very serious approach to the treatment. Because if the body signals so clearly about their problems, so they are already running. Necessarily need to take a multivitamin pharmacy, and it is very important to adjust your diet. Most often associated with a lack of perleches B2 and B6 vitamins, iron and zinc, here on what foods you should pay attention:

  • to fill the need for vitamin B2, youyou must pay attention to the consumption of dairy products, especially cheese and milk. Also, your diet needs cheese, eggs, beef and liver. We should not forget about plant foods, such as peas (but fresh!), Green beans, wheat, oats, broccoli and spinach. For those who are not afraid to get better, you can include in your diet beer yeast.

    A very important point is that duringimproper handling products, vitamin B2 are just disappears. This is due to the fact that it is water-soluble, and if the products, such as long soak or incorrectly defrosted, this vitamin there can hardly be found.

    You should also know that B2 is very sensitive tooxygen and to light. Meals need to cook with the lid closed, but the products are kept in opaque wrappers. Since milk cheese or a blister pack (whether or polyethylene bottle) is noticeably less contain B2, than those that do not pass light;

  • To keep the body in sufficientvitamin B6, it is sufficient to only eat foods in vitamin B6 which include. Namely, it is important in your diet include fish (mackerel, tuna), pine nuts and walnuts, beans, pomegranate, garlic, chicken meat.

    As for losses during cooking, it is necessary to resort to the same precautions as vitamin B2.

    Doctors also noted that the loss of vitamin B6 may be associated with the loss of magnesium by the body. It is important in such cases to take vitamin complex B6 + Magnesium;

  • lack of iron - a very common causemany diseases and ailments. It is important to restore it and depending on whether its rate is low, the physician prescribes medication or provides guidance on nutrition. Eat mushrooms, any red meat, eggs, peaches, apricots, pomegranates and nuts. If red meat combined with fresh fruit and vegetables, the assimilation of iron will be even better;
  • food sources of zinc - it's seafood,red meat, liver and kidneys, as well as pumpkin seeds, eggs, sprouted grain mustard. Combining these products with the best products that are rich in vitamin A.

Methods of Treatment Zayed

There are many tips on how to treat Angulo, but most often they refer or to their one-time occurrence or as aids to comprehensive treatment.

  1. As for vitamin E, in case they are advised to take Zayed externally. It is useful to lubricate the wound with linseed or olive oil.
  2. Avoid any sharp, acidic, highly salted foods. It is desirable to limit the sweets, especially fungal infection has been detected.
  3. You can do lotions of infusions of oak bark. It helps and brewed green tea bag.
  4. To facilitate the general condition of the lips and mouth, you can apply tea tree oil to the wound in the mornings and evenings.

Folk remedies

Of course, speaking about the health problems of folk remedies can not avoid the conversation, because people for thousands of years were treated for various ailments without having itself any modern means.

  1. Sulphur from the ears of our ancestors considered a panacea, including those used to treat Zayed. It is necessary to remove it with a cotton swab and gently put on the wound.
  2. Extract the juice of Kalanchoe bit and grease it painful cracks.
  3. Lubricate perleches possible Vaseline and beeswax, and lotions do herbal chamomile, sage, celandine and, of course, calendula.
  4. Chapstick, which is usually prepared on the basis of thermal water, is also a great help in the fight against Zayed - just enough to lubricate the affected areas.