How to choose concussor

Mankind inimitable! First you "invented" cellulite, and then remedy it - Vibrating. Many of us first saw concussor in advertising, where a fragile girl stood near a certain rack with straps, which in turn then massaged her thin waist, the tiny hips. So whether this device is effective and how to choose, tell in this article.

Mankind inimitable! First you "invented" cellulite, and then remedy it - Vibrating. MipCovetov says it is effective this instrument in the fight against the well-known "ailing", why is it still necessary and, of course, what are the principles of its choosing.
Many of us first saw in concussoradvertising, where a fragile girl stood near a certain rack with straps, which, in fact, it turns massaging her tiny waist, the tiny hips. "Only some 5 minutes a day, and you get rid of cellulite, practically doing nothing ...", - said the voice-over. And so I want to believe, but the price bites, and in the mid-90s to give a monthly income of the family for the sake of beautiful hips dare not many. Now everything has changed. Vibro appeared big set, they cost - from $ 20, and get such a miracle of technology can, in principle, either. Is it worth it?

Why do I need concussor

As our "investigation", vibromassazheryIt has been created exclusively for the passive massage of varying intensity. You came home after work, back stiff, lower back aches. We got a manual massage, skin smeared with herbal cream cinquefoil or larkspur, rubbed "nagging" spot massager and lay down to rest. After this massage the blood rushed to promassirovat places, warmed up the muscles and you feel relief. Or another option. You are sitting on a diet, jog or do fitness. For example, you want to bring your body in order for the summer season. In the process of weight loss, the skin loses elasticity, muscle ache after training, and you have risen to the Vibro-selected tape rollers and massage problem areas. The skin tightened, improved blood circulation, excess fluid was gone, along with toxins.
Vibro well removes muscle cramps, rheumatic pain, strengthens muscles, improves the condition (tone) of the skin, perfectly relaxing, improving circulation.
But getting rid of cellulite completely, seem nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Contraindications to the use of the device

It turns out, vibration and vibration massage is not alluseful. For some people, they are simply dangerous. And before you decide to buy, read this section carefully. So, if you suffer from hypertension, any diseases of the cardiovascular system, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis, or you are pregnant, do not take risks, do not use the vibrating massager.
It is especially dangerous for women with fibroma and vein diseases. It is believed that the vibration can cause separation of a blood clot from a vein and may even stimulate the stones out of the kidneys or gall bladder.
Do not get involved and vibratory massage before bedtimedo not abuse, delaying sessions for more than half an hour. Incidentally, this is not a complete list of contraindications and MipCovetov strongly recommends that you consult before buying with your doctor.

What are vibromassazhery

To date, commercially available vibromassazhery a variety of forms. For simplicity, we divide them into hand-held and floor.
Hand Vibrating Massager
Hand Vibro - are compact devices,intended for a relaxing massage of the face, head and body. They are not expensive (from 20 to 100 dollars) and operate on AC or on batteries. The kit can include up to seven different nozzles to massage certain areas of the body, including the head with rollers that allows for a deep soft tissue massage (so to say, anti-cellulite). If you decide to purchase a manual massage, we advise you to choose a model with an infrared emitter. It is necessary to further warm the tissues and muscles, as well as for disinfection. Such vibromassazhery come in different capacities. And if you buy it primarily for facial massage or head, it is better to take a low-power device. And if you plan to massage neck, waist or neck, buy a model with a telescopic handle. So you will be able to massage his own and not ask relatives.
I use a hand massager for five years. I bought a cheap, but with the infrared emitter. Used to fight the "second" chin, "ears" on the thighs. If you regularly pay a 5-minute massage (one zone) per day, the results are noticeable within a week. Well relieves headaches (only a special nozzle), markedly improves the skin condition, especially noticeable on the inside of the thighs and face. I do not massage the bruised Up, 5-7 minutes, and everything. Cellulite is still here, except that the skin was taut, tanned and if, it is almost not visible. Belly massage can not, especially girls.
Excellent relax for office workers.
Once "saved" mother of exacerbation of degenerative disc disease.
By the way, before the massage the skin to lubricatemassage oil or other therapeutic cream (Vibrating improves the therapeutic effect). And if you have dry skin, after each session moisturizes your cream.
Vibrating Floor
Floor vibromassazhery. They once heavily advertised on TV. "Adopt" such a beast can afford not to everyone. In addition to its price (from $ 300), you need to think about where you put your purchase. The device is rather cumbersome, although modern massager made with fashionable design, and they fit well into the interior. However, it will have to pay.
Even the cheapest model is equipped asat least three ribbons - easy (for lumbar massage rubs) with rollers (for waist and hip) and cross (to massage the back and neck). Especially popular model with a ribbon, "a thousand fingers", which is designed for anti-cellulite massage. There is also a short tape to massage the feet and hands. Expensive models are equipped with a variety of timers and counters calories.
Different and power Vibro floor. As it is changed to increase the intensity of the massage - from relaxing to correction.
The price of the device depends on the number of modes,availability of timers or mechanical touch "remote control." Now try to figure out whether or not to overpay. All users of stationary Vibro there is one problem - actively used this instrument a month. Over time, the hype dies down, partly due to the lack of promised enchanting results.
As a rule, many people buy this miracle of technologyexclusively to combat cellulite. Girls for an hour massage the thighs and legs, and then suffer the pain, bruising and bruising. Dear readers MipSovetov, do not repeat the same mistakes, massage should not bring pain.
If you really watch your body,Eat right, exercise, the Vibrating definitely improve your skin condition under the condition of regular exercise. And it's cheaper than visiting a massage therapist. For these girls and women are encouraged to become "a machine" after taking a bath (5 drops of citrus oil, 1 cup of milk and a handful of sea salt). But do not amuse themselves with the hope that the cellulite will disappear once and for all. Spend 10 procedures (bath + massage), take a break every two weeks and try again. The skin becomes elastic, and cellulite - less visible.
Just remember that not concussor breaks down fats, it only stimulates the withdrawal of excess fluid!
Other vibromassazhery. In addition to these types of Vibro, the market receives new and new "invention". Massage tables, mattresses, pillows. Only they do not massage vibration and vibro-impact.
My friend has a pillow-massager. She uses it to massage the calf muscles and neck, as well as for relaxing after a day's work. Should such a device $ 70, and she likes him. Even on a trip, you can take it with you - it works from the cigarette lighter. In my "taste" after a gentle hand massage cushion painful, even in my head is ringing.
It is impossible not to mention the now fashionable vibropoyasahand miostimulyatory butterfly. Vibropoyas - it's all a big decision, because it can be used only completely healthy people. A "butterfly" - a kind of analogue of the hand massager, just use it, you can even doing household chores, which is ideal for busy people.
Have a nice choice!