How to make your nails strong?


Beautiful and well-groomed nails are not less important for every woman, than the hair on the head, or smooth and elastic skin on the face.

And this is due not only to the fact that spectacularMarigolds are needed to capture and embracing men; because the woman and very nice to look at the well-groomed and healthy nails. But how to ensure that the nails were beautiful and natural? Is it true that vitamins are necessary for the nails, so they were not so brittle and not sloilis?


  • 1 How to keep your nails healthy?
  • 2 What can damage your nails?
  • 3 Return the natural beauty of nails
  • 4 What gives minerals to polish?
  • 5 Traditional recipes for nail care

How to keep your nails healthy?

Every woman wants her to have beautifuland healthy nails. But, unfortunately, not even noticing it, most women are satisfied with their nails to a serious test, as every day faced with various household chemicals, solvents and varnishes.

In addition, our food also wants to be the best because it lacks vitamins and minerals. Naturally, all this leads to the fact that the nails suddenly begin to break down and lose its luster.

Of course, today, most problems can be solvedin any beauty salon, which offers high-quality make-up artists not only manicures, but also nail. But, on the one hand - it all costs money, and on the other - would like to have their beautiful natural nails. This will deliver greater joy and pride, rather than the most fashionable and impressive building.

Beautiful nails are not only an additionalelement of the attractiveness of women, but also serves as an indicator of the state of her health. When disturbed metabolism in the body and there is a lack of vitamins and minerals, is the first to suffer from this nail. They just differ in their fragile, brittle, they begin to grow poorly and exfoliate.

It is important to know that in order to nailgrew better, they need vitamins and H (biotin), and iodine; to be stronger - vitamins A, E and C; for the hardness of the calcium they need; and to be more flexible - silicon; with the help of iron will remain correct nail structure; inflammatory diseases of nails will be more developed, if it is not enough sulfur.

That can damage the nails?

Many women are differentcosmetology means for nails, completely ignoring that is a part of these funds. Cosmetology industry produces varnishes and enamels, which visually enhance the appearance of the nails look. But in fact, some of these funds has a negative impact not only on the nails themselves, but also on the entire body.

Such substances include:

  1. Formaldehyde: this tool gets into the body through the respiratory system and adversely affects the nervous system. From him headaches, heartbeat quickens. Formaldehyde are harmful substances which can cause cancer.
  2. Camphor: If inhaled, this substance does not adversely affect the cardiovascular system.
  3. Toluop: pretty strong solvent by which a woman can get rid of nail polish on their nails, but at the same time toluop refers to carcinogenic agents.
  4. Acetone: strong solvent in which a lot of toxins that have an adverse effect on the nervous system. If you frequently use it, the nails are not only strongly dried, but also with their fat removed protective film; from this brittle nails there.

Therefore woman choosing paint or other means for their nails, should pay attention to these cosmetic products do not come across these substances.

Return the natural beauty of nails

The best way out is not only proper nail care, but also the use of healthy food. The food must be present protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

It is necessary to understand what vitamins polish will bring the most benefit.

  1. Vitamin A: thanks to him, nails grow faster; the amount of this vitamin in the body is not decreased, to avoid both alcohol and caffeine.
  2. Vitamin B: due to the lack of this vitamin nails become thin. One of the varieties of this vitamin is folic acid; because of its lack in the body are also affected and nails.
  3. Vitamin C: if this is not enough vitamin in the body, the nails appear to point to deepen and white spots appear. If there are problems with the nails, you need to eat plenty of citrus.
  4. Vitamin E: This vitamin has antioxidant properties; through his body circulates blood well, which also contributes to the nails.

What gives minerals to polish?

Vitamins are needed not only for nails, but also minerals. What consequences can be from a lack of in the body of these funds?

  1. Zinc: in order to saturate the body with more than zinc should eat bananas. Due to the lack of zinc can change the shape and nail them appear white spots.
  2. Calcium in the body to have more calcium and nails are healthy, you should eat more dairy products. It is necessary to use the products in which there is calcium.
  3. Iron: when a nail brittleness appears, it means that the body has a lack of iron. It is necessary to eat more meat, egg yolks, legumes, dried fruits, etc.
  4. Iodine: This tool is very important for the whole body, and polish; especially a lot of it is present in a variety of seafood.
  5. Silicon: due to the lack or shortage of silicon nails cease to be elastic; This component is present in plant foods.

Of course, it is possible to use biological additives, which are currently very popular, but there is no guarantee that they are high-quality and completely safe.

About Vitamins for nails and so it should be rememberedwomen who are dieting, because of lack of nutrition can suffer and nails: in the diet they may lose shine and become brittle and rough.

Traditional recipes for nail care

There are many popular recipes usingwhich can provide nails with vitamins and minerals. They can also be used to prevent painful modifications nail plates. The most simple and accessible recipes are as follows:

Strengthening infusion for the nails. In this recipe, you can use several types of vegetable oil and fresh herbs. Take fresh dill, parsley, tarragon, celery; all finely chopped and formed into a glass jar.

You can take any vegetable oil, but betterall - olive or flaxseed. Oil poured into the jar with fresh herbs and all that infuses at least two days. This means a lot of vitamins for the nails and it should take 1 tbsp. spoon in the morning before breakfast.

Domestic calcium. The best home remedy, which has a lot of calcium - it is the shell of the eggs. The shell is carefully washed and dried, then ground in a coffee grinder. Thereafter, it should be calcined in an oven for 10 minutes and pestle grind to powder. Jars with this agent should be put in a dry and cool place. Should take - 1 teaspoon per day for at least two consecutive weeks.