How to determine skin type

Every woman wants to have beautiful skin, but,as we know, not every representative of the fair sex is so lucky. Of course, genes can not be changed, but knowing for sure the type of the skin, we are quite capable of significantly improving its condition and appearance.

We all know, dear readershealingandbodywork, that beautiful skin - is a healthy skin, and if you are not completely satisfied with it, then all the flaws easy to fix, you just know exactly what your skin type and then you can choose the right caring means, and hence to achieve its radiance and beauty!

Cosmetologists determine the type of skin inDepending on the fat grease and moisture. Typically, skin types are divided into: dry skin, oily and combination, and you can still distinguish the mature skin. On the type of skin is affected by many factors, the most important of which are hereditary and biological predisposition to any of the above skin types.

Hormonal disorders often havehuge impact on the appearance of the skin, such as hormone imbalance can cause an excess of sebum, which in turn will lead to the clogging of pores, and the next step will be the formation of acne has. Many women and girls, in order to keep the hormones under control, it is necessary to take contraceptives.

Wednesday, which surrounds us, in particular,especially the weather and the intensity of ultraviolet radiation also contributes to a change in the type of skin. For example, the skin becomes much drier in cold windy weather, and too warm air inside the office or other premises. In summer, the sun can cause tension and even skin burns that can cause wrinkles of different depths, as well as the appearance of age spots and other signs of aging of skin.

Determine the type of skin at home visually

Before proceeding to the visual definitionskin type, you need to consider several factors, observing that you will not oshibetes, and will pick up cosmetics according to your type of person it is. Be sure to take care of a good natural light and it is very important to ensure that your skin is perfectly clean and even slightly relaxed, immediately after washing is not necessary to start testing after
it is important to have passed at least one hour, or even better - a couple of hours. For a more precise definition of some beauticians are advised to use a magnifying glass.

Normal skin. This skin type can be safely counted among the perfect, but in nature it can be found very rarely. This skin directly after shining purity and freshness, it is sufficiently tightened, moderately elastic, and for a skin lacking any signs of peeling. To the touch it is smooth and elastic at the expense of normal skin and fat content of the lubricant. The color of a uniform skin, it is slightly pink hue, because the blood supply is carried out fully and evenly. In the happy owners of such a leather can not be found blackheads and enlarged pores.

Oily skin. Oily skin is easily recognized by unhealthy shine, which occurs due to the high level of greasiness and insufficient blood supply to the skin. For this type of skin is characterized by enlarged pores, which are also often clogged with excess fat. Often, you can note the presence of pimples and acne, before critical days oily skin condition deteriorates further. But despite all the apparent disadvantages, oily skin has many advantages, these include protection of such skin from harmful substances and moisture loss, but also such skin much longer it remains young, and over time, its condition and appearance only improved, surpassing the 30-year mark owner of oily skin becomes the "hostess" combination skin.

Dry skin. Dry skin can appear in different ways, for example, in the case of a young woman or a woman to 35 years, dry skin affects its haze, without enlarged pores, is very delicate and thin. This skin is ideal in his younger years, but she begins to age much earlier than, for example, oily skin, it has been said above, so it is very important time to begin to care for dry skin, in order to extend its youth for longer.

Combination skin. Perhaps this type of skin can be found most frequently, has a typical greasy shine in the forehead, nose and chin, the so-called T-zone, but on the cheeks can be seen peeling, the skin in this place is prone to dryness. The peculiarity of this leather is that it can be both oily and dry, often appear on her allergic reactions and irritation, for combination skin needs special care.

Determine the type of facial skin using a cloth

Just be sure to wipecosmetic (produce special wipes to determine the type of person), normal paper version can distort the real picture. Thoroughly clean the skin from make-up and other impurities, let it rest for at least 3 hours, then take a cloth and gently pat the skin in the cheeks, forehead and chin. Depending on the amount of oily stains left on a napkin and you can get an idea about the owner what type of skin you are:

  • if at all places of touch swipe left grease stains, it means that you have oily skin of the face;
  • if there were only traces of fat in the so-called T-zone and cheeks greasy stains you can not find, it means that you are considered the owner of combination skin;
  • if the fat little spots, only the nose and forehead, then you can be congratulated - your skin can be attributed to normal;
  • if on a napkin completely left fatty spots, then all signs of dry skin.

Define the type of skin at home, answering the test questions

This test is considered the most reliable, because itincludes the definition of the type of facial skin using facial tissues, and even beyond that only need to answer the 6 questions and answers are as follows:

  1. And - yes, often in large numbers.
  2. B - moderate, little, sometimes.
  3. The - no, not noticed, is extremely rare.

We now move on to the questions:

  1. How many grease spots on your skin after the test with a cosmetic tissue?
  2. Are you concerned about the rash often?
  3. Are enlarged pores on the skin of your face?
  4. Have you noticed that the make-up applied during the morning of the day "floats" and resembles a fat mask?
  5. On your face, there are comedones, the so-called black spots?
  6. There you have the feeling of tightness of the skin after washing with water?


  1. Do you have oily skin, if you are in answering the questions most frequently chose option A. This is easy to determine the skin on unhealthy fat shine, expanded pores and acne.
  2. If option B is prevalent in your responses, thethis means that you have normal or combination skin. In the early years a thorough and deep concern for this skin is not necessary, but in adulthood it can become dry.
  3. If you have more options in all, itIt means that your skin is dry, although the owners of such a leather never plagued acne and pimples, extra care it is simply necessary, because it is more susceptible to other types of wrinkles.

How to determine the maturity of the skin?

Put your thumb in the middle of the cheek and gently pressing, do circular motion.

  1. If the skin resists movement and traces after it is left, it means that your skin has not yet been subjected to age-related changes.
  2. If the movement you see wrinkles disappear, it means that outlines the first signs of aging of skin.
  3. If the result of motion twists and skin wrinkles are formed, which means that have already started, and structural changes in the skin aging process has begun.

After determining your skin type, you should repeat this procedure every 2-3 years, respectively, by changing the program of care for her.

Let your skin always shines with beauty and health!