Grass hay

Herbal treatment - an integral part of people'smedicine, came to us from antiquity. Unlike synthetic drugs, plants have a mild effect on the body, do not result in serious adverse reactions, and rarely cause allergies.

Herbal medicine, as before, continues to be widelyused in the modern world and do it anyone can. To do this, you need to know basic information about herbs, to know how to collect, store, and apply where necessary and dosages.

This article MirSovetov decided to devote the culture of grass called Senna. About its features, useful properties and indications for use, see below.

Description and characteristics of plants

The healing qualities of humanity learned sennafor a long time. The main area of ​​the body to which it affects, a gastro-intestinal tract. This herb has a good laxative properties that normal bowel activity displayed unwanted toxins, and eventually lost those extra kilos. Since this plant is strong enough and effective drug, it can be used only in accordance with the existing schemes.

Senna - a low bush familylegumes, which are considered to be the birthplace of Western Africa. Flowering is from mid-July to early September. The main therapeutic effects on human health have leaves, and fruit of this plant.

Harvesting herbs is as follows: from wild or cultivated bushes gather leaves, completely passed all stages of its development, and finally ripe fruit. Torn harvest laid out in the open air for drying it.

Use of senna to fix problems with the digestive tract

The main feature of this plant is its ability to provide a laxative effect on the intestine. For this reason, the grass senna widely used for such purposes:

  • treatment of constipation, atony of the colon;
  • cleansing the body of toxins;
  • relieving the condition of hemorrhoids or anal fissures;
  • in complex therapy for the treatment of ulcerative colitis;
  • bowel preparation before surgery or fluoroscopy;
  • eliminating inflammation chronic spastic colitis.

After receiving the first effect of drugs on the basis ofSenna can be felt within 6-8 hours, so doctors recommend starting treatment in the evening hours, it is best just before bedtime. After 2-3 days of use of this plant is the result of becoming more solid and tangible. After some time, getting better the correct operation of the intestine and its natural movements, in this connection, the further use of the drug on the basis of Senna becomes unnecessary.

Means to facilitate defecation is prepared as follows:

  • should take 1 hour. l. crushed dried leaves of the plant and pour 1 cup of cold boiled water;
  • the resulting mass should be left for a day, occasionally stirring it;
  • after 24 hours of infusion necessary to strain through cheesecloth and drink in the evening before bedtime.

Do not forget that water for cookingmedications have to be cold - it will help you avoid unpleasant symptoms such as cutting pain in the abdomen. As already mentioned, after 6-8 hours you feel that the remedy worked.

The use of senna to cleanse the body

A full course of this procedure lasts one week. Prepare a decoction of the plant is quite simple:

  • 1 tbsp. l. grass pour 250 ml of water;
  • Place a container with the mixture on low heat, bring to a boil and hold for 5 minutes;
  • Remove the broth from the heat and let it brew for about 20 minutes;
  • Strain through a sieve or a means of gauze.

The resulting tea you need to take smallmeals 2 hours after each breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. The dosage should be increased gradually, on the first day possible to use 1/3 cup each subsequent day to drink a little more. If in the evening you are left with a certain amount of tea, it can be stored in the refrigerator until the next use, but no longer than a day.

Do not forget to listen to your feelings. If a laxative effect is too strong, there is considerable discomfort or pain in the gut, the general deterioration of health - the drug must be on time to stop or reduce the dose. In rare cases, after the use of senna can increase the body temperature, but this symptom passes quickly.

In the process of cleansing the body of grass sennaintestines out fecal stones that have accumulated there over the years. In addition, there is a general improvement in health status, mood lifting, a surge of vitality and energy.

There is a crash course of cleansing the body,which, however, will require you to excellent health, patience and a few days of time off work. Physically trained people can go through the whole procedure for 2-3 days, but the dosage of the drug at the same time will be significantly higher, and the observed effect is much stronger.

Senna as a means of getting rid of the extra kilos

As the drug for weight loss sennaIt used often enough. It is a core component of almost all teas for weight loss. Despite the fact that these teas can be freely purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription, prior consultation with a gastroenterologist is still necessary.

Senna herb can also be used as a component of a special diet. Here is an example:

  1. Take 100 g of each of the following products: prunes, raisins, dried apricots and figs.
  2. Chop the dried fruit and connect with 100 g of honey.
  3. 100 g senna leaf cover with boiling water, let it brew for a while and add to the mixture previously obtained.
  4. Take part should be for 1 st. l. every day for three weeks.
  5. Product can be stored in a refrigerator in a glass jar.

Prerequisite diet is to abstain from eating after 6 pm, as well as a decrease in the diet of sugary, fatty and smoked foods.

Contraindications to receiving the drug

Like all medicines, herb senna has a number of contraindications:

  1. If during the reception you notice a significant deterioration of health, or the manifestation of allergic reactions - refuse further treatment.
  2. The use of decoctions or infusions based on Senna is not recommended for those who suffer from intestinal obstruction, strangulated hernia, has pockets of inflammation in the abdominal cavity.
  3. Do not take the medication with the plant and those who are present spastic constipation, bleeding in the stomach and digestive tract.
  4. Violation of water-salt balance of the body is another contraindication.
  5. Women during pregnancy and lactation is not worth risking your health and your baby without first talking to your doctor.
  6. For children under 6 years of age, taking senna herb is not recommended.
  7. People suffering from kidney and liver failure, and had undergone abdominal operation, the use of drugs based on senna contraindicated.