European manicure

It is gaining popularity among many women. It is less traumatic and safe. European manicure can be done both independently and trust nail art masters.

According to some sources, originated in evromanikyurFrance. Refined French did not want to resort to trimming manicure and preferred orange stick. She pushed away the cuticle are around the nail, thereby giving the nail plate well-groomed appearance. This was back in the days of the reign of Louis the Fourteenth. But now it is difficult to say whether it was really so, and what secrets were passed from family to family Frenchwoman. But what is edging manicure, which is popular in our time, as may be conceived was in France - no doubt. It happened back in the twenties of the 19th century.

The procedure for nail care got its name due to the fact that not only French, but also most of the female population of Europe, says the European manicure one of the best.

The procedure is as follows: cuticle, which has a natural property to grow, do not cut off using tweezers or nail scissors, and gently push aside a special wand. This nail object called "orange stick" and is carved out of orange wood stick. It is this material is considered to be one of softwood (its density corresponds to the density of the nail plate), and the procedure does not cause trouble.

When the procedure is performed evromanikyura, theNo sharp and cutting items do not apply. Furthermore orange sticks can be used like, of suitable wood. Together with the stick and apply other cosmetics to help soften cuticles.

Benefits of a manicure kind

Due to the fact that the procedure for nail care is the most gentle, it has a number of positive qualities:

  • the cuticle is not cut, and therefore, the risk of injury and produce cuts is minimized;
  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • after a manicure does not appear burrs;
  • It is available for those who are afraid of trimming manicure and a sharp blade and scissors, tweezers;
  • suitable for children and adolescents.

Because of these positive qualities,healingandbodywork refers to the European manicure absolutely safe, it is versatile and is suitable for anyone with no serious diseases of the nail plate and other medical contraindications.

If you are located near blood vessels, then youstrictly forbidden manicure. It would not have tried to master nail service and did circumcised cuticle gently and carefully, but still it will fall on the blood vessels. And this, in spite of all hemostatic and disinfectants, direct way to breed bacteria.

Also, if a person is afraid of pain and his highly developed fear to the sharp and cutting items, the European manicure allows always keep your nails in top condition.

In addition to all the above positive qualities edging manicure, one of its main advantages is the ability to perform at home on their own.

Contraindications to perform edgingmanicure there. The only thing you should pay attention, because this is what it would look good with a thin skin, accustomed to manipulation. But for rough skin, which has not previously been subjected to the procedures of manicure, this type is not suitable. To get a good result, you need to go through several procedures for skin exfoliation.

What is necessary for the procedure

To perform the procedure, need such tools and articles:

  • any disinfectant solution (you can buy a special manicure or any alcoholic infusion pharmacy);
  • a special agent with the acid, which will help to soften the cuticle;
  • particularly smooth "laser" nail file. It has a unique feature - do not grind. Nail file in very soft and does not create additional inconvenience to the customer, in the form of characteristic "squeak";
  • orange stick or other woodcoli, which has a tapering at both edges. Coli size should be 25-30 cm. It is advisable not to use long sticks, as they will create additional inconveniences at work;
  • moisturizer for hands or other professional means for moisturizing the skin;
  • nourishing cream, butter or other professional tool. It must be applied to the nails and cuticles after manicure was completed.

How to switch from trimming manicure European manicure

If there was a desire to get rid of traumaticedging manicure at a gentle appearance, it is necessary twice a day to rub into the skin located around the nail plate softening and nourishing agents. For this fit the hand cream, as well as special oil for cuticles. They will help prevent drying and cuticle cracking. And if you use these tools regularly, cuticle growth will gradually slow down.

But do not rely solely on the cream and butter will be perfect pen after only a few sessions edging manicure. Suffice it to pass five or seven treatments to see results.

Also it is necessary to be aware of the fact that in suchtransition period, if you resort to the services of professionals, the wizard can combine two techniques: edging and edging. This is necessary in order to "teach" the cuticle and get rid of burrs. Thus, gradually the skin gets used to the gels and wooden sticks, and not "demand" sharp blades.

How to make the most

Before you begin any of the manicure, you must remove the old nail polish, to give them the desired shape nail file and wash your hands well with soap and water.

  1. Make a warm bath for the hands. To do this you need a bowl pour a little warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap, a few drops of any essential oil and a little sea salt. Dip your fingers in the tub and soak for ten minutes. Thus, the skin becomes softer and more pliable cuticle. After the bath should be dry hands.
  2. Then, any disinfectant to salon procedures, or any alcohol tincture pharmacy disinfectant to treat the nails, fingers and palm. It is necessary for their own safety.
  3. When you are ready to remove burrs. Here without tweezers can not do, so you need to carefully "bite off" the excess skin. You can not rip out the barbs, otherwise they will quickly grow.
  4. Next on the cuticle is applied to a special agent,containing acid. It will help to soften cuticles. After a few minutes, with a stick to gently push it. You can not put pressure on the nail with force, otherwise you may damage the plate. It is undesirable to replace the wooden instrument on a metal. Metal Spatula not cope with the task evromanikyura and can only scratch the nail plate. You can not file away the cuticle nail file, even if it seems to be very rough and "big", it can damage the nail, it will flake and grow tubercles.
  5. After cuticle is pushed, it is possiblestart application of nail polish. If it is not necessary, then rub the nail nourishing cream or special oil for cuticles, which in addition to the nutritional properties will contribute to slower growth of the cuticle.

After the completion of the European manicure is necessaryremember that the role of the cuticle - to protect the nail from infection, so the task №1 - carefully take care of her and lubricated at least once a day with oil, and take care.