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50 leadership traits

1. The leader - is, above all, a strong character.

2. The leader does not wait for the order - the leader acts alone.

3. Leaders are distinguished from all other acts of courage.

4. The leader is usually the leader in all.

5. The leader is able to lead the thousands.

6. The leader of many advisers.

7. Leaders are not born - become leaders.

8. All people are born leaders.

9. Leadership is fundamentally optimistic.

10. The main leader of the rival - is himself.

11. Leaders are distinguished by good humor and a sober mind.

12. The leader always knows what he wants.

13. The leader loves life.

14. The leader of care may cause the collapse of the organization.

15. The leader is not afraid to break down, to build again.

16. The leader is usually developed not only physically.

17. The leader has the quality not possessed by those who surround him.

18. The leaders are trying to emulate.

19. The leader knows what wakes.

20. Allegations leader is not contestable.

21. A leader can only understand another leader.

22. Leaders do not fight with each other and cooperate.

23. The leader does not seek to be someone he is an always.

24. Leader and comfortable one.

25. Crises and changes to time leader - action.

26. The main authority for the leader - himself.

27. The leader does not deny the others' opinions, by which he justifies his point of view.

28. For the leader no difficulties - there are problems.

29. The leader manages all.

30. Even the most ardent loser next to the leader feels successful.

31. The leader is always going forward.

32. Want to be a leader and make this something are two different things.

33. Leadership - is, above all, strong-willed decisions.

34. The leader - a man not of standard views.

35. The leader is fighting - he wins.

36. A team can not suppress the will of the leader.

37. Mood leader sets the mood all around.

38. The leader inspires people to perform feats.

39. The leader of the motto: & laquo; One soldier in the field & raquo ;.

40. Nobody and nothing will force the leader to roll out of the way without his wishes.

41. Only death can leave a leader.

42. The leader is the standard of faith.

43. The leader laughs difficulties.

44. Obstacles to the leader arouse passion and interest.

45. Even in the quiet leader remains the leader.

46. ​​The leader is not strained - he lives.

47. The life of the leader is always impressive.

48. The Leader can not be created from a template.

49. Leadership periodically wakes up in each.

50. leaders were legends.