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"What dog would not be? !!"- Who does not remember this heartrending disappointment Kid's birthday, although he, incidentally, was the best in the world Carlson. All the kids are very fond of animals and I will be glad to virtually any pets, it all depends on the decision of the parents. And that will give a new family member to your child?

What can give a pet for your child

Daily communication with animals teach yourkid kindness, responsibility, discipline, and self-care. Finally, he just appear cheerful companion for games and a reliable friend who can be trusted any secret.

To the animal lived up to the expectations placed on him, the child itself should necessarily take care of your pet.

The amount of care, of course, depends on your ageChad and the needs of the animal, but you absolutely must specify in advance the responsibilities of each member of the family, including children. So you will develop a sense of responsibility and discipline to teach your young naturalist.

Pets (especially cats) teach children to reckon with another's opinion, respect the wishes of the other: a cat without her will not pat and indisputable argument will not be patient persuasion mother and sharp claws.

Education (training) dogs, cats givebaby correct understanding of the discipline, the roles and responsibilities that anyone can and can not in any case. This is especially true for today's children, which parents often forget to explain the meaning of the word "no."

For example, the animal is easy to explain the prohibitions and requirements of discipline on the child.

What can give a pet for your child

Fish develop observation, bug -patience (very young children to be bored with them), the dog will raise self-esteem and the importance of the child in his own eyes (so much - and listen!) to help a shy child to have more friends.

Maintenance and monitoring of the animal will enhance the overall outlook of the child, his ideas about the nature and the animal world.

And of course, the baby, who has a cat, will never be torturing neighbor CIMS, and kindness, and respect for our younger brothers will be his trait.

But perhaps the main advantage of a homepet - it is unconditional acceptance and unconditional love to your baby. Almost all children who have pets, to the question "With whom do you live?" Mom called after her four-legged or feathered friend, and only then go to the Pope-grandmother's sister.

If the animals lived in your house before birthbaby, you make sure that they are developing great kid instead rattle very interesting to watch the cat or fish, then they want to touch it, then crawl behind them, and finally - to run and catch up. Games with animals - the best sport for your child with adequate load and the most unexpected exercises.

Making a decision to have a pet for a child,remember that you are an example for the kid in all - it will copy your attitude and behavior, and if you are willing to endure unloved hamster just for the child, and he to it never really does not become attached. And of course, you should be prepared to take care of the animal itself, without relying on child care, because we all are responsible .., well, you remember.