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1. Understand that you really like.
2. Give up the junk that you eat, drink and smoke every day.
3. Learn a foreign language.

life Tips

4. Read a book.
5. Spend sensibly every weekend.
6. Start a blog or a regular blog.
7. Put the goal is fixed on paper, in Word or blog.
8. Learn to type on the keyboard blindly.
9. Ride time. Learn to manage their own affairs so that they worked almost without your participation.
10. Give up computer games, aimless sitting in social networks and blunt surfing the internet.
11. Stop reading news.
12. Learn to get up early.
13. Try to surround yourself with honest, fair, open, intelligent and successful people.
14. Use every moment and every person to learn something new.
15. Start to travel.
16. Buy a camera and try to catch the beauty of the world.
17. Work out.
18. Do extraordinary things.
19. Invest.
20. Get rid of junk.
21. Give more than you take.
22. Accept the world the way it is.
23. Forget about the past.
24. Do not be afraid. No insurmountable obstacles, and all the doubts live only in your head.
25. Last, it's the first. Do what you like. Learn. Teach. Grow. Change ourselves from within.