The handwriting says about human nature

The handwriting says about human nature

Man is sufficiently complex system,It is in constant motion, but rather a constant remain his habits. Therefore we can say that the handwriting and character have a strong bond.
By the way the text is written, with some pressure andtilt, you can determine the strength of the human will, his mind, emotions, self-esteem and many other qualities. The handwriting is a reflection of man's inner world. So many people, so many varieties of writing letters there. The fact that a person's character and handwriting interconnected, mentioned even in the ancient times known to all, Aristotle.

In the second half of the 19th century this confidencethanks to the French abbot gained its name and the science that studies handwriting, called graphology. Science has not yet proven the assumption that it is possible to set various properties of the individual handwriting. But absolutely no doubt that the handwriting is largely dependent on certain properties of higher nervous activity and emotions, to master personality.

In our country sometimes Graphological analysisused in combination with other methods in research on psychophysiology and psychology. The study of handwriting in order to address the question of the authenticity of the documents and engaged in criminology. Abroad graphology is at a premium.

It has long been noticed that the handwriting and character depending even on what time of year he was born. At the same time - writing has similarities in different - style of writing may be different.

Coherent smooth handwriting belongs to individualsneat, meticulous and scrupulous in matters. Such people are careful, binding, thoughtful and unhurried. Large letters - an indicator of sociability, secrecy inherent in people with small handwriting. Pushover in humans may be suspected if the letter with faded writing, while strong pressure is a sign of faith and perseverance. Selfishness manifests angular letters, compassion and kindness - rounded. Illegible handwriting indicates some nervousness, but at the same time, careless and energy. Connectivity between the letters are inherent to those who have excellent logical thinking. The gaps between the letters do people with developed intuition. If every time a person's handwriting is different, this is evidence of creativity and sensitivity.

In the letter you should pay attention not only tothe shape and size of letters, identify the main traits can be even on that which fields are to the left, where the lead line. For example, the narrow field indicates thrift, but if it narrows down the page, it says nothing of avarice and greed. In optimistic people when writing on paper unruled line rises straight line characteristic of the sober people. A sign of tricks is a string wave.

Much can be learned about a person and his paintings. Even if someone has learned to hide some unpleasant personality traits, the signature may well point to them. The lack of pretentiousness and ornate common for people open, confident and sensible. Intricate stroke inherent assertive personalities and often narrow-minded.

It can be quite a long time to talk about howlinked handwriting and character of a person, but to decode high accuracy can only graphologists, we just remains to observe and draw the appropriate conclusions.