Signs that occurred heat

Signs that occurred heat

1. At night, hands cling to the legs.
2. The floor in the bathroom hot, although heating is turned off.
3. If the call girl "sweetheart," she would be offended.
4. The car is clearly not enough option "cooling wheel." But the leather interior was a mistake.
5. Peeping through binoculars in the windows at once gives the result.
6. Just lie down under the air conditioner is not at all boring.
7. You takeaway trash twice a day.
8. If you open the refrigerator and put it in the fan ...
9. On the serious negotiations instead of flip-flops have to wear sandals.
10. It would be nice to retire to their little island. For example, in the Laptev Sea ...
11. Grandma at the door were more likely to gather and discuss not only the passing people, but also the weather.
12. In the apartment there was a small inflatable pool, and the mountain of glasses with umbrellas. Heat well, party cocktail by the pool without leaving the house, what could be better.
13. Pigeons less crap on the window sill. Eat do not want to just drink. And write they seem to have not yet learned.
14. You are "one" so smart come in off the beach for free.
15. You're sorry for the people for the first time in a police uniform.
16. River you think the house mother.
17. You have learned all the secrets of the court and listened to all the entries and Tsoi Vysotsky as to close the window is not possible in principle.
18. Now Sauna throughout the city.
19. You go to the shower so often that washed away the aura
20. Even the most modest women there is a desire to go to the water park.

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