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Recent power never runs out

Every strong enough to carry his cross

There is a parable. One person felt that he lives very difficult. And he went one day to God, spoke about their misfortunes, and asked him: "It was too heavy my cross - forces no longer carry it. Can I choose myself the other, easier? ". God looked at the man with a smile, led him to the vault, where they were baptized, and said: "Choose."

I went to a person in the store, looked at it and wondered: "There just is not here crosses - both small and large, and medium and heavy, and light." Long gone man repository, searching for the smallest and lightest cross. Finally I chose - the small-small-legenky legenky cross. He came up, pleased to God, and said:

- Here, my God, I chose the cross, which I liked most. Can I take it yourself?
- You can, - God answered and smiled again. - This is your own and there.

In each of us laid so much effort tocope with any challenge. God no one lays on the shoulders of a burden greater than it can bear man. About the same old saying goes: "the recent strength will never end."

To set the world record, you need ... one hypnotist?

American Journal "American Scientist" at the beginningthe last century, published an article in which it was told how under the influence of a hypnotist a few male volunteers (non-athletes) lifted a weight.

Hypnotist persuaded them that the weight is much easier thansaid her figure, and so they have to pick it up so many times. And all the men lifted a weight many times as necessary. After a few minutes of rest hypnotist ordered to lift the weight again - several times more than before. Again, all the participants of the experiment successfully coped with the task. After another rest, followed by a new task - to raise the weight even more times. Despite the increased complexity, and this task has been completed.

Then the researchers decided to go one step further: hypnotist suggested to raise the weight so many times, which corresponded to the world record (at the time). And to the great surprise of the scientists, all the participants had never engaged in kettlebell lifting, repeated record! Moreover, some of them expressed a desire to continue the experiment, but on the insistence of doctors watching him it had to stop.

Most recently, one of said journalsa similar experiment. At this time, two groups of men dynamometer gripping brush. After a certain period of time the job is repeated and the experimenters recorded the next digit.

It would seem that so interesting? But that one group of men with each new attempt showed smaller and smaller results, while the other group, in spite of the fatigue, consistently showed the same or even higher levels of arm strength.

What is the secret? You probably guessed it. The second group worked with a professional psychologist-hypnotist. By forcing his players to believe in the immensity of their own forces, the hypnotist is only a few minutes to turn ordinary people into extraordinary.

Our soul does not live in the head and the heart. What is the soul? It is the "breath" of God, present and the immortal nucleus of our "I". Of the known laws of physics, a particle of matter has the same properties as its integer part. There is nothing impossible for God. And if we do - a piece of God, then, for us there are no barriers except those we ourselves erect. If we always remember about it, it would be less worried about the various failures and troubles.

As the well-known expression, "If God is with us,who can be against us? ". One of the heroes of the play by Christopher Fry's "Ship of prisoners" exclaims: "Oh, those fairy wings that are folded idle in my soul." If we remember what gigantic forces us asleep, what the mountain we would roll in his life!

"Real men do not wear jewelry"

One of the most sage advice is: "Know thyself". All that a person needs, it already has. "The whole of Africa, with all its wonders is in ourselves." And in order to reveal our true ability, need no hypnotist. Hypnotize, or as they say now, we can program themselves. How? First of all - targeted and constant positive thoughts about yourself and
their capabilities.

Napoleon Hill, author of the famous book "Think and GrowGrow Rich ", noted that the analysis of psychological portraits of those who have achieved success (no matter in what field) shows that almost 90% of them - people with high self-esteem and normal. And only about 10% - with low.

"Modesty, - stated Charlie Chaplin - straightThe road to obscurity. " Or, as a joke, Julian Tuwim, "modesty, of course, adorns the man, but real men do not wear jewelry." Low self-esteem - it samooslablenie: "I can not", "I am not worthy," "I dare not", "I'm not able to ..." High self-esteem - it is self-amplification, "I", "I'll be able," "I deserve" "I can do", "I'll do ..."

Low self-esteem - perhaps the most high fence,that stands in our way to success and happiness. It does not matter who it raised - whether our parents or teachers the wrong education, or we ourselves - the wrong attitude to itself and its own failures. The important thing is that no one but us will not be able to break the fence.

All our words and deeds - only a projection of ourattitude. By yourself think so, respectively, and are conducting, and we speak, and live. If you believe that we can, then we can! If you think that, then, can never can not - even if the world will help us.

"Man is so, - says the French writer La Fontaine - that when something ignites his soul, everything becomes possible." Hence the conclusion: if you want to see a miracle - at first believe it.