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When I was very little years, I note with interestI counted how many I will be in 2000. And it turned 30 years. Then, the figure seemed to me very large. I imagined myself a sort of plump aunt, and felt that, in principle, all interesting in life at this point I have finished. I'm sure that so many people think 16-year-old girl.

Pros adulthood

But the years go by, and I had long since passed for 30. Of course, the interests have changed, shifted the emphasis, in many cases, the motivation changed. All events in life with me and with others, is now seen in a different light than in his youth, and acquired a different flavor. But the enjoyment of life I'll get more than it was then.

First a reason - it's a sense of self-worth andself-sufficiency that comes with age. When you are young, you are going through on every occasion, and does not cost anything to knock you out of a rut. Self-esteem suffers at every step, not only from the careless word, but also on the cast unfriendly eyes.

But as they get older, you start to realize,that substantially all of your life depends on one's own, and not from other people count. No matter what people like you do not criticize - to you it has absolutely nothing to do. When a man gives his opinion on any subject, he thus expresses its attitude towards the issue, opens his eyes, and hence he says about himself and not about you. Many people and a lot of opinions. Do you have an opinion, and his views on life. Someone can not stand you, but someone with you a very good and comfortable. Everyone did not like. The main thing - to find their own environment.

Therefore, we must do what the tells you your inner voice that you like, not what other people want from you. In the end, everyone lives their lives.

Realizing this, you begin to appreciate yourself, allow yourself to be the way you really are, and take responsibility for their lives themselves.

As a result, your life immediately easier. You stop being angry at enemies, stop blame lover, to endure the humiliation of the hateful husband - in fact they are not guilty of anything, they simply are what they are. That you admitted that in your circle have unworthy you people, you're on their behavior provoke disrespect to you.

And if so, then change everything in your power, and yourattitude towards life as such becomes active, constructive. This is the position of a mature woman. Of course, such an understanding of things does not come immediately, and, unfortunately, we are not available to the youth.

The second important acquisition of mature age - itunderstanding that everything in life is transient. Just physically start to feel the passage of time. And the sharper feel it, the more productive you begin to live: no time for whining, at the showdown, on aimless tusovanie with anyone. passions Time is gone, you can now do something useful and all his tireless energy forward in the right direction. Fortunately, in this world there, where to turn, areas for the application of their interests - a great variety. And when, finally, you see the results of their work, the sense of satisfaction and pride are simply overwhelmed.

A further advantage in the mature,that comes the realization that everything is relative, and it is also very soothing. For example, try to remember that you are much worried and upset 3-5 years ago, and most likely, you will smile. With high probability we can assume that just after a while, you will look at their current "unsolvable" problems. So is it worth taking all so close to your heart now?

In 18 years, I was much in love with a man. He was twice my age and also was married. I suffered a great deal, but in the end, found the strength to end the relationship. Just cut it. In just a few years of experience in my heart I calmed down, and I have forgotten it.

But 5 years later we met by chance. Now I looked at him quite different eyes and saw what used to love the heat escaped my attention. I watched and thought: "Thank God, we did not destined to be together. Carried. " Talk to him, but she did not know how to end the conversation as quickly as possible, because in a hurry on a date. Here's a "c'est la vie".

Everything is relative. You never know in advance that you prepare life. Maybe the fact that you now think their failure, will result in great success in the future. Hence the conclusion: the majority of human problems far-fetched, but the fuss is pointless.

Each age brings us his. Youth - time bustle and passions. Maturity is the same - time conscious enjoyment of life.