Phrases great and terrible ... Dr. House!

Phrases great and terrible ... Dr. House!

1. You know there is a saying that love is necessary as the air? So, the air, after all, more important

2. Nothing is done just like that. We just do not always know the motives.

3. Do not Be a Menace to, if you can not perform - this is a demonstration of weakness.

4. No view of the world does not create a pair for life. And do not about swans, they change like everyone else, they just PR better than rabbits.

5. Do you talk to God - you are a believer, God is talking to you - you're mentally ill.

6. All children have one thing in common - they all suck.

7. You can believe all you want in spirits and the afterlife. And heaven and hell. But when it comes to this world, do not be an idiot. Because you can tell me that you trust God to live a day. But when you cross the road, I know - you look at both sides.

8 - But I also did not hurt!
- Sometimes the first symptom.

9. No, not a single step between love and hate. In fact, between love and hate the Great Wall of China, and every twenty steps are guards with guns in their hands.

10.- Help me escape this dinner, and I'll tell you who started the rumor that you're a transsexual!
- There is no such hearing!
- Will, if not help to avoid the dinner!

11. Knowledge is always better than obscurity.

12.If I enjoy the hatred of life, I do not hate life. I enjoy it.

13.Yavlyaetsya Is a lie a lie if everybody knows it's a lie?

14.Pravda begins with a lie.

15.Ty love of all - it's your pathology.

16. If you want to do something - do it, rather than rent the air!

17. Only actions change something. If there are no actions, all remains the same.

18. And it was the mistakes make us interesting.

19.To that he was right, does not mean that he was not mistaken.

20.Doverie we need in order to manipulate people.

21.Ne like the answer - do not ask the question.

22.- We have rectal bleeding.
- What, all right?

23.- Mom, who are these people?
- It's two arrogant bastard who saved your life.

24.- The universe always pays the bills.
- True?
- No. Although it should be.

25.- It is necessary to check for parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions, radiation, toxins, chemicals, and it can be picked up with the porn sites. I will check online, and you do the rest.

26.- brain tumor. She will die. Skukota.

27.Lyudi not get what they deserve, and just horrible. And nothing can be done.

28.Imenno ugliness makes us stronger.

29.- Be yourself. On a cold, indifferent and aloof.
- Please Do not make an idol out of me.

30.Religiya not the opium of the people. Religion - a placebo for people.

31.- And I fear that understand on his deathbed, that did not do anything important in life.
- On his deathbed, will you be one day. It is better to think about the other 25 thousand.

32.Zachem man power, if he does not know what to do with it.

33.Legko be nice to those whom you love, but be nice to those who hate it - it is a science.

34.- People can not tolerate those who build the theory of the people.

35.- Religion - is a symptom of irrational belief and groundless hope.

36.- Would you like to people normally went? Get your bags, attach a machete at neck level, and all will travel at a speed of 3 miles / hour.

37.- House! I came to release your guts, got a minute?

38.Lyudyam like to discuss people. It gives us a sense of superiority, it gives us a sense of control, and sometimes knowledge makes people care about.

39.Lyudi choose the paths that give them the greatest reward for the least labor - it is the law of nature.

40.- Noble ...
- Idiocy! It is synonymous ...

41.Ty taught me one thing: do what you think is right, and not think about the consequences.

42.Ne us to choose, how to be born, and we can not choose his own death.