How to look fresh in the morning and nice?

How to look fresh in the morning and nice?

TIP ONE: For 15-20 minutes before bedtime need to ventilate the room, it will provide a strong and healthy sleep. In addition, oxygen is very useful for the skin.

TIP TWO: At night you need to wash thoroughly, so how to get rid of dirt and makeup residue. Apply night cream should be very thin layer, otherwise it will act as a mask, preventing the skin to breathe.

THIRD COUNCIL: It is not necessary to drink plenty of fluids at night, it provokes swelling. Also not recommended to eat salt as salinity retain fluid in the body, and this is the main reason for the same puffiness and bags under the eyes.

TIP FOUR: Before going to bed is good to take a bath with sea salt - it relaxes and helps to bring the accumulated slag per day. After the bath, apply anti-cellulite products.

TIP FIVE: Caffeine too invigorates the nervous system, so it is advisable not to use it after 16 hours. Also, do not drink alcohol and smoking, at least 4 hours before bedtime.

Six tips: Do not do a night ponytails and braids. Any clips and gum damage the hair during sleep. Sleep better on the silk pillows, silk helps maintain haircut. You can wear a silk scarf. If your hair is very long and confused, it is better to braid plait light, but preferably without gum and any knots. The hair must be thoroughly cleaned by placing funds, as well as the face of makeup. If these funds too much, you need to wash your hair, if not very good enough to comb.

TIP SEVEN: Pillows should be low, and the mattress flat and tough enough to spine is not curved. Sleeping on the back is best. After sleeping on the side of the face are red stripes from the pillow, then it will need to do a mask containing protein, or to apply a moisturizing cream. Good morning everyone take vitamin B.

EIGHTH COUNCIL: In the morning it is useful to take a contrast shower. Wash better chamomile, the person does not wipe and soak fluffy towel. If, however, there were dark circles under the eyes, remove them to help ordinary tea leaves. After lotions of tea, you can apply a moisturizing cream, it will make the appearance more healthy and additionally smooth out fine wrinkles.

TIP NINE: to cheerfulness in the morning, drink a cup of green tea with lemon. Tea can be supplemented with a few pieces of chocolate, which is a good antidepressant.

TENTH COUNCIL: Happy and loving people sleep better and stronger, so - love and sleep next to his mate. Happy people can not be ugly, and beautiful to wake up, you sleep wonderful.

Be happy, and then you will be the most beautiful!