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Sometimes in life there are those moments, and quiteoften due to objective reasons, when you become absolutely intolerable to all. Common situation? And the reasons are very different, and some of them you may not be aware. Any little thing annoys you, and going on about this condition, you can make mistakes, which are very difficult to correct later. Of course, generally suffer from it close to you people. Stranger still how you feel. And it is unlikely you are telling him something drastic, much damage. He did not take it to heart, and are likely to quickly forget. Another thing is your family and friends. How to avoid such a situation?

How to keep your anger?

Count to five. So, before you throw in the face of the man any charges or accusations, stop and count to five. Initially, when emotions overwhelm you, it will be very difficult to do so. However, over time, this very simple trick will help you to keep emotions under control.

Get wisdom! Before you throw out your negative emotions to loved ones, remember that you are the most senior (Jr., intelligent, serious, etc.). This will help you more soberly assess the situation and be more indulgent with people.

Leave the troubles in his place. The worst feature of character is considered to spread their bad mood on others. Suppose you have trouble at work. However, when he comes home, you sit, frowning, blaming the whole world for their troubles. This is at best. And if you calls with any request of any member of the family? A wonderful occasion to explode, is not it? You work on the problem, and no one understands you. Yes, climb with a request to check the puzzle! I assure you, this is the most dangerous way to solve your problem. Leave the problem to the point where they arise. As a rule, the others around do not have to do with them. You, at best, do not understand, and you end up being the worst enemy.

Nerve cells to regenerate, but ... ScientistsIt demonstrated that nerve cells still recovered. But if you and recover in physiological terms, what can you be sure that this will happen and psychologically? Your memory will not quickly forget the nasty quarrel, and, especially, your loved one.

All will pass. Of course, it all goes away. But human memory property such that the nervous stress is remembered for a long time. Over time, the feelings become dull, but a bad feeling still remains. And you'll always come back to this seemingly insignificant episode of your life.

Appreciate and take care of each other. Sometimes it is so hard to hold back. It seems that everything is against you. Even the closest people seem indifferent and callous. Try to approach this issue from the opposite side. Put yourself in the place of others. You will find that other people's problems seem insignificant to you. At best, you will listen to the person who has any problems. And sometimes it happens that otmahnetes, referring to employment. Now put yourself in their place. Sound familiar? Problems that seem important to you may seem a trifle to others. And it's certainly not a reason to arrange a tantrum or a close friend! Take care of each other. Hastily abandoned the word can deprive you of a loved one. Bite your anger and think about whether or not to flash minute long argument? Appreciate life and cherish the time you spend with your dear to the people!