How to increase self-esteem

One of the best ways to improve its shockself-esteem - is to do what you are afraid of. At the same time, this is one of the most difficult. I urge not to do what afraid is completely incomprehensible if the purpose of such actions. Reckless risk is not justified and is usually a sign of greater stupidity than courage.

How to increase self-esteem

Only a conscious, if not prudent to overcome fear is always going to benefit man.

two kinds of fears can be identified, which should be overcome:

1 - that does not reach your goals;

2. - fear, overcoming which will take you in his own eyes, raise your self-esteem.

Overcoming fears of the first type useful for raising self-esteem, as well as directly to achieve the objectives.

Overcoming fears of the second type in the first placeIt aims to increase self-esteem, but of course, indirectly helps to achieve goals because people with higher self-esteem is easier to reach your goals. Low self-esteem is often a source of various unfounded fears.

Identify fears that it is desirable to overcomequite easily. Everyone usually knows his fears that he would overcome. Fears that prevent him to move towards your goals. Everyone has an inner understanding of the problem.

Who is afraid of the dark, someone to swim, someone has to jump with a parachute, gets acquainted with a woman on the street, ride on horses, insects (sometimes even butterflies).

To fear was necessary to do what you're afraid, and the best way to overcome fear is not there.

Do you have a product or service, but that itto sell, you need to call to potential buyers. Of course, if you are afraid to call, afraid to hear the refusal is seriously reduces the efficiency of your sales. And of course, fear of failure when calling to overcome.

What are we afraid? What keeps us from doing that, we would like to do. Most often, we fear the consequences of their actions or the consequences of such uncertainty.

But a person has a mind that can solve most problems. Including and overcome their fears.

Identify, write down all the possible consequencestheir actions. Could it cause you any real harm it. For example, physical or financial. If the most serious consequences, which you can imagine, lies in the fact that you feel discomfort or depression, this is a case where the main problems solely in your mind, in your imagination. And there is nothing serious with you does not happen.

If possible serious consequences, for example,health or materially, then think about how they can be minimized or eliminated. As far as possible the risks correspond to a possible utility of your actions.

Get rid of the fear of the unknown due to the veryEssentially, you can study the issue of the problem. The deeper and more detailed you know the subject, the less fear of the unknown will experience. What's the worst thing can happen to you if you do this?

When you overcome his fear, doing what fear, fear of weakening. And each step becomes easier.

Fear suppresses your energy. Courage fills you with energy.

It should be understood that some of the things people fear most.

For example, public speaking. Many well-known speakers and artists have become so because it overcame their fears.

Imagine what would happen if you overcome your fears. What opportunities are open to you? Think of it in your mind regularly. Let it stimulate you.

The act in which you overcome your fear,may have significant positive effects, even if it does not lead to the desired result. Such actions are changing the person reveal his features. After that, you will not be like before. You will know that you can.

Finally a few tips.

1. Try every day to do things that are afraid to do (if technically possible). Analyze your mistakes.

2. Try to go from simple to complex.

3. Share your goals with others, it is difficult to give them up.