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Disruptions in the evenings

Frustration - a favorite theme of self-flagellation losing weight! Hundreds of calls and hundreds of tips. Let's try to dig just a little deeper.

Let's try to understand the essence of the phenomenon. To make it clearer, lay out the points:
1. There is a reasonable (?) Person who wants to remove the excess fat to become beautiful and healthy.
2. The man knows what it needs to do - exercise + proper nutrition. Roughly speaking, one can not eat disgusting, even "tasty stuff."
3. The person begins to act and gradually, step by step, achieves a certain positive result.
4. One neprekrasny moment there is a desire to eat a piece of shit in the form of a cake.
5. Desire - this is not an action. Homo sapiens can "kill" harmful and a desire to continue its successful path. However, in my head there is a "wedge" and the desire to eat disgusting prevails. Here it is frustrating! Oops ... A ktooooo etooooo sdeeeeeelal?
6. Next, people need to find an excuse for yourself to not suffer.
It is easier than ever: it's hard, I am a poor wretch, I have no will power, etc.

The reasons for failure are not visible.
It is only at first glance, the reason lies in the lack of will power, but in reality it is simply a convenient cover! In fact, the main reason is "detachment from reality"
It was your former way of life. Do you remember eating chips, jam, condensed milk, pastries, desserts, ready meal ... you will never forget, it was delicious. But you can easily give up all of this for the sake of a beautiful figure. The sense of taste in the mouth - a second! A beautiful body to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
If you are actively exercising, established rightfood and extra weight go, then start eating simple carbohydrates - is an absolute opposition. You spit on volunteer efforts. Is this reasonable? This is the detachment from reality! Are you so stupid not to realize it and turn a blind eye? Ask yourself, when you're on the verge of collapse, "Am I so stupid? Really, for all his erudition and high IQ, my brain can take such a stupid decision? "

It may happen that you will be constantlybe afraid of failure. The reason - your unwillingness to abandon the "delicious shit." You just put on a mask man, who wants to change himself. In fact, you do not want to give up the old way of life. For you exercise and proper nutrition (diet) - a kind of a forced measure, test, which brings discomfort. Are you waiting for the moment when the reset kilogram enough to sit down and with peace of mind glut oneself cakes? If so - you just miserable primitive creation. With this attitude you will not help anything. All back to normal.

Everything is much easier!
Hopefully, you already understand that failure - is nottornadoes, which can not be stopped. Disruption - it's just your decision, one of the hundreds of decisions that you make every day. You decide to organize or not to organize disruption. Besides, he's not instantaneous as a lightning bolt. To chew and swallow it takes time ...

What if there was a failure?
You yourself have decided to harm hisfigure and alienate success. The collapse did not happen by itself. You did it! You have taken concrete action. Moreover, you know that it will be called - breakdown. You know everything. You refused to reality! It is to be understood.
How much and what you eat as dialed kilogram - is not so important. The consequences have never been more important reasons. And the reason in your head, which somehow gave a sober and rational thought.

The evening is not the best time to implement your gastronomic dreams!
Hold on! Not break! Drink water, eat a small apple or cucumber (although any food only whetted, believe me).